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2015 Activities

2015: Official

New Monkey(Δ) Orientation: New to the cruise? Find out what to expect, and ask any questions you might have about the week ahead. Others are welcome to attend as well, if you could use a refresher. Get orientated!

Paul F. Tompkins Memorial Moustache Formal and Fezstravaganza

Roderick on the Line Podcast

Dance Party with DJ David Rees

Skate Party: New for 2015! It's only now occurred to us that Studio B is also an ice skating rink! So what could be more fun that a bunch of people skating around in formal wear? Skate rentals, music, drinking…what more could you want? NOTHING. That is what.

Celebrity Artemis: For the third straight year, we'll be putting pre-inebriated crews behind the wheel of a starship, roaring through space, squaring off against hostile aliens, and desperately trying not to blow themselves up. Late night fun and occasional swearing!

Management Q&A: The Management, a.k.a. Jonathan, Paul, Storm, and Drew (Scarface)—or whichever subset isn't too hung over to make it—will be on hand toanswer your questions about JoCo Cruise. Or pretty much anything else.

Table Top Taste Test: Come try a new game. Don't know how to play? We'll show you. We're serving up a variety of hand picked, artisanal, gluten free games in the Game Room. Each demo takes 20 minutes or less. Try as few or as many as you like. Adventurous testers are eligible for a chance to win some fabulous prizes.

Spotlight on Sentinel Tactics: The nefarious Baron Blade threatens the world: who is brave enough to face him? Learn to play this superheroic strategy game as a team of Sea Monkey(Δ)s challenge designer Christopher Badell!

Magic with the Stars: It's time for an epic clash of the greatest wizards of all time. The game? Magic:The Gathering. The contestants? Jonathan Coulton, Paul and Storm, and a handful of brave Sea Monkey(Δ)s. Take part in the Table Top Taste Test on Day 2 for a chance to win a spot in this duel of the ages!

Not-Scary Long Form Improv Workshop: If you ever pretended that the floor was lava when you were a kid, you’ve already done improv. So keep your streak going with thisworkshop for anyone interested in comedy, performing, or lying inpublic. It’s taught by writer and genuine earth human Opus Moreschi,who’s performed at UCB, IO, and other acronymed theaters. All skillgroups welcome - the emphasis will be on playing and having fun withthe art form we professionals call “Goofy Make-Em-Ups.“

Spotlight on Pairs w/ James & Patrick: Join author Patrick Rothfuss and game designer James Ernest to learn all about their new classic pub game, “Pairs.” After a demo and group discussion about the history of the game (both real and fictional), you can learn to play the game and all its variants. Pat and James will play the game with a few lucky Sea Monkey(Δ)s who won seats in the Table Top Taste Test, and then they will fly randomly from place to place, teaching variant games and cavorting like the free spirits they are.

Office Hours with Steve Jackson: Meet Steve Jackson and Andrew Hackard and learn what Steve Jackson Games has in store for 2015. *Secrets will be revealed!*

John Scalzi Reading

Office Hours w/ Christopher Badell: Join Greater Than Games co-founder and design director Christopher Badell in (BAR NAME) a casual discussion of game design, his current projects, his experiences with crowdfunding, and his top secret plan to establish a colony on Jupiter!

Casino Gaming for Real Gamers: Come learn the ropes before your next trip to the casino! James Ernest (Cheapass Games) explains some of the math, myths, and strategies of many popular casino games. James is best known as the designer of more than 150 tabletop games, and he's also a gambling author and game design instructor.

Ukulele Melee

Bullshit Panel: Scalzi & Roderick & (Merlin) Mann will do some bullshit and want you to take part.

Office Hours w/ Keith Baker: Keith created two new worlds in the last 365 days. This week, he rests. Join in a causal discussion of game design, despair and Keith's upcoming RPG, Phoenix: Dawn Command. Transparent tales of Gloom or the woeful Warforged of Eberron pair nicely with any beverage.

Roderick & Merlin Office Hours

Create a Munchkin Expansion w/ Steve & Andrew: People sometimes want to know what writing a Munchkin set is like. This is your chance to find out! SJ Games disclaims all responsibility for injuries sustained as a result of this panel.

