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2018 Activities

2018: Gaming (G)

JoCo Games Library Cardboard Concierge Office Hours: Not sure what game to play? We’ve got you covered. Press your luck on the Gametron 9000(™). If that’s not enough, ask a friendly Cardboard Concierge in the game library during posted hours to help you find the perfect game to suit your mood and taste.

Learn to play Asking for Trobils (SPONSOR EVENT) :Asking for Trobils is a 2-7 player wacky sci-fi worker placement game, where you play a trobil hunter, ridding the galaxy of space vermin. Upgrade your ship, bump into others or fly through the wormhole to copy yourself. Collect space carrots, crystals and build mega traps to save planet Paradise from all its Trobils!

Games Perfect For Two Looking for the perfect game to play with a friend or partner? Come and peruse our smorgasbord of two-player games. The Cardboard Concierge team will assist as you learn a wide assortment of games that are perfect for two.

Learn to Play Magic The Gathering: Here's a chance to learn to play; all materials provided.

Magic: the Gathering: Learn to Draft: Come learn to “draft” Magic: the Gathering! Players will construct decks out of provided cards and play a casual three round tournament. Open to the first 48 players, with priority sign-up for participants in the Learn to Play event on Monday. Sign-ups for any additional slots will be posted in the Game Library on Monday afternoon.

Pandemic Legacy: Legacy: Together, Sea Monkey(Δ)s save the world tag team style. A single game- but each session of Pandemic Legacy: Legacy will be played by different team of people. We’re only as strong as our weakest link.

Pandemic Legacy: Legacy Finale: A dramatic public reading from the character journals of Pandemic Legacy highlighting the sweet victories and bitter defeats of previous playthroughs as we usher in the final game.

Game Prototype Parade: Game designers will display their game prototype and give you a quick pitch. Players can sign up to playtest the games later on the cruise.

Learn to play Sparkle Kitty (SPONSOR EVENT): Nobody puts princess in a tower! Sparkle*Kitty is an adorably fun, social, and magical spell card game for all ages, sizes and genders. Once upon a time, a group of powerful princesses were captured and locked away in Cursed “No Cursing” towers by the evil queen Sparkle*Kitty! All their words and magic spells vanished and became sugar & spice… almost everything nice. Luckily these are no ordinary princesses and you are no ordinary player! Take matters into your own hands and harness the simple and sweet words into special spell combinations to set yourself free! The first to escape, wins!

Party Game Mixer: Mix it up and meet new people while playing some fun party games. We’ll randomize all participants into sub groups and teach them party games.

Girl Genius: The Works preview w/James Ernest (SPONSOR EVENT): Come check out a preview of Cheapass Games' updated “Girl Genius: The Works” card game, based on Phil & Kaja Foglio's Hugo Award-winning “Girl Genius” webcomic. James will explain the rules, get a few games running, and talk about the design process.

Learn to play Rise of Tribes (SPONSOR EVENT): Rise of Tribes is a 2-4 player board game. You are a prehistoric people, looking to grow in number, gather resources and lead your people to victory. Build villages, discover advancements and control territories to win! Design by Brad Brooks (Letter Tycoon), published by Breaking Games. Thanks to Kickstarter, this game is full of upgraded components, more art and epic bonus content. Latest prototype will be featured.

Learn to play Fake News (SPONSOR EVENT): Just the news you want to hear! Score points for the most hilariously believable headlines using Image and Topic cards. The catch is that you are playing to a hidden audience which is not revealed until it is time to judge the headlines you have created.

Two Rooms & A Boom!

Ultimate Werewolf

Geek Out! Team Tournament (SPONSOR EVENT): Tournament-style Geek Out! trivia hosted by game designer Elisa Teague! Come in groups of 3-4 or we will put you on a team!


Secret Hitler

Game Startup - Cows to the Moon: For the past year I (Tomas) have been working and developing a card game called Cows to the Moon. Cows is a fun and sometimes silly game involving your cow's quest to find greener pastures on the moon. I would love to have you come by and play it, have a great time, and give me feedback. There will be prizes!

Whist Party: Bring a beverage, dress in your finest, and learn to play the classic parlor card game Whist. Don't worry, no one knows how to play…we’ll teach you!

