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2013 Activities

2013: Official

Welcome Cocktail Party

Super Funtime Karaoke

3rd Annual Paul F. Tompkins Moustache Formal and Fezzstravaganza

Dance Party, with your hosts David Rees and John Hodgman

Celebrity Artemis (Star Trek Bridge Simulator)

Ukulele Melee 2: Acoustic Boogaloo

Live JoCo Band Karaoke

Regular Karaoke, with your hosts, David Rees and John Roderick

Performer Q&A

Open Mic Night

Farewell Cocktail Party

2013: Unofficial

Postcard Penpals: A meeting for a group who have become pen pals through postcard exchange.

iSeaRiffs (apparently formal): Do you like MST3K? RiffTrax? Come see community-produced RiffTrax, akaiRiffs! We'll show a few short iRiffs for an aquatic audience. A coupleof Sea Monkey(Δ)s from Team Swizzlebeef are on board. Any others? Show usyour shorts! Please bring anything you want to show in DVD format. Wehave some other folks’ work to show in case there aren't any more takers. Non-riffing audience members are extremely welcome!

Artemis: Artemis is a starship bridge simulator. It plays 6 at a time. Each player is an officer with specific duties related to the smooth functioning of the ship in both combat and non combat situations. One player is the Captain, and they must give the other players orders on what to do, as he has no input device. There is a main view screen, which can show a wide variety of information and views of surrounding space. Game time runs 10-30 minutes, though I intend to run short sessions to allow more turn around (10 minutes, pending demand). A short 15 minute tutorial video is available and can be run at the beginning of the session.

JoCo a Capella: The JoCo A Cappella group will prepare and perform a cappella arrangements of one or two JoCo songs. This is the rehearsal, the performance will happen at Open Mic Night.

Sea Monkey(Δ) Improv Class: A quick class to teach interested Sea Monkey(Δ)s the basics of improv and play some basic games moving to more advanced based on the experience level of attendees.

JoCo Recorder Ensemble: The Ensemble will play during Open Mic Night!

Swing/One-Step Dance Class: Once again, Renée Camus will teach this dance lesson in swing andone-step, two ballroom dances that are excellent for dancing toJonathan Coulton's music, which we will use in class. We'll start withbasic east-coast swing in the first half of the class (30-45 minutes),and continue with one-step, a fun walking dance for couples. Nopartners are necessary for class; we’ll pair you up when you get here.Both dances are easy to pick up and lots of fun!

JoCo Cruise Crazy 3:Nerd-music Bardic Circle (A structured jam session - all instruments and voices welcome)

  • Proposed “unofficial activity”: Nerd-Music Bardic Circle
  • A Bardic circle is defined as a gathering where everyone sits in a circle and takes turns performing (a song, story, joke, poem, dance, etc.). When it's your turn, you can 1) pick, 2) pass, or 3) play. To Pick, you say, “I want person X to sing something,” or “I want person X to sing song Y” or “I want to hear song Y. Does anybody know it?”
  • The general theme to this one is nerd-adjacent music.
  • Joining in/jamming along with/singing along with is encouraged.
  • This event should be held early (within the first couple of days of the trip) so all the musicians can find each other and spin off later jam sessions or collaborations.
  • Event proposed by: Glen Raphael.

Jam Session/Bardic Circle: Some of the attendees on JCCC are fantastically talented – musically and otherwise. Come hear them perform for and with one another – and, we hope, with some of the featured artists who like to jam! Bring your own voices and instruments too, and let's all make some music together! (from schedule)

Glen Raphael and Nicole Dieker concert:

Writers Talking About Themselves for an Hour: Join Bill Corbett (And maybe Josh Cagan? And maybe Joseph Scrimshaw? And maybe any other writers that feel like it?) for a panel on writing.

Star Quest Puzzle Hunt by Team Snout et al.

Speed Meeting

First Annual Sea Monkey Science Fair For mini-Monkey(Δ)s (including land-locked mini-Monkey(Δ)s).
A school science fair on the high seas, followed by pizza and cupcakes! Main event is open to all school-aged Sea Monkey(Δ)s (or landlocked children of Sea Monkey(Δ)s, who may send an entry with their parents.) Judging by actual scientists, science teachers, or reasonable facsimiles! Prizes for participation! Cupcakes! Auxiliary event welcomes participation from any Sea Monkey(Δ) interested in science, regardless of age or education. (from schedule)

Murder and Monkeys The official RCI murder-mystery dinner is going to conflict with an Official Event. So, we are throwing our own. Indicate your interest to SapphireMind, murdermystery at sapphiremind dot com
Murder and Monkey(Δ)s: Murder mystery aboard the Freedom of the Seas! Join with other SeaMonkey(Δ)s to determine whodunit! Hoping to hold it near Windjammer Cafe or Jade (Deck 11). Check Twit-arr and the Game Room for location updates! (from schedule)

Quitting Panel Panel discussing quitting your job and pursuing your own work. Forum thread, January 2013

Quitting Panel: For everyone who has–or wants to–follow John Hodgman's advice and quit your day job to pursue a dream. People who have quit will talk about what worked and what didn't, and general advices will be shared. Joel Watson of Hijinks Ensue will lead the panel.