Rothfuss & Scalzi: Books & Beards: Join New York Times bestselling authors Patrick Rothfuss and John Scalzi in a wide ranging discussion about science fiction, fantasy, writing, publishing, life, the universe and everything. And beards.

Jim Boggia Sings the Whole Band on the Run Album: Jim plays and sings Paul McCartney and Wings’ entire 1973 album, top tobottom. Singing along encouraged, but not required. Special guests? Maybe!

Playing with Pyramids: Come join Starship Captains Kristin, Laurie, and Leila in the game room to learn how to play with Looney Pyramids!

Geek Chic Stands By Their Tables and Answers Your Questions About Them

Words & Music By: Songwriters on Songwriting: Several JCC performers (TBA) talk about the art and craft of building songs and the business of getting those songs out into the world. Everything you wanted to know, set to a tune. John Scalzi moderates and interviews.

Molly Lewis Concert: Cover Songs: World famous YouTube star Molly Lewis shines her spotlight on some up-andcoming songwriters, like Randy Newman, Tom Lehrer, and George Harrison.

Office Hours with Chris Pramas: Chris Pramas is an award-winning game designer, writer, and publisher. He is best known as the designer of the Dragon Age RPG and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, 2nd Edition. He is the founder and President of Green Ronin Publishing.

Patrick Rothfuss Office Hours

Treasure Hunt w/ Andrew Hackard: Play the newest member of the Munchkin family with designer and Munchkin line editor Andrew Hackard!

Revolution! w/ Andrew Hackard: Bribe, blackmail, or beat the hell out of your town's movers and shakers to gain influence over key areas and the support of the common people. Come learn this easy Eurostyle blind-bid game that plays in under an hour.

Writing Workshop: Getting Started With This Whole Writing Thing: Want to write? Don't know how to start? Don't know how to make the time? Don't even know if you can write? John Scalzi lays out how to get yourself on the road to the writing life, and takes questions.

Molly Lewis Concert: My Songs: Molly Lewis stands on the dance floor of a neo-gothic disco cathedral and plays some songs that she wrote about Stephen Fry, Mr. T, etc.

Roll For Initiative - Game Designers on Games: Keith Baker (Gloom) and Mikey Neumann (Borderlands) talk with John Scalzi (Midnight Star) about the pleasures and pains of making gamesthat people want to play—and keep playing.

It Takes Two: Grab a partner and head on down to learn some new two player games. Not those kind. Actual two player table top board games. Keith Baker, James Ernest and others will be on hand to get you started and show you how to play. May the odds be ever in your favor!

Open Mic Night: Sing, dance, talk, wiggle, orate. It's your chance to do your thing! Signup sheets will be available at the Helper Monkey(Δ) Help Desk outside the Game Room. (5 minute limit per act.)

Geek Chic XP: Wanna find out what awesome new stuff Geek Chic is up to? This is the time and place.

What, Is That Supposed to Be Funny?: JAMAICA/ST. THOMAS COMBINED ROOM FOR THIS EVENT John Scalzi and Colbert Report head writer Opus Moreschi talk about humor, writing, what it takes to be funny, and what works when you're trying to make people laugh (and what doesn't). WARNING: might be amusing.

Spotlight on Gloom: Gloom is a game in which players compete to tell the most tragic tale. See John Scalzi, Molly Lewis, Keith Baker and a lucky Sea Monkey(Δ) play a round of the unpublishable Copyright Infringement Gloom, and stick around for a peek at the new Glooms of 2015!

Writing Workshop: The Business of Writing: Publishing, Money, & Mo r e: JAMAICA/ST. THOMAS COMBINED ROOM FOR THIS EVENT Writing isn't just an art, it's also a business, and even new writers can benefit from knowing about the nuts and bolts. John Scalzi gives a quick overview of the current publishing landscape, offers financial tips for writers, and takes questions.

Munchkin w/ Steve Jackson: Go down into the dungeon. Kill everything you meet. Backstab your friends and steal their stuff. Grab the treasure and run. Come learn to play the hit card game Munchkin, as champions from the Table Top Taste Test face off against Steve Jackson himself!

2015: Shadow

First Day Knitting/Crochet Salon: A chance for all folks who knit, crochet, tat, or otherwise use string to create things to meet up and exchange ideas, laugh, and talk while making things from string. Future events on the cruise will be decided at this first meeting.