Illimat Luminaries (SPONSOR EVENT): Join creators and your fellow members of the Society of Luminares for a game of Illimat, prizes, and general frivolity. Illimat is a new game that feels like something you might find in your grandfather’s attic. New players and individuals welcome. As tradition, bring your own Okus token, a personal trinket you use in the game as a symbol of you as a player. Due to their history of tragedies at sea, The Decemberists were unable to make it in person for this meetup.

Cardboard Concierge Game Jam!: Members of the Cardboard Concierge team will set out some of their favorite games and teach you how to play.

2018: Live Podcast (L)

Shmanners: Performers / Speakers: Teresa McElroy, Travis McElroy. Every week on, husband host and wife host Travis and Teresa McElroy walk you through the history of manners and their modern day application! Now they are taking the show on the road (ocean?) to bring you a very special episode! Wha makes it so special? Well, YOU are going to be there! What's more special than that? Also, they will be discussing a wonderfully/horribly appropriate topic: The Etiquette of The Titanic! No audio/video recording permitted at this event.

The Dork Forest: Performers / Speakers: Open Mike Eagle, The Dork Forest, Jackie Kashian. Dork on Dork Dialog with Jackie Kashian. I am interested in whatever dorky thing you want to talk about. Guests speak to their love of books, TV, Movies, Comic books, websites, food, wrestling, cars, action figures and bees. There is room for all in The Dork Forest. This is a safe space. No audio/video recording permitted at this event.

Feminist Frequency Radio: Performers / Speakers: Rhea Butcher, Felix Kramer, Anita Sarkeesian. Feminist Frequency Radio is the show that asks you to be critical of the media you love or alternatively, we’re the Feminist Killjoys coming for your medias, depending on your perspective. Each week we bring you dispatches from the pop culture wars and invite listeners to join in our our take-no-prisoners conversations about the latest films, games and tv shows. In this very special, first-ever, live episode, Anita Sarkeesian will be joined by special guests Felix Kramer and Rhea Butcher. No audio/video recording permitted at this event.

2018: Main Concert (M)

Main Concert - Opening Night Funaround with Jonathan, Paul & Storm and “Friends”: Jonathan Coulton and Paul & Storm kick things off with an informal, freewheeling concert, sitting in on each other's songs, and bringing out some pals (including Molly Lewis, Jim Boggia and Jean Grae).

Main Concert - Jackie Kashian; Michael Ian Black; Maria Bamford: No audio/video recording permitted at this event.

Main Concert - Hastily-assembled Entertainment Burrito with Cameron & Rhea: A fun variety grab-bag evening of events, hosted by JoCo Cruise favorites, the inimitable Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher.

Loreto Land Concert - MC Frontalot, Paul and Storm, Aimee Mann, Open Mike Eagle, Jonathan Coulton (Full Band Show)

Loreto Dance Party with Riz Rollins

Main Concert - Jean and John (Jean Grae and John Hodgman); Anita Sarkeesian; Jim Boggia

Main Concert - Jonathan Coulton and Friends

2018: Office Hours (O)

Game Designers Salon: with Christopher Badell, Andrew Hackard, Greg Spence, Elisa Teague. Come meet and hang out with some of the fascinating folks who create and make amazing and popular tabletop games.

Game Designers Salon: with Christopher Badell, Dave Chalker, Jenn Ellis, James Ernest, Andrew Hackard, Greg Spence. Come meet and hang out with some of the fascinating folks who create and make amazing and popular tabletop games.

Office Hours: Nora Jemisin Group Write-and-Chat

Amateur Card Magician Meet-up with Mark Frauenfelder: Are you an amateur card-/sleight of hand-magician? Just like to watch card tricks? Come meet up for an informal gathering with Mark Frauenfelder to chat, practice and hang out. Bring your own deck if you have one, but Mark will have a few extras, too.

Office Hours: Amy Berg, Bonnie Burton, John Scalzi, Jackie Kashian

Afternoon Tea - Hosted by Shmanners with Teresa McElroy, Travis McElroy. Travis and Teresa guest-host this very proper, formal night afternoon tea.

Office Hours: Kelly Sue DeConnick: Join Kelly Sue DeConnick for her office hours. She has supplies for face painting, so she will be painting faces!

Feminist Frequency Meet & Greet with Felix Kramer, Anita Sarkeesian

Office Hours: MC Frontalot

2018: Party (P)

“Bye, Real World!” Cocktail Reception: Come to the Oosterdam's upper decks as we wave goodbye to Real Life for the week. Free champagne and mimosas!

