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2016 Activities

2016: Main Event (M)

The 6th Annual Paul F. Tompkins Memorial Moustache Formal Fezstravaganza Dance Party, with DJ Flans: Fezzes (not required), mustaches (provided), fancy dress, a memorial event for a man who is not dead and is in fact present . . . come hang out with your fellow Sea Monkey(Δ)s at JCC’s second- or third-silliest—and awesomest —tradition! And dance the night away to a soundtrack provided by DJ Flans (They Might Be Giants' own John Flansburgh)!

New Monkey(Δ) Orientation: New to the cruise? Find out what to expect, and ask any questions you might have about the week ahead. Others are welcome to attend as well, if you could use a refresher. Get orientated!

“Welcome, New Monkey(Δ)s!” Mixer: Our experienced Sea Monkey(Δ)s are encouraged to hang around and get to know our new Sea Monkey(Δ) friends. Walk on up and introduce yourself! Everyone is friends here! Not sure how to start? Try the Sea Monkey(Δ) Activity book included with your swag.

JoCo Cruise 2017 - Whatcha Wanna Know?: The Management answers any and all of your questions about JoCo Cruise 2017. Whether you're already booked or interested in booking, this is your one-stop-shopping source for information.

Eban Schletter and His Magical, Mystical Theremin: Eban Schletter can actually play the theremin—you know, that spooky “ooooOOOOOOOOoooooh” thing that sounds like aliens in '50s sci fi movies. Come hear Eban play the theremin in different styles, and—no kidding— come TRY IT FOR YOURSELF. oooooooooOOOOOOOOOooooOOOOOOOOOOoooooooOOOooooo…

Teach Aimee Mann to Be a Nerd: Aimee Mann likes nerds just fine. (She’s on her second straight JoCo Cruise, after all.) But she is not a nerd. She’s never read Harry Potter, she doesn’t own any 20-sided dice, and she is entirely unfamiliar with the work of Joss Whedon. But she wants to understand you all better. She genuinely wants to learn—what you do, what you like, how you think. And she wants your help. Join moderator Ted Leo as he, with your help, develops a “Nerd Syllabus” to help guide Aimee on the Path to understanding the various enthusiasms that help define “nerddom.“ Or, at least, help her to know the difference between an orc and a kobold.

Management Q&A: An annual, hangover-riddled tradition: the Management (a.k.a. Jonathan, Paul, Storm, and Drew (Scarface)) will be on hand to answer your questions about JoCo Cruise. Or pretty much anything else. Yes, it's early. Yes, last night was a late night. We know.

All Things Podcasts, with Matt Gourley: As a creator, host and guest of numerous podcasts (including Superego, I Was There Too, James Bonding and Pistol Shrimps Radio, just to name a few), Matt Gourley leads an informal chat or Q&A about developing, creating, being on, hosting, editing, loving, listening to, the business of, and future of podcasts.

LGBTQSA Cocktail Meetup: Begun on the ms Westerdam during JoCo Cruise 2012, the annual LGBTQSA happy hour celebrates its 5th year of having extra letters at the end of its acronym and being a low key get together for Sea Monkey(Δ)s of all persuasions.

Open Mic Night: A JoCo Cruise tradition. The stage will be yours for 10 minutes to present to the assembled: songs, readings, iPhone bell choirs, it's up to you! Sign up sheets will be at the JCC Info desk outside the Game Room starting on Day 1, with slots assigned on a first-come basis.

Molly Lewis: Perennial Sea Monkey(Δ) fave and Extraordinarily Charming Individual Molly Lewis brings her wit and ukulele to the Star Lounge. CAUTION: performance may contain sarcasm, heart, and, if you're good, Abraham Lincoln.

The Both After Dark: Ted Leo and Aimee Mann (a.k.a., The Both) take us past midnight with a cool vibe of music, sophisticated and smoky banter, and possibly a smoking jacket or two. Very likely: new songs and special guests. Far less likely: appearances by Buddy Rich, Moms Mabley or Norman Mailer.

Come Play with Eban Schletter's Theremin: What, you need more explanation? Also, he'll be there to give you some pointers if you like.