Group Meditation: A space where like-minded Sea Monkey(Δ)s can meditate together. Guided meditations will be available, if the group is so inclined.

Musical Jam Session/Song Circle: All instrument types - and voices - welcome. Guitar, ukulele, mandolin, oboe, harmonica…bring whatever you can play and we'll make some music together!

Faith, Love, & Sea Monkey(Δ)s: A gathering of Christian (and Christianfriendly) SeaMonkey(Δ)s for singing, fellowship, and a brief sermon.

Monkey(Δ) Brains: Mental Health Meetup: This is for Monkey(Δ)s who have or wish to support those with depression, anxiety, or anything else in the vast range of things in the category of mental health. The exact format/nature of the event will likely vary between the events but the overall goal is to give people an opportunity to meet others with similar experiences and can listen or offer advice and support. Also at these larger events we will try to make arrangements for anyone who is interested to meet up in smaller groups during the cruise. This is all very nebulus but details will depend on who shows up and who wants to help organize things. The important thing is to open up the subject earlier in the crusie than we did last year:

Improv for Introverts: Intrigued by the idea of improv but scared to death of doing it in front of other people? Then come and play a bunch of really easy, super fun introductory group improv exercises and games that everybody does together. Taught by producer/writer/sometime actor Kim Evey who, like you, is always reluctant to do these kinds of things but promises that you will have fun, make new friends and gain the ability to fly.* *This workshop will not actually give you the ability to fly.

ZUMBA!: 60 minutes of Zumba (Latin influenced aerobic dance workout)

The Adam Sak and Hello The Future Show featuring Adam Sak and Hello The Future singing songs by Adam Sak and Hello The Future: Join Nicole Dieker and Adam Sakellarides as they sing about Monkey(Δ)s, robots, caffeine, heroes, alcohol, and time-travelers. Warning: Listening may put you at a high risk for smiling, laughing, and/or singing along. Special guests include you. Yes, you.

Cheese Party: Bring fancy cheese, crackers, candied nuts, exotic pepperoni, etc. and let's make our own cheese plate to rival all cheese plates! Everyone is welcome, including the lactose intolerant, people who do not otherwise eat dairy, people who didn't bring anything, or (especially) non-partiers. Come make new friends!!

Monkey(Δ) Brains: Quiet Area: A space for people to read, sit, knit, etc among other sea monkies. Social introvesion time. Not quite an “event” but one request from last year's mental heath meetup was for sea-Monkey(Δ) dedicated quiet areas for people who need time away from busy/social world of other sea-Monkey(Δ) events but want to keep some sense of community. There are many general-access quiet spaces on the ship but if there is an occasional sea-Monkey(Δ) dedicated one it will hopefully feel more welcoming. In short, this is an attempt to offer a safe place for people who would otherwise resort to only staying in their cabin. The idea came up during last years mental health meetup: followup

Speed Meeting

“Sea Monkey(Δ) Mail” Luncheon: A time for SeaMonkey(Δ) Mail participants to mingle and gather.

Johann Sebastian Joust: Play Johan Sebastian Joust! The goal is to be the last playerremaining. When the music — J.S. Bach's Brandenburg Concertos — playsin slow-motion, the controllers are very sensitive to movement. Whenthe music speeds up, the threshold becomes less strict, giving the players a small window to dash at their opponents. If your controlleris ever moved beyond the allowable threshold, you're out! Try to jostleyour opponents' controllers while protecting your own.

Nerd Pub Trivia: Boston based pub trivia made for nerds by nerds. This edition on Nerd Pub Trivia is specifically catered to the JoCo crowd and nerd life at sea. And best of all NO sports questions!

Book Club - Smut at Sea edition: Multi-day event for discussion of Smut at Sea and more. Smut at Sea books: Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie and Soulless by Gail Carriger. Sci-Fi books Redshirts by John Scalzi and The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. [Also Book Club - John Scalzi edition, Book Club - Patrick Rothfuss edition]

Library (& Archives) Monkey(Δ) Brunch


Plush Photo Shoot

Many Sea Monkey(Δ)s travel with stuffed, plush, or fluffy friends. Penguins, rabbits, ponies, bears, Monkey(Δ)s, and more likely travel the world with their human companions. Let's give our well-loved companions a chance to meet and greet one another and pose for a group photo. The whole event should take 20-30 minutes.

