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2012 Activities


From the schedule:

Shove Off! Have a drink, meet your fellow Sea Monkey(Δ)s, and watch the land disappear from one of the best spots on the ship

“First Transport Is Away!” Reception. Join Jonathan and the JCCC2 performers for a one‐hour hangout at the Sea View Pool. Open bar! Badge required.

Dance Party with DJ Flans. It's John Flansburgh, and he's going to be DJ'ing all night long. What else do you need to know? Get funky. Cut loose. Strut your stuff. Have a drink and watch others do all three.

Playing in the Sand with Vi Hart. Holland America is setting an area up for us at the far end of the beach, where we can geek out to our hearts' content. Leading the charge will be Vi Hart, who will be putting together one of her signature activities that lives at the intersection of math, art, and Wow That's Frickin' COOL. There will also be a mini‐bar set up, so you won't have to go far for refreshment.

Group Photo Half Moon Cay. Like everything else it's not mandatory, but it's an awesome location for a photo: on the beach (or even in the water) with the Westerdam in the background.

Joseph Scrimshaw and the Comedy of Doom. Joseph Scrimshaw presents “The Comedy of Doom”, in which he covers every major geek franchise and genre in less than an hour.

Movie Night.

Performer Q&A. Got burning questions for some or all of the performers? Good! Because it's an unwritten rule that performers must answer truthfully when hung over.

Official Group Photo. We're gathering at the Vista Lounge, then taking you to a SECRET LOCATION (the bow) for a big, happy photo! Koko's Kittens photo will also be taken at the same SECRET LOCATION (the bow).

Molly Gras! We're celebrating Fat Tuesday under the stars, with a special ninja performance by Molly Lewis. Masquerade-wear optional.

JoCo Karaoke. One of last year's most popular events returns. Except that now there's an entire new album's worth of JoCo songs to sing. Song request slips will be available at the CAC shortly before event time.

Dance Party 2: Flans Harder with DJ Flans. More DJ Flans! Shake it! SHAKE IT! WE COMMAND YOU!

A Night at the Empty Orchestra: the Rees/Tompkins Karaoke Invitational. It's not just karaoke. It's the karaokest. David Rees and Paul F. Tompkins host an evening of (non-JoCo song) karaoke singin'. Song request slips will be available at the CAC shortly before event time.

Paul F. Tompkins Memorial Mustache Formal and Feztraveganza. The surprise hit meet and greet event from JCCC1 is back, this time with 100% more Paul F. Tompkins. Formal wear (your interpretation) optional but encouraged; fez optional; mustaches will be provided.

Open Mic Night. Your shot for 5 minutes of localized fame! Just tell us in general what you want to do (“Sing”…“Comedy”…“Pumpkin Carving”…), and if what you need to accomplish your feat (microphone and keyboard will be there already). Sign-up sheet will be posted in the Game Room.

Podcast. Be part of the live audience for a recording of “Paul and Storm Talk About Some Stuff For Five To Ten Minutes (On Average)”, with special guests.

“So Long and Thanks For All the Booze” Reception. All good things must come to an end. But until then, enjoy an open bar courtesy of JoCo Cruise Crazy and Holland America!

Wild Card. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN! Or NOTHING CAN HAPPEN! It's up to the collective you what we use the space for on the final night.

Vista Lounge Concerts. Shows will start with Morning Announcements, and then the magic happens. Drink service will be available.

Just Chillin’ by the Sea View Pool (After dinner / mid-day on Sea days) Throughout the week, these informal meet and greets at the Sea View Pool will be the place to see and be seen by your fellow Sea Monkey(Δ)s, and by the performers. Also a terrific time to get autographs-don't wait until the last day!

JC3C Pre-sales. By popular demand, we'll be taking fully refundable deposits for next year's JoCo Cruise Crazy, which will give you first crack at cabins when we announce the itinerary. Details in the Game Room.

Orientation (2012)

A/V Club (2012)

Geocaching (2012)

Bubble Social (2012)

Dance Lessons (2012)

Live Podcasts: Paul and Storm: Paul and Storm record a live version of their podcast, “Paul and Storm Talk About Some Stuff for Five to Ten Minutes (On Average)”. Guests: webcomic creators Rob DenBleyker (Cyanide and Happiness“), Joel Watson (“Hijinks Ensue”) and David Willis (“Shortpacked!”). (2012)

AD&D (Advanced Drinking and Drawing): AKA “Drink & Draw and Drink + Draw then Drriiinnnnnkk what? Drawl? Drahh?” After the pods have all been cast we'll take a bit of a break then reconvene with all those interested in the drinking area where we will hang out and do sketches for anyone that wants one ON THE CONDITION that our drink glasses are full. In the event that a cartoonist's drink glass becomes empty, that cartoonist will likely nod off or fall over (as they are wont to do) until said drink is replenished or replaced by a willing and able Sea Monkey(Δ). This way the sketches stay free and the cartoonists stay… well, just STAY. (2012)

Deep-Sea WiFi Temperance Brigade (2011, 2012)

"Dead Man's Quest?" Puzzle Hunt by Team Snout (2012)

JoCo A Cappella (2012)

Table top gaming, Sea Monkey**<sup>[[glossary:start#sea_monkey|(Δ)</sup> organization efforts]] (2012) Communal knitting/crochet/tatting groups (2012) Sea Monkey(Δ)** Bingo, using contact/social cards (2012)

Ukulele Melee (Molly Lewis's Ukulele army) (2012)

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