Ukulele Melee

The JV Club: Remember what it was like to be an awkward teenager? And remember how some things haven’t really changed that much for you since then? Join proud dork Janet Varney as she explores the highs and lows of the bygone years with some of her favorite women (as they talk their way through the terrible teens into adult-lescence. Joining Janet are Zoe Keating (the innovative singer-songwriter/cellist/wizard who knocked us all flat on JoCo Cruise 2014) and Kelly Sue DeConnick (writer of Pretty Deadly and Bitch Planet comics, as well as bunches and bunches of other things. (Recording is permitted, but plese no public reposting without Janet's okay.)

Jim Boggia Plays a Bunch of Stuff on Ukulele and Then, for No Apparent Reason, Plays Side Two of The White Album: It's Jim Boggia's stage, which he will fill with musical awesome. The name of the event otherwise pretty well covers it all.

Ted Leo Reads Tolkien: A fan favorite from JoCo Cruise 2015, Ted Leo's reading from the works of Tolkien returns in 2016. This will definitely be crowded and will likely get completely full. FYI.

Reading: Michael Ian Black: Michael Ian Black reads from his book Navel Gazing, takes your questions, and doing a signing.

I Was There Too, with Guest Aimee Mann: If you're like Matt Gourley (Superego, Drunk History, Comedy Bang! Bang!), then you know all the classic movie and television scenes so well it's like you were in the room when they happened. Well, you weren't. And neither was he. But the people Matt interviews were! Listen in as they tell the inside stories of how cinema and television history was made from a fly-on-the-wall perspective you've never heard. Matt’s guest for I Was There Too: JoCo Cruise is Aimee Mann. The topic: her time on The Big Lebowski and at least one or two questions about what it’s like being in a Rush video. Also with special appearance by Paul F. Tompkins!

2016: Gaming Track (G)

Sentinel Comics: The RPG!: Be a super hero and save the world in this preview event for the upcoming Sentinel Comics RPG! Christopher Badell—game designer and writer of Sentinel Comics stories—will GM a one-shot super-heroic adventure! Will you be able to stop Baron Blade's villainous plot?!

What's New at Steve Jackson Games?: Meet Steve Jackson and Andrew Hackard and hear what's new at SJ Games! Secrets WILL be revealed!

Magic: The Gathering: Learn to play Magic: The Gathering! All participants will be given a starter deck. Eight participants will be chosen by lottery to participate in the People's Tournament. with Gavin Verhey, Wizards of the Coast

Table Top Taste Test: The cruise is a spectacular time to try new things… so why not try a new game? The Tabletop Taste Test lets you take a twenty-minute taste of a game, then move on and try another. By the end of an hour, you’ll know how to play up to three new games—games you can find in the game room and play again at your leisure. It’s a great opportunity to try something new and get to meet some fellow Monkey(Δ)s in the process. In addition, a few lucky players will win FABULOUS PRIZES from our sponsors, including the chance to play Munchkin with Steve Jackson! (Winners will be announced at the Tuesday afternoon concert.) - with Cheapass Games, Greater Than Games, Steve Jackson Games, Looney Labs. The Taste Test is broken into three one-hour sessions: 11 AM - Noon, Noon - 1:00 PM, and 1:00 - 2:00 PM. Stop by the Information Desk to sign up for a slot!

Titansgrave: Ashes of Valkana: A talk with Chris Pramas and Wil Wheaton, covering the Titansgrave webseries/RPG.

Munchkin Shakespeare: Come playtest the set you helped write: Munchkin Shakespeare!

Office Hours with the Looneys: This is your chance to ask the Looneys anything. You can look through Andy’s notebook of unpublished Fluxx designs, ask Kristin about the business of selling games, learn more about the Pyramid Arcade Kickstarter and other upcoming Looney Labs projects, or even hear stories about their younger days at NASA.

Andy vs. Everyone: Andy Looney loves playing multiple games simultaneously. He can play up to 10 separate games at once, with as many as 40 or 50 people at one time! It's great fun watching him run from one table to the next, taking his turns as fast as he can! How many people can Andy take on at once? Challenge him to any Looney Labs game in print, or ask to try one of his unpublished prototypes!