New Monkey(Δ) Dance Party w/Riz Rollins: Riz spins tunes for everyone, but we especially encourage our first-time Sea Monkey(Δ)s to come and let your metaphorical (and/or actual) hair down and dance the night away!

Blerds on the Boat! Or: Top Secret Wakanda Meetup: Join us for a meetup of the blerds and non-black SMOC (Sea Monkey(Δ)s of Color, I just invented that term) for some chatting and general enjoyment of each other’s company. We can keep it as light or as deep as we want! Hosted by JoCo Cruise social media manager Sarah Rodriguez and writer and comics encyclopedia Tamara Brooks (co-hosts of the Women Wrestling Friends Podcast). This event is open to anyone and everyone who would like to attend.

LGBTQ+ Cocktail Meetup and Dance Party: Begun on the ms Westerdam during JoCo Cruise 2012, the annual LGBTQ+ cocktail meetup celebrates its 7th year of hoping it has a long enough initialism and being a low key get together for Sea Monkey(Δ)s of all persuasions. Music provided by Riz Rollins.

Dance Party with Riz Rollins - “Around the World with Riz”: From Riz: dance music from us to them and back, latin, afrobeat, bolly, caribbean, eastern. bring your own bongos, congas, tambourines, drums, rattlers, and sticks, percussion participation is encouraged.

Poolside Fancy Fez-Tiara-Moustache Formal Happy Hour-stravaganza: Come up to the Lido Deck in your Fancy Clothes (or whatever you feel like wearing) for the fanciest happy hour there ever was! Admire others' finery and be admired in turn. Fezzes, tiaras and/or moustaches encouraged, but not required. Moustaches available as needed. (Happy Hour ends at 4:30; your second drink is only $2 during happy hour!)

'80s Prom Dance Party with DJ Scalzi: Tease your hair, put on your neon leggings and acid washed denim jacket and Let's Go Crazy—it's time for the best 80s dance party on the seven seas, featuring DJ Scalzi, class of '87 himself! Everyone welcome!

“Let's Always Stay Friends” Farewell Reception: Our traditional end-of-cruise gathering to share memories, and enjoy each other's company one last time. Cash bar.

2018: Q&A / Panel (Q)

The Rules of Comics Writing and How to Break Them: Comic book writers Matt Fraction (SEX CRIMINALS, HAWKEYE) and Kelly Sue DeConnick (BITCH PLANET, CAPTAIN MARVEL) walk you through the basics of their form and its unique challenges.

Modes of Storytelling: There's more than one way to tell a story, and how a story is told is as much about its medium as its message. In this wide-ranging discussion, creators from several disciplines get together to get into the nuts and bolts of story telling, and to share what's different—and the same—across media. - with Amy Berg, Open Mike Eagle, John Scalzi, Wil Wheaton

Women at Work: Oh shit, things are boiling over. From #metoo to Time’s Up to living our daily lives, where are we failing, where are we succeeding & what do we do next? Moderated by Cameron Esposito. No audio/video recording permitted at this event. - with Rhea Butcher, Cameron Esposito, Jean Grae, Jackie Kashian, Aimee Mann, Anita Sarkeesian

Comedians Sit in a Semicircle and Ask Each Other Questions: The title pretty much covers it. - with hodgman, Michael Ian Black, Cameron Esposito, Jackie Kashian

Rappers Sit in a Semicircle and Ask Each Other Questions and Also You Can Ask Them Questions Too - with Quelle Christopher, Open Mike Eagle, MC Frontalot, Jean Grae

Ask All Your Writing/Publishing 101 Questions: You have questions about writing and publishing—and guess what? We have answers. Boy, do we have answers. Answers based on literally decades of writing and publishing experience. No question too basic! No answer too convoluted and detailed! - with Kelly Sue DeConnick, Matt Fraction, N.K. Jemisin, John Scalzi

Mental Health: Traditional data tells us that as many as one in four people suffers from some sort of mental illness, and new studies are indicating that the percentage might be higher than that, especially among creative communities. Come listen as panelists talk about how the came to discover that they weren't neuro-typical, as well as sharing tips, tricks, and personal coping mechanisms. We work toward busting the myth of the tortured genius while being honest about how mental illness is part of our lives. Moderated by Patrick Rothfuss. - with Amy Berg, Matt Fraction, Jean Grae.

