CONCERTS: The main performances will be held every night in the Mainstage Theater. Here's the lineup for each night:

  • Mon. Jan. 3rd @ 4:30 pm: Paul and Storm / Wil Wheaton
  • Tue. Jan. 4th @ 4:30 pm: Jonathan Coulton / John Hodgman
  • Wed. Jan. 5 @ 5 pm: Molly Lewis / Mike Phirman / Bill Corbett & Kevin Murphy
  • Thu. Jan. 6th @ 5 pm: John Roderick / Peter Sagal / Paul F. Tompkins
  • Fri. Jan. 7th @ 4:30 pm: Jonathan Coulton - ALL-REQUEST SHOW

TABLETOP GAMING: The Hudson/Half Moon Salon will be devoted to tabletop gaming for the following dates/times:

  • Mon. Jan 3rd: 1-4 pm
  • Tue. Jan 4th: 1-4 pm
  • Wed. Jan 5th: 9-11 pm
  • Thu. Jan 6th: 9-11 pm
  • Fri. Jan 7th: 10 am-4 pm

We heartily encourage you to bring any and all games you wish to–board games, D&D, card games, handheld games, games of thrones…you name it. You might also want to coordinate on the forums (as some folks have already begun to do) to see who is bringing what games, who might wish the be the Master of the Dungeons (or whatever), etc. http://www.jonathancoulton.com/forums/ (You are, of course, more than welcome play games at other times as well, anywhere onboard that you can find an adequate space.)

ROCK BAND: The fine folks at Harmonix are providing us with a full Rock Band setup and pretty much every Rock Band game and song available. (Yes, including the Jonathan Coulton songs.) Come and be a Fake Rock Star in the Culinary Arts Center (located on the Lower Promenade deck) at the following dates and times:

  • Tue. Jan 4th: 9-11 pm
  • Wed. Jan 5th: 9-11 pm
  • Thu. Jan 6th: 9-11 pm

ADDED: By popular request, the Rock Band session on Tuesday January 4 will be turned into a JoCo Karaoke session – we’ll have all the JoCo karaoke songs that exist on this page, and you will be able to sign up to sing your favorite (or whatever is left). If anyone has other non JoCo karaoke files they’d like to bring along on a thumb drive, we can add that to the mix as well, just make sure it’s MP3+G format because that’s what we need for the software we’ll be using. There is also likely to be an official karaoke night in one of the ship’s clubs, but that will be controlled by The Man and definitely free of JoCo music.

OPENING NIGHT RECEPTION - Sun., Jan. 2nd, 5:30-7 pm - Crow's Nest Lounge. The first 250 attendees who signed on for JoCo Cruise Crazy are invited to join Jonathan and the other performers for a kickoff party. Those eligible to attend have been notified via e-mail; if you are unsure of your status, ask us now. ADDED: During the Opening Reception for the first 250 cruisers in the Crow’s Nest, we will also be offering free beer and wine in the Northern Lights Disco for everybody else (who is with JoCo Cruise Crazy). Because we care. That’s 6-7 PM Sunday January 2, right after the ship departs.

JOCO Q&A - Tue. Jan 4th, 9-10:50 am, Mainstage Theater. Jonathan (as well as any other JCCC performers willing to wake up before 9 am) will sit down in the Mainstage Theater to answer whatever questions you have for him. Moderated by pencil sharpenist David Rees.

“MY MONSTER”: A PLAY BY BILL CORBETT - Wed. Jan. 5th, 11:30 pm-1:30 am, Culinary Arts Center. So you want to be a famous screenwriter! No? Well, you should. In this mix of comedy / lecture / theater / MIND-BLOWING REALITY CHANGER, Bill Corbett of MST3K and Rifftrax fame explains it all for you… with the assistance of cowriter Joseph Scrimshaw. Listen, learn, laugh, love! (Well, maybe not that last one.)

“HEY HEY…I'M CLEVER!” QUIZ/PANEL SHOW, HOSTED BY PETER SAGAL - Fri. Jan 7th, 9-10:50 am, Mainstage Theater. Public radio's Peter Sagal will host a freewheeling (a.k.a. “loosely organized”) quiz/panel show featuring the many JCCC performers, obscure trivia, laffs a-plenty, and at least one awkward onstage physical altercation.