Sausage Party Mega-Tournament!: Paul and Storm wrote a song called “Sausage Party”! Mike Selinker wrote a game about it! For the first time in public, we're gonna play it! (Spoiler Alert: it's completely madcap. Maybe even MADALLCAPS.) You should be there when it happens, because, mmm, sausages.

Playtest Parlor: Would you like to try a game you won’t find anywhere else? Do you have a game you’ve been working on that you’d like to test? The Playtest Parlor is an informal event where any and all game designers—sponsors and passengers alike—can present games that are under development! Come play a game or just wander from table to table and see what people are working on!

Cthulhu's Vault: Come learn about and play this exciting, collaborative storytelling card game, IF YOU DARE. Can you defeat the Old Great One? Will you get sidetracked by the Great Old One? Will it get completely silly, with you chronicling the adventures of the One Great Old? It's up to you, and as many as five other players. - with UltraPro

Office Hours: Mike Selinker: Come to Cloud Nine and hang out with Mike, who very probably designed a bunch of games in your house. Maybe you've played the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game or Betrayal at House on the Hill or any of his other creations. He'll talk about boardgames, RPGs, puzzles, Japanese Kit-Kats, or whatever you like. He will probably drink whatever you hand him.

Office Hours: Christopher Badell: Hang out with Christopher and talk about games, superheroes, and running a big damn Kickstarter.

Magic: People's Tournament: The eight people chosen in the Magic Meetup event compete in a single-elimination tournament for a chance to face our Celebrity Champion! - with Gavin Verhey, Wizards of the Coast

Chez Cruise Jam Session: Join Steve Jackson and Andrew Hackard to help create a new CHEZ GEEK supplement. This time, it's Chez Cruise—the geeks are on vacation, but they still need Slack!

Designing a Family Game: James Ernest, designer of games such as 12 Days, Pairs, and Kill Doctor Lucky, talks about the principles involved in designing traditional-style family games. With the right blend of strategy and luck, and accessible rules, these are games that family members, casual gamers and hardcore gamers can enjoy together.

You Live, You Die, You Tell Your Story: How do you create a hero? How does the tale of a life—and death—create hooks for a story still to be told? In this hour you’ll be guided through the character creation system of Phoenix: Dawn Command to develop the life and death story of your hero. Whether you’re playing the game or writing a novel, join us and see how your story begins! All materials will be provided. - with Keith Baker, Twogether Studios

Office Hours: Keith Baker, Twogether Studios: Keith Baker is the designer of Gloom, Eberron, Phoenix: Dawn Command, and the worst Dolphins In Space videogame to never be made. Stop by and talk about games, game design, dolphins, and more!

Office Hours: Gavin Verhey: A chance to talk with Gavin Verhey of Wizards of the Coast about Magic: The Gathering, Game Design, and surviving Cruise catastrophes!

Talk about Tak: Patrick Rothfuss and James Ernest talk about Tak. This new board game was first described in The Wise Man's Fear, and now Pat and James have made it a real thing. Tak is an abstract strategy game for two players, falling somewhere between classic games like chess, go, and mancala. Learn about the design processes behind creating a new classic game, and play Tak with the inventors!

Magic: Contest of Champions: The Champion of the People's Tournament faces off against our Celebrity Champion! - with Gavin Verhey, Wizards of the Coast

Play Munchkin with Steve Jackson: Come watch as four lucky Sea Monkey(Δ)s match wits with the Master of Munchkin, Steve Jackson! (Participate in Tuesday's Table Top Taste Test for a chance to be one of the players!)

Should This Be the Last “Women In Gaming” Panel You Attend? – A Round Table Discussion: We don't know…what do you think? We've all seen Women In Gaming panels at conventions. They're almost mandatory for female designers and company executives these days. But are we helping or hurting ourselves with these gender-specific panels? Does our anatomy make a difference in our gaming experience? Come join in on a round-table discussion led by Lone Shark’s CEO, Marie Poole, featuring game industry guests Kristin Looney of Looney Labs, Elisa Teague of Lone Shark Games, and Christopher Badell of Greater Than Games.