Management Q&A: The JoCo Cruise Management sit on a stage and answer your questions about JoCo Cruise. Pretty straightforaward, actually.

My Favorite Failure: Dirty secret: Everybody fails—sometimes creatively, sometimes in business, sometimes personally. But failure isn't the end—and learning from failure can surprisingly sometimes open doors and possibilities that were closed before. Our panelists will talk about their own failures in life, and how those failures set them up for success afterward. - with Amy Berg, Michael Ian Black, Mark Frauenfelder, Jean Grae, John Scalzi

Working in TV and Movies: Our panel of creators discuss the unique challenges and unexpected (and expected!) joys and sorrows of working on projects in film and television, and how the are different (ad similar!) to other work they do. Moderated by Pat Rothfuss. - with Amy Berg, Michael Ian Black, Rhea Butcher

How To Raise McElroys In Captivity: The care and feeding of creative children. Tips on how to nurture them, encourage them, and then ultimately leech off their success like some kind of remora. Kidding about that last part…but not really. - with Clint McElroy

2018: Reading / Performance (R)

Maria Bamford Public Rehearsal: Maria Bamford is workshopping her new hour of standup material in a casual, intimate setting. Come be her audience, early birds! No audio/video recording permitted at this event.

Good Mourning! with Yeshmin Blechin: Time Magazine’s Person of the Year 1947 goes deep inside the cruise’s hottest special guests. (with his interviews) - with Greg Benson

ACTION CATS: THE GAME SHOW! Featuring Molly Lewis, Amy Berg, Bonnie Burton and Travis McElroy. Do you like pictures of cats? How about making up nonsense stories? Action Cats is a party game that marries those very things, and the results are often hilarious and always adorable. Join ukulelist and podcaster Molly Lewis and a panel of quick-witted superfriends in this game show adaptation of Action Cats, the latest game from Twogether Studios.

Choose Your Own Adventure Story Time with Wil Wheaton

Stacey Jambles: Ace Detective With No Short Term Memory: An audience interactive, old school detective “radio” show. Join Stacey on her journey to solve a crime, and join Stacey on her journey…to solve a crime. with Jean Grae

Multibowl: Watch combatants get clobbered with 80s/90s nostalgia in the virtual arena of MULTIBOWL, a compilation of minigames by Bennett Foddy and AP Thomson. Hosted by Molly Lewis. - with Storm DiCostanzo, Travis McElroy, Paul Sabourin, Wil Wheaton

Scarface and Henchpeople Staff Talent Show: You've heard vague whispers of rumor and innuendo that somewhere on the ship lurks a team of people working behind the scenes to make a JoCoCruise. Who are they? What do they look like? Do they have any unique performable talents? This may be your only chance to find out, short of breaking into The Home Office. (Don't break into The Home Office).

Disney Sing-along with Travis: Hey, gang; Travis here…Listen, I could give you some kind of clever reason I wanted to do a Disney sing along on the cruise, but the truth is, I JUST WANTED TO. So, join me as I lead you in song with some of your favorites from the Disney catalogue! I've got videos of the songs with the words RIGHT THERE ON SCREEN! Plus, I'm going to try to trick some of my other performer friends into joining me on stage! It's going to be fun gosh darn it! - with Clint McElroy, Travis McElroy

The Church of the Infinite You: Sermons. Drinks. Food. Music. Being Amazing. Nondenominational…only Motivational. - with Jean Grae

“Rothfuss after Dark” Reading and Q&A - with Pat Rothfuss

Reading - Michael Ian Black

Reading - Wil Wheaton

“Dubbled Over” - Screening and Q&A: TV with no rules…or the original sound. - with Quelle Christopher, Jean Grae

Mark Frauenfelder Talks about Making (and Probably Lots of Other Stuff, Too): Mark's slideshow presentation presents an entertaining rise and fall and re-rise of the maker movement over the last 100 years and showcases the new tools and techniques that allow anyone to make anything they can think of.

Reading - N. K. Jemisin

2018: Shadow Cruise (S)

SeaMonkey(Δ) Speed Meeting

Mocktail Party: Want fancy drinks without the alcohol? Let's team up and figure out what the ship has to offer us.