JCC Art Club: Let's get together and draw! BYO art supplies. Sketch pads, pencils, pens, watercolors, what-have-you!

Exclusive Indian Food Lunch

Nerdfighter Meetup: Meetup for nerdfighters, i.e. fans of various online (mostly youtube-based) nerds like (but not limited to) the Vlogbrothers (John/Hank Green), Charlieissocoollike (Charlie McDonnell), The Uncultured Project, etc. You're probably also a nerdfighter if you enjoy youtubers like ViHart (Victoria Hart), Michael Aranda, Hannah Hart, Tyler Oakley, channels like Crash Course and SciShow, if you participate in the annual Project For Awesome, or if you're generally in favor of decreasing worldsuck. DFTBA! (Don't Forget to Be Awesome)

Cody Wymore Concert

Pre-Arecibo Movie Night: Contact: In honor of Arecibo, come watch the movie Contact with us the night before the night before the excursion! We'll be hosting in our suite, so attendance is limited. Start time midnightish, shortly after comedy night ends. – Geoff & Lila

Glen Raphael concert: Musical Nerdity!: This THIRD ANNUAL concert and nerdstravaganza will feature EVEN MORE guitar, singing-along, Ryan McKellar on drums, and a high likelihood of Special Musical SeaMonkey(Δ) Guests including some SO SECRET WE CAN'T TELL YOU ABOUT THEM! Song topics may include quantum physics, cryogenics, and gorillas! Note: Last year's audience filled every crevice in the room so COME EARLY if you want a good seat!

Juliana Finch: Bedhead Music Series LIVE: Join singer/songwriter Juliana Finch for a pajama party! Juliana'sindie folk is best enjoyed in your comfy clothes, just like she playsit for her Bedhead Music Series videos on YouTube.” Juliana Finch“sounds the way a good bourbon tastes.” A Georgia-based singer/songwriter with strong Americana roots, Juliana earns her spotin a long tradition of storytelling songwriters with a sultry, soothingvoice and carefully crafted lyrics.

Wine Sharing Dinner: Royal Caribbean allows each STATEROOM to bring up to 2 750ml bottles of wine (but not fortified wine) on board, has no restrictions on bringing them to dinner, and has no corkage fee. Time for some wine tasting with new friends! The objective is to seize complete tables in the main dining room, and pass around bottles of wine that may or may not complement dinner. I'd recommend bringing your own corkscrew. Coordination will likely be an on-board thing, courtesy of Twit-arr. While individual tables are limited by size, if there's sufficient bodies & bottles, we can always plunder additional space. Please do note the limitation on number & size of bottles you can bring aboard.

LGBTQS(?) Happy Hour

How to quit-and start your own “thing”: Question and answer about stopping working for someone else and starting your own thing. Panelist will incude a small game company owner, A professional leatherworker and all around “maker”, and the owner of a historically inspired clothing and gifts company. Other panelists are being sought.

Rock Band

LED Flow/Spinning (fans, poi, dart, staff, hoop etc): “If you are a lover of the flow arts, this one is for you! I am a fan spinner and am more than happy to perform and/or teach those who are interested. If you spin poi, staff, dart, melt faces with gloves, hoop or partake in any other flow art, join in the fun! Play, teach, perform! Or, if you've no desire to participate in swinging things around, you can sit, watch, cheer and enjoy the fruits of our labors! (Like a spectator sport, but you're watching geeks instead of jocks.) *NOTE* do not attempt to bring ANY kind of fuel on board with you. This will be for LED spinning only. Just to be safe, don't even bring previously burned flow toys. If they smell of fuel, they may be confiscated. It's just not worth the risk!”

Brian Gray. Nerd Rock.: Ok, so I go up on stage with a guitar, and then I play the guitar and sing original, nerdy music into a microphone, and everyone there loves me and throws roses.

Gwen's Getting Older Glorious Get Together

Monkey(Δ) Brains Mental Health Meetup

Puzzle Hunt: "Number Five is Alive"

#5isALIVE Puzzle Hunt Wrap Up: For anyone who played, or is just interested in this year's onboard puzzle hunt “Number Five is Alive!” - Come meet Game Control (GC), hear a quick walk-through of all the puzzles (SPOILERS), and chat with fellow solvers about your puzzling experiences!

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