2016: Writing Track (W)

The Business of Writing: Moderators/Hosts: John Scalzi. Artists: Kelly Sue DeConnick, Matt Fraction. Writing is not just a craft or an art: Those who make a living at it are running a small (and sometimes not-sosmall) business as well. We dig into the practical side of the writing gig—what it takes, behind the scenes, to pay the bills and still make the work you love to read.

Comedy Songwriting: Moderators/Hosts: John Scalzi. Artists: Jonathan Coulton, Storm DiCostanzo, Molly Lewis, Paul Sabourin, Eban Schletter. Songwriting is tricky enough as it is. Now you want us to be funny, too? And yet some people manage it—this very cruise is testament to the fact it can happen. We ask out songwriters to crack open the mysteries of comedy songwriting, and what it takes to make people laugh and sing along.

Married, with Creativity: Moderators/Hosts: John Scalzi. Artists: Christine Connor, Jonathan Coulton, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Matt Fraction. It's not a surprise that creative people marry other creative people. But once coupled up, how do these spouses face the challenges of two full-time creative careers running at the same time? We dig into the day-to-day of being spouses and being creative, and what it take to make both work

Reading: N. K. Jemisin: Speculative fiction writer, blogger, and Hugo, Nebula and World Fantasy Award nominee N. K. Jemisin offers an “audience choice” reading—she'll bring her latest novel in the new Broken Earth trilogy, and a a forthcoming short story, and decide what to read based on the crowd's preference. It's just like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book, but with a room full of people and with reading aloud instead of an adventure!

Reading: John Scalzi: John Scalzi is gonna read some new stuff! Some of it might even be funny!

Reading: Pat Rothfuss: Bestselling author Pat Rothfuss stands in front of a microphone and reads some new stuff he wrote. Perhaps some old stuff as well. He might answer questions too. Or maybe not. We'll see how he feels on that day.

In Conversation with N. K. Jemisin: She's outspoken, opinionated and hands down one of the best fantasy writers writing today, and we have her on the cruise! John Scalzi sits with Jemisin to talk about writing, life, and what it's like to be in the genre of science fiction and fantasy today.

Life Online: Putting the Meme in Memoir: These days, sharing details about your life on the internet is pretty normal, but some of share way more than your average person. Way, way more than your average person. What effect does this have on our lives, what lessons have we learned, and what are the lines that we ourselves won't cross? Come join us as we tell war stories and discuss the pros and cons of doing what we do. - with Moderators/Hosts: Patrick Rothfuss and Artists: Michael Ian Black, Allie Brosh.

2016: Office Hours (O)

Office Hours: Molly Lewis: Molly Lewis eats all the snacks & answers your questions about ukulele, songwriting, Stephen Fry, and Disneyland.

John Hodgman & John Roderick Hot Tub Office Hours: John Hodgman and John Roderick will sit in a hot tub on the main pool deck and answer your questions.

Office Hours: Matt Fraction & Kelly Sue DeConnick: Authors Kelly Sue DeConnick and Matt Fraction will hang out, discuss their work, answer questions, smile indulgently at pictures of your children, and whatever else they care to do. See them up close, like the zebras and lemurs at the zoo! (NOTE: Kelly Sue and Matt smell much better than zoo animals.)

Office Hours: N. K. Jemisin

Office Hours: Wil Wheaton

2016: Shadow (S)

Speed Meeting

Lone Shark Games Suite – Sea Monkey(Δ) Activity Book HQ: Come to Suite 1648 where you can: * Hang out with other Sea Monkey(Δ)s, including some of the Lone Shark team * Get your Sea Monkey(Δ) Activity Book Raffle Tickets (also available at the info desk) * Complete task 23 of the Sea Monkey(Δ) Activity Book

Ninja Pirate Assassin Game : THE REGISTRATION: If you are playing the #NinjaPirateAssassinGame, this is where you get started. We will be going over the game rules, you will be receiving your game supplies, and this is a chance to get to know the other players. We will also be doing a Q & A session, and then getting the game started. ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY FOR PLAYERS. If you miss this session, you will not be able to play. There will also be a limited number of open slots for new players who did not pre-register. Please make sure you board early enough to attend if you are playing!