Middle-of-the-Night MacGuffin: Up late? Sleevs the Shrug Master invites you to meet fellow night owls & see who can Get the MacGuffin.

Taking Photography Beyond Point & Shoot: Anybody can take a great photo on occasion. But with a little knowledge about your camera and how it does what it does, you can take control and make better, more interesting pictures. We'll talk about what all those camera settings do and why and when we might use them.

Sip & Stitch: Come join other knitters, crocheters, string crafters (or other kinds, too!) as we gather to chat while keeping our hands busy. Intended primarily as social crafting time, but we tend to be a helpful bunch so I'm sure we can offer some basic instruction and/or troubleshooting. Come for any or all of the time. We'll likely try to repeat the gathering on other days (informally or otherwise).

Live Action Role-playing Chess: A variation on chess, where the players are the pieces, and assume the roles of royalty, warriors, priests, thieves, and wizards in a battle for points based on creativity of play. Previously hosted at GenCon.

Beginning Swing Dance Lesson and Dance Party!: Hour 1: Learn the basics of swing dancing! No experience or partner required. Hour 2: Swing Dance Party! Dance to nerdy swing/jazz music and practice the skills you just learned, or show off the moves you already know!

Filk Song Circle: Bring instruments and songs; we'll go around the room and sing/play/listen together. All instruments and music genres welcome; no prior experience necessary.

Play Republic of Rome: Popular board game Republic of Rome. Its a long game (most of the day) for 6 Players

The Hero Instant (mini-campaign): The Hero Instant is a indie super-hero Role-playing game in an extended beta-test period. It's easy to learn, quick to create characters, and includes a novel initiative system. I'd like to get a group of people together to to run a short (3-session) campaign during JoCo this year. In the first session, we'll create characters, and run through the 1st 'act' of the adventure. In later sessions, new players are encouraged to drop by and see if there is room at the table. We'll catch you up quickly!

Daily Table Tennis: Every morning, at sea or port, show up at the ping pong tables between 10:30am and noon and let's play! Not a structured tournament, but do bring your own paddle if you have one.

Boardgames: Show me the money!: Following the success of last year's Business of Boardgaming panel (, we'll talk to people in the industry about money: What costs go into a boardgame? How are prices determined? Who makes what profit (when there is any)?

American Sign Language Meet Up: Do you know American Sign Language and want a place to practice your skills with other signers? Come join us for a Silent Meetup- voices off please! All are welcome, but we are not sign languages teachers, and we will not be teaching people how to sign.

Fun Social Theatresports: An hour of improvised fun doing Theatresports-style games. Come along as an improviser, a judge, a musician, or as an audience member.

Steel Don't Float: All About Ships: Returning from 2017, two Naval Architects lead a discussion and Q&A on the inner workings of hull/structural design, installed systems, and daily operation of ships (like ours!). In addition to answering your questions, we will venture into the uncharted waters of 'what-if' questions about unconventional ship designs and discuss some major boating incidents and mistakes.

Belly Dance Jam: Get in your comfy workout/dance clothes and come belly dance with Teri (ATS® certified instructor). Dance as much as you want and rest when you like. Every body is welcome, just come with an open mind and ready to have fun. (This is a dance jam, not a class - although there will be a few instructions to get us started - and we WILL be dancing to nerdy/geeky music favorites.)

Comic Swap!: Got a comic you love & more people need to read? Just like the penny jar: bring a comic, take a comic! Comic, TPB, 'zine…bring something to the reading pile, Leave with something new & shiny!

Road Map for Revolutionaries: Resistance, Activism, and Advocacy for All!: Since November 9th, 2016 everyday people are fired up and looking for ways to be the change they want to see. Two challenges: 1. Focusing only on national politics ignores how it ladders up from grassroots advocacy and local politics. 2. Our national situation didn't happen overnight…it won't be fixed in 2018. The chance of burnout is high. How can you manage your activism and expectations to make change for the long haul? How can you leverage technology and game strategy to triage, personalize, activate, and track your corner of the resistance?

SeaMonkey(Δ) Slimdown Meetup: SeaMonkey(Δ)s that have had, are in the process of having, or are considering weight loss surgery. Meet up with other seaMonkey(Δ)s and get some tips on how and where to eat on a cruise to meet your protein needs and avoiding dumping syndrome while on vacation.