GROUP PHOTO. At some point–our guess is on Tues. Jan. 4th sometime between the Q&A session and lunchtime–we'd like everyone to gather together for the Official JCCC Group Photo, taken by the shipboard photographer. This photo will then be available for purchase in the ship's photo store. We're also looking into making a digital version available post-cruise. Details as to where/when this will happen are coming as soon as we get them.
ADDED: Group Photo: we have to work this out once we get on the boat, but we’re planning for somewhere between 11 AM and 1 PM on Tuesday January 4, somewhere near the front of the boat. Or something. We’ll announce the details the night before during the January 3rd evening performance, so you’ll have plenty of time to get ready.

MOVIE NIGHT(S). We are working to find a space to screen one or several movies (TBA), probably late at night, possibly near or in one of the swimming pools.
ADDED: Movie Nights: still working on this, there are a couple of issues with getting permission from the boat to do it, but we’re hoping to show something at 11 PM in the Culinary Arts Center on Sunday January 2 and Monday January 3. Movies to be determined/announced.

THE PAUL F. TOMPKINS MOUSTACHE FORMAL. A gathering for fancy people in fancy clothes (optional), wearing fancy moustaches (required), convened in defiance of Holland America's announcement that there will be no traditional “formal night.” Moustaches will be provided. Hosted by actor/comedian/moustache wearer/sharp-dressed man Paul F. Tompkins.
ADDED: The Paul F. Tompkins Mustache Formal is still happening, just without that awful turncoat Paul F. Tompkins. Later, perhaps he will sue us for using his name. Place to be determined, but plan for 10 PM Monday January 3rd. We’ll have drinks and twirl our mustaches. Formal wear optional, mustaches required (mustaches will be provided).


THE GATHERING OF THE BEARDALOS. Not to be outdone by the Paul F. Tompkins Moustache Formal, all JCCC attendees rocking facial hair will gather for a meeting of their secret society to talk about beard-related matters. Also, probably to drink beverages and pose for a group photo.

ONBOARD JAMMING/FILKING/PLAYING AND PERFORMING OF MUSIC. We are told that the Piano Bar (located on the Lower Promenade) is usually freely available until 7 pm most days, and is a perfect venue if anyone would like to bring instruments with them on the trip and jam with each other. (That's what it's called, right? Jamming?) People are already starting to organize this on the JCCC forums. Do Jonathan and any of of the other performers plan to stop by at some point to join in the fun? Answer: yes.

ARTISINAL PENCIL SHARPENING. How many times have you been in the middle of a Caribbean cruise, and suddenly realized that all your pencils are so poorly, inexpertly sharpened as to ruin your entire trip? Well, not this time. In addition to being a talented writer, David Rees is one of the world's foremost manual pencil sharpeners, and he will be practicing his craft on the cruise. Each JCCC attendee will receive a free No. 2 pencil in their tote bag, along with a certificate for a complimentary sharpening. We will announce at each night's show where and when David will be holding office hours for you to redeem your certificate for an authentic professionally-sharpened pencil.

Judge John Hodgman is still looking for cases to settle on stage during the cruise, email him at hodgman at maximumfun.org if you have a dispute. See here for more info: http://jococruisecrazy.com/2010/12/judge-john-hodgman-holding-court-at-sea/

There are a few things being organized by people in the JoCo forums including:

  • The Unofficial Dance Soterius Johnson Dance Dance, in which we descend on the Northern Lights Disco all at once some night and overwhelm them with our disco dancing. Time and day to be determined.
  • The As Yet Unnamed Swing and Ballroom Dancing Lesson, in which we hijack the Northern Lights Disco during the day and forum member “tiguh” teaches everyone how to swing and ballroom it to JoCo songs. Time and day to be determined.
  • The Fancy Pants Parade, in which David Rees organizes some kind of thing with pants? Or something? Everyone wears fancy pants? Dunno. All of the above to be determined.
  • JoCo Jam Sessions, in which people who have brought acoustic instruments on board get together and play music. Time and place to be determined, but the ship people tell me the Piano Bar is empty and unstaffed during the day and available for hostile takeover.
  • Werewolf sessions (in which people get together to play Werewolf). Time and place and werewolf to be determined.

iPhone Handbell Choir (2011)

Puzzle Hunt or Treasure Hunt: (2011) A gaggle of inveterate Gamers deployed a puzzle hunt for Sea Monkeys to solve if they were so inclined.

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