Ninja Pirate Assassin Game : THE END GAME: Join all your fellow #NinjaPirateAssassinGame players in the Jamaica Room in the Conference Center to bring the game to it's final conclusion! If there is more than one player “standing” by this point, we will have a final sudden-death face-off between the remaining survivors. We have prizes to give out! A $200 Amazon Gift Card for the Last Assassin Standing, a $50 Gift Card for the Last Target Standing, and other prizes kindly given to us by the cruise sponsors to be given away – you definitely want to be here. We be distributing your pristine-and-new NinjaPirate card decks at this gathering. They came out beautifully, and each of you made it possible. We will end with a Q&A, and then head off to the Farewell Cocktail Reception to enjoy some grog, some sake, and a martini ( shaken, not stirred. )

Minions Meet n Greet: A meeting for families who are traveling with children on JoCo, just to get faces familiar and exchange info for the trip

Solo-Traveling Monkey(Δ)s Meetup: Traveling solo this trip? Want to meet some other SeaMonkey(Δ)s who are likewise flying solo this year, or just want to reach out to say hello and welcome those intrepid adventurers? Come to the top level of the port side of Studio B during the first cocktail hour to say hello over cocktails, and get to know the other adventurous solo travelers on the ship.

Sea Monkey(Δ) Sit-and-Go Texas Hold 'Em: Sea Monkey(Δ)s sit at a table and try to take each other's money. But, like, in a civilized manner, with cards and clay chips and green felt and stuff. Game lasts approximately an hour. Sign up at the Casino cashier window to reserve your seat. 4-player minimum, 10-player maximum. (If any empty seats at start of game, casino will open them up to non- Sea Monkey(Δ) passengers.) Entry Fee $50 with a $30 re-buy option during the first 30 minutes, plus additional add-on for all players at the end of the first 30 minutes. Prize money: 70% for 1st, 20% for 2nd and 10% for 3rd, after House cut (20%). Players will receive 1,000 in tournament chips; blinds will start at 25/50 and increase every 10 minutes.

Memorial for Missing Monkey(Δ)s: We have lost far too many of our friends and fellow Sea Monkey(Δ)s. Please join us for an informal memorial service. Talk if you want to, listen if you can't find the words, raise a glass and offer a moment of silent remembrance to those we have lost, just be with those who share your grief. SeaMonkey(Δ)s are forever, even death cannot take that from them, they sail with us in our hearts.

If I Had 1,000,000 Monkey(Δ)s: Travel back to 1992 as Canadian Content Requirements performs the classic Barenaked Ladies album Gordon! Green dresses optional. Featuring Sara Chicazul, Michael Bain, Adam Sakellarides and Ryan McKellar. No members of BNL were harmed (or consulted) in making this show.

Magic: the Gathering Draft: For experienced Magic players (though drafting experience is unnecessary). Please bring either your own booster packs (2 OGW, 1 BFZ) or $10 to buy packs at the event!

Geocaching Coco Cay: A 2-3 mile trek around the island, with the goal of finding all 7 of the geocaches on the Island. Bring plenty of water, snacks, and good shoes. First time geocachers welcome! We will have gps with maps and waypoints preloaded. Meet up at the Information Booth in the main square just off the docks where the tenders bring everyone to shore.

Naughty Mad Libs: Join Kristin Looney and her House Elf, Laurie as they sort through a big box of adult themed Mad Libs books that the fine folks at Penguin Publishing (who own the rights to Mad Libs) sent Looney Labs as research in developing a Mad Libs After Dark card game. Help us sort through this box and work on a raunchy mad libs game! We might play some Cards Against Humanity too, you know, for reasons.

Johann Sebastian Joust: This is a sea Monkey(Δ) favorite! JS Joust pairs music with motion controllers; the music sets the pace, while the players try to knock their opponents out of the game by making a controller move faster than the music. Drop in at any time to enjoy this fun, easy to learn game. Recommended Age: 8+. Get ready to Joust…go!

SWAK Slow Jam (Jam on Songs We All Know!): Want to enjoy playing great familiar tunes with other SeaMonkey(Δ)s? Bring the chords or chart for a simple classic or standard song you think most people already know, or pick one from the host's songbook, or start a 12 bar blues riff for people to play along with. We'll quickly break down each song into arrangements, review the rhythm chords, and take turns playing lead, fills or solo breaks. Guitar, uke, bass, keys, rhythm, voice, ocarina, whatever: all welcome.