Obsessed (with Joseph Scrimshaw) live podcast recording: A comedy show and podcast about liking things a lot. Join Joseph and some obsessive guests for an obsessive discussion about obsessions for his podcast, Obsessed.

Comedy in the Caribbean: Ha Ha's on the High Seas: See Sea Monkey(Δ)s Monkey(Δ) around! A stand-up comedy show featuring some of the funniest simians at sea. Expected to be roughly 1 hour long and will feature sea Monkey(Δ)s with budding stand up comedy talent. We began planning and preparing for this event shortly after JCCC2, so we ought to be funny by February. Most of us, anyway.

Cards Against Humanity: The Gathering: (The Game Room will not be exclusively reserved for this event.) Cards Against Humanity is a card game that encourages dark and tasteless humor. It will be: “no holds barred, no real judgments passed. CAH works best when you commit to being truly awful and as insensitive to everything as possible.” Some of the Official Performers have expressed interest in playing, and we're hoping to get them all around the same table along with some (experienced) SeaMonkey(Δ) CAH players. Observing is encouraged but please, no videos.

Advanced Drinking & Drawing: Make Joel Watson, Lar DeSouza, and Rob Denbleyker draw things by continuously pouring drinks into them. They will draw for as long as the supply of drinks remains constant or they fall over (or the 2pm show starts). Other artists need not apply… they're welcome to just show up and drink & draw. This will take place at the covered area near the main pool OR the Solarium (adults-only) pool if one or the other is deemed to be too crowded.

2013: Groups

UnderSeaMonkey(Δ)s: Scuba interest

JoCo A Capella: Multi-harmony a capella singing of JoCo Music Forum thread January 2013

Pale Monkey(Δ)s: Monkey(Δ)s with incredibly sun-sensitive skin who may like to do indoor activities during the days
@JoCoCupcakes aka SapphireMind on the forums aka Susan IRL is of irish descent. Pale as the day is long. Burns by thinking too hard about the sun. She does not go out into the sun during peak hours unless very covered with clothing and sunblock (and yet will still manage to get burned).
If you are interested in doing inside-type things during the day (like ice skating!) and things like swimming and rock wall climbing after the sun ceases to be such a threat, there are like-minded people around!
On-board contact/coordination information will be coming.

Dance Monkey(Δ) Dance: Free dance classes taught by Monkey(Δ)s. Forum thread
Tiguh and SapphireMind have volunteered to do some dance teaching. Tiguh does all sorts, swing, tap, jazz, one-step. SapphireMind is willing to teach some basic irish dance ceili (group) dancing. All to JoCo music!

Book Monkey(Δ)s: People whose idea of a good idea is buried in a book
Lending Library While these books will all be available for lending during the cruise, they were all legally obtained and should be treated as such. They are for personal enjoyment during the cruise and SapphireMind is willing to help you borrow a book for reading.
On board contact info to come.
If you have a book request, there are other books possible. If you have ebooks you would like to lend for the cruise, but aren't sure how, contact SapphireMind on the forums.

Specialty Dining: People who might might to try the specialty dining with others, or try to arrange an Indian dinner one night

Snorkel Monkey(Δ)s: Snorkeling Monkey(Δ)s Forum thread (also see spreadsheets in links below)

Gamer Monkey(Δ)s: People planning on bringing or playing games, and/or RPGs in the 24-hour game room.

I Crunch Everything: Fitness based group Forum thread
A group devoted to maintaining workouts even though we're on vacation. Standard events include runs on every island (3-6 miles), runs on the ship running tracks, and general workouts. For completing workouts there are usually sticker rewards to attach to your badge or other items to show your progress.

Ahoy Homosexuals: GLBTQOMGWTFBBQ folks Forum thread

Sketch Monkey(Δ)s: Drawing and sketching Forum thread

Origami Monkey(Δ)s: Contact Lar

Surf Monkey(Δ)s: People who want to get together and embarrass themselves on the Flowrider. Forum thread

Monocled Monkey(Δ) Society: People who will be dressing up even during non-formal events.

The Two-Foot-Long Hair Brigade: Ladies and gentlemen with hair that is at least two feet long. link

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