Geek Out About Tattoos: Do you have tattoos, want a tattoo, or just think tattoos are super rad? Join the Wolff Pack, husband and wife tattoo collectors, for an exciting Q&A on the high seas. We'll answer all of your burning questions, including: How much does it cost? Did it hurt? What should I wear to my first ever tattoo appointment? OMG is that really a sleeve of Bill Murray portraits? Everyone is encouraged to bring their art and stories for a round table discussion 'bout the triumphs, hilarity, and downright weirdness that is tattoo collecting.

Stitch Monkey(Δ)s: A meetup for Sea Monkey(Δ)s who knit, crochet, weave, embroider, sew, etc., to meet and mingle. Have fun comparing patterns, sharing techniques and trading tips on stitches, sweaters, scarves, hats, etc.

Fireball XL 5 Screening: What TV show or movie has had a huge impact on your journey into geekdom, even if in retrospect it seems ridiculous? Here's mine. What's yours?

Creative Stabbing: Needle felting class for all levels. Bring your own wool or have it provided for you. Learn how to stab wool for fun and make cute little things! Current tetanus shot highly recommended prior to trying this craft.

Filk Song Circle: Bring acoustic instruments and voices; let's go around the room and play some songs! Original songs, cover songs, parodies - all types of music and all skill levels welcome. We'll harmonize and help sing the chorus.

Geek Pub Trivia: Come compete in teams in the field of geek trivia. Teams should be 5-8 people. Sign ups will be posted in the Game Room. Sign up as an assembled team, or any single participants can be grouped by us if needed. Limit of 8 teams.

Color Me Monkey(Δ): Let's get together to chat and color. Take a break from the noise and sun, because we are quiet and pale folk, and engage in the new fad sweeping the nation, coloring!! Bring your coloring books and crayons, or just yourself, we're all happy to share, and spend a little time getting in touch with your inner child.

Sea Monkey Mail Lunch: A get together for those who participated in Sea Monkey(Δ) Mail

Cheese Party: Ain't no party like a JoCo cheese party. Due to the overwhelming success of last year's cheese party, we're having a repeat! Feel free to bring cheese, crackers, salami, elk, or any of your other favorite snacks to share! If you don't have anything to bring, please join us anyway! Seriously, there was so much food. One of our hosts is a real, live man from Wisconsin!

Bay Area Sea Monkey(Δ) Dinner: Annual tradition of getting all of the past, present, and future residents of the California bay area together for a dinner in the main dining hall. We will meet outside the dinning hall 20 minutes before dinner starts (5:10) holding a sign. Find Kat, tall w/short red hair, (kat on twit-arr) if you have questions.

Sea Shanty Sing: Since we're all on a boat… ship… whatever, we might as well sing some sea shanties! Experience is wholly unnecessary; goodness knows the original singers didn't have any. Feel free to bring requests, songbooks, lyric sheets, etc!

Artemis Free Play: Artemis is a favorite going back to the beginning of time. Get a crew of your favorite Starship personnel together to work together to pilot your ship through space, docking at Space Stations, fighting aliens, and avoiding space monsters. Players will need to bring their own laptop - preferably with Artemis preinstalled. There will be a bridge copy of Artemis available for users to install - it will be expected anyone that installs Artemis on their laptop will delete the installer and uninstall the game after playing.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes: Keep Talking is a co-op game with one goal: defuse the bomb before it goes off! One player is the Defuser who has view of the bomb and can manipulate the modules, one (or more) players are the Operators who can't see the bomb but have the Defusal Manual and can relay what actions the Defuser must take. Communication is key in this fast paced, high stakes game.

Parsely Games with Andy Looney: Remember those '80s text adventures? Parsely is a live game experience where Andy plays the part of the computer, while the crowd collectively becomes the player, taking turns giving simple commands. Andy's got four different adventures, so each session is unique…come to them all!

Swing/One-Step Dance Lesson!: Back by Popular Demand! Renée Camus (JCC 1 through 4) once again teaches the basics of swing and onestep dancing, to the music of JoCo and other cruise performers! Learn clear leading and following techniques, easy cool moves, and good rhythm so you can use what you've learned and enjoy the music and your partners during the rest of the week.

Q&A with Homer Simpson: I love science. If you do, too, and would like to know more about how nuclear reactors work, nuclear physics, submarines, or anything else I can pretend to provide an answer about, drop by and ask a question. I basically have Homer Simpson's job, but I wasn't hired under Project Bootstrap.

Sysadmin Nail Painting Party: Scheduled ahead of time this year, Sysadmins, DevOps, and those who tolerate them are all welcome to come, have a drink (or three! or zero!) and paint each other's nails while talking about all things Ops-y.

Parsely Games with Andy Looney: Remember those '80s text adventures? Parsely is a live game experience where Andy plays the part of the computer, while the crowd collectively becomes the player, taking turns giving simple commands. Andy's got four different adventures, so each session is unique…come to them all!

Rock Band Video Gaming: Play Rock Band on PS3 with all available songs including JoCo and Paul & Storm!

Presidential Variety Show II: OpenPhil will once again moderate this year's variety show on the private balcony of the Presidential Suite (6414). Everybody is welcome. Any type of performance is welcome, even 10 minutes of nothing.

3-D Scan Your Face (And Also Other Things): My employer has made the questionable decision to loan me a Realsense tablet. If you would like to get scanned, I will send you the files after the cruise with instructions to put your face in Skyrim and Fallout 4. Scan takes about 3 minutes.

Keith Explains!: Back on land, I have a monthly access TV show I do called “Keith Explains!”, which is generally just me talking about whatever I've done or seen. If folks are interested, or, really, even if they're not, I'm thinking of doing a show on the boat. Folks looking for what it might be like are welcome to go look at the shows on YouTube or on my website,

Geocaching Sint Maarten: An “official” geocaching event, to meet other geocachers and probably find some caches together after. Meet near the docks at: N18º00.831, W063º02.663

Rum Tasting (SHIP TIME): 1:00PM Thursday, SHIP TIME. 116 Old Street, Philipsburg, St. Maarten. Rum with other Monkey(Δ)s. What could go wrong with that?

Nicole Dieker Talks Professional Internet Writing: Nicole Dieker writes internet articles for money. She also likes ice cream. Join her near Sprinkles (Deck 11) for a discussion of both.

Betrayal at House on the Hill: Betrayal at House on the Hill is like starring in a B horror movie. First come, first serve for spots. Play if you dare!

Nintendo 3DS Meetup: Meet up and trade Streetpass tags & play 3DS games together!

Night Writers: By day, we blend into the toiling masses. At night, our mask drops away, and we reveal our true calling as creators. Just not published. Yet. Come meet others that share in the struggle. Trade advice. Practice pitches. Have fun!

Glen Raphael Show: More Musical Nerdity: Returning seaMonkey(Δ) Glen Raphael will play a few songs; there may also be Singing Along, Special Guests, and/or Songs From People You've Never Heard Of. If you like this sort of thing, it is exactly the sort of thing you'd like. (Last year's show went so well, they retired the room!)

MASH Party!: Fan of the JV Club podcast or just a fan of fun games of our youth? Come join and play a couple rounds of MASH or make a Fortune Teller/Cootie Catcher or two before JV Club recording to get the nostalgia juices flowing!

Alexander HamilFun Singalong: Be in the room where it happens as we sing along to selected songs from the Grammy Award winning musical Hamilton. Lyrics may be available.

Monstrocity - Card Game, Test Play: Come playtest Monstrocity! A city-stomping, monster-building fun time! Play the game before the March Kickstarter.

Monkey(Δ) Play Date: Improv: Improv basics and practice using a Second City type “game” format designed to be fun for novice Monkey(Δ)s and the experienced amateur. Improv is great way to meet other Monkey(Δ)s. Shy Monkey(Δ) friendly. Not sure you want to participate? Supportive voyeurs welcome–then decide. You know you want to.

Cody Wymore's Mad Piano Science Laboratory: Dubbed “The Mad Scientist of Musical Theater” during JoCo Cruise 5, Cody Wymore is back at the piano with more of your favorites! Come sing along to classics, recent hits, and maybe even hear a few brand new originals! Musical theater? On my cruise? It's more likely than you think!

Learn or Play Mahjong!: We have brought our Mahjong sets and can teach beginners how to play as well as play for points.

Cruisin' with Phil Conrad: Songs about shipwreck, monsters, mysteries, searching for love, and days lost. This is Phil's second cruise and he hopes to serenade you.

Open Drinking and Drawing: Artists will draw things you like, in return for expressions of love and respect (drinks count). Artists include Perry Zombolas (storyboard artist on Bob's Burgers), Alex Bradley (writer/illustrator of Miskatonic U), and, heck, anyone else who brings paper, pencils, pens, etc!

Tiara Group Picture: Quick photo of people wearing tiaras.

Pen & Ink Meet 'n Greet: Are you an artist that wants to try drawing a comic? Or a writer that wants to write one? Need a partner to work with? Come meet other interested souls! Maybe one will turn out to be your future collaborator!

Sex Geek & Kinky Crafter Meetup: Calling all folks who love to geek out about human sexuality - from slash fic & erotica comics to DIY toys & BDSM gear - come share your favs and projects! Dr. Kit Stubbs, inventor of a number of creative adult toys, including one named “The Hammer,” will facilitate.

JoCo Cruise Merit Badges: We need Merit Badges! A 'JoCo Cruise Virgin' badge, a 'I Did Karaoke & Didn't Die of Embarassment' badge, a 'Former Monarch of the Sea' badge. Come brainstorm badge ideas & plan how to make this happen.

Comedy! feat. Jason Hatrick: The first time I ever performed stand-up comedy was at the open mic on JoCo Cruise 2. Since then I've performed in several festivals, made the finals of several competitions, and been hired to perform full weekends in comedy clubs in exchange for money. So, you know, I'm like legit now. There is no one I would rather celebrate my 4-year comicaversary with than an audience full of sea Monkey(Δ)s, so come see what your support and encouragement has wrought! Note: This show promises that it will not be racist, homophobic, misogynist, transphobic, nor will it pick on any marginalized cross-section of society. That said, it may get a little dirty in places. Tastefully.

Werewolf Night: Come and play Ultimate Werewolf! We will be building ~10-15 person villages for ~1.5 hour games. Mods welcome.

Ferdinand Marcos Memorial Junta Game: 31st Annual Ferdinand Marcos Memorial Junta Game (Celebrated) Started at MIT in 1986, to recognize “they are playing 'Junta' in the Philippines.” Every year they are playing Junta somewhere in the real world. We play to celebrate the worthy and mock the corrupt. Depending on coups, game can take 3+ hours. 7 players per board.

Monkey(Δ) Sign Monkey(Δ) Do: Create the official meme signs so one does not have to finger spell as much. Create enthusiasm for sign language!

Zoe & Brian Gray, Nerd Rock: And now for something completely different: the multigenerational Gray musicians bring you a show of original nerd rock, witty banter, and a distinctively dorky sort of fun. This is the one. Rocks out. Concert. Tell your friends.

Star Trek Uniforms Photo: If you brought a Star Trek uniform, wear it to Olive or Twist at 12:45pm Saturday for a group photo. All Wil Wheatons welcome.

International Reddit Meetup at Sea: Redditors, Narwhals, and Little Blue Aliens - ASSEMBLE! Do you spend waaaaaay too much time on Experiencing withdrawal symptoms from refreshing /r/all? Come visit us and have a drink or 10! Unless you're /u/unidan. Screw that guy.

Puzzle Hunt Wrap-Up: This is the wrap-up session for The Hastily Put-Together Puzzle HunT (THPTPHT). We'll review all the puzzles and solutions, and you can ask questions and meet the puzzle designers.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Guide Dogs But Were Afraid to Ask: Hey, there's a guide dog aboard! What do guide dogs do, really, and how? Do they ever get to have fun? Why can't I pet them? Where do they come from (besides mama dogs)? Come ask all the questions it'd be weird to ask random guide dog handlers on the street.

JCC6 Retrospective: VR Experience: I've been taking 360º photos all week, and I'd like to let everyone view them using my Gear VR portable Virtual Reality headset.

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