Hardly Strictly Sea Chanteys and Irish Music Session: Get together with like-minded musicians to sing sea chanteys and other folk music, and jam on Irish tunes! We will have sheet music available.

Get the MacGuffin: Come play the newest card game from Looney Labs (Fluxx, Pyramid Arcade, Zendo) – not yet for sale, but we snagged a few preview copies. 2-11 players, ~2-11 minutes, all ages, easy to learn, superaddictively fun!

Locksport - Lock picking for New Monkey(Δ)s!: This session will be aimed at New Monkey(Δ)s, based on an honor system. Please allow first-time cruisers to have access to the event. Have you ever been interested in how locks work? Do you want to learn a cool hobby that will impress your friends? If so, then Locksport is for you! See FB for details. Limited Places!

Locksport - Lock picking for beginners!: Have you ever been interested in how locks work? Do you want to learn a cool hobby that will impress your friends? If so, then Locksport is for you! See FB for details. Limited Places!

Locksport 201 - Lock Picking Practice: Let's practice what we learned in earlier sessions! There will be no instruction this session, all of the locks will be laid out so that so that people can just grab and have a go.

Insiders View: Investing, Wall Street & the 1%!: An insider’s view of the problems in the financial industry. What financial professionals talk about, but never disclose to the public. What to avoid and the best ways to invest. A unique perspective from someone who lead government economic studies, conducted financial crime investigations and worked as a stock broker/financial advisor for one of the largest financial institutions in the USA. Knowledge is the difference between being a millionaire or a burden to your family.

Maker's Exchange: An in person event where previously-signed-up participants will exchange items they've created! These can be hand painted/sculpted/draw/crocheted/knitted/etc, or they can be design objects that have been printed through a secondary source such as glasses/t-shirts/pins/stickers/temp tattoos/etc. If you did not sign up previously, you're still welcome to come and see all the cool things other people have made. If by some chance you made cool things yourself that you'd like to exchange with others, that's cool too, bring them with you!

Sassenach Support group: Have an obsession with Outlander by Diana Galbaldon & you need some support from others like you, then this is your space to be. Simple group chat. Perhaps chat show first half then books.

Diceborn Heroes boardgame event: Play an early access of the cooperative fantasy boardgame with the designer. Diceborn Heroes pits up to 4 players on an adventure in about 60mins.

Android: Netrunner meet-up: A chance to meet up with fellow players and play some casual games of Netrunner. Bring your own decks or borrow some. Come for some or all of the session. New players are welcome (also look out for teaching sessions during the week).

Improv Drop-In: This is an introduction to Improvisation. We will be playing improv games and tropes which demonstrate the basics of “Yes And” the foundation of improv. Elements of both Short Form and Long Form improv will be conveyed.

Live podcast taping of KITTsplaining: A live taping of KITTsplaining (a Knight Rider podcast by two women: one who grew up obsessed with the show, and one who has never seen it). This special episode will feature a viewing of the film Knight Rider 2000, followed immediately by the podcast taping.

PORTAL: the Musical!: Last year's shadowy smash hit Portal: the Musical! returns to the stage for JoCo 2018! Featuring the music of Jonathan Coulton, and inspired by the beloved video game “Portal” by the Valve Corporation, this staged musical reading of Kirk Shimano’s play is sure to check all of your showtune-loving, GLaDOS-battling boxes… or shall we say cubes?

Time Empire Playtest: Time Empire is a sci-fi strategy board-game about going back in time to fix the future. An earlier version was playtested (with my immense gratitude to you all) on JoCo in 2017, and it's come a long way since then.

Wine sharing: Cabin 7054. Bring a bottle and share with your new best friends! Little informal get-together in our suite on the first at-sea day of the cruise. Please bring approx. one bottle of wine per couple; adults only. Snacks will be provided by way of HAL's room service.

Two Rooms and a Boom: In this social game of hidden roles and deduction, players are divided into 2 different rooms. Find your teammates, establish trust, and exchange hostages before time runs out and the bomb explodes! It's the party game that's always a blast. New players welcome!

Make-A-Fez Workshop: Still searching for the perfect headwear for formal night? Come craft your own paper fez with experienced fez-maker Sara Chicazul! Tools and supplies such as paper and craft foam will be provided. Bring your best ideas and special embellishments!

1890s Jacket custom fit pattern: Want to make your own clothes but don't want to make costly mistakes? Use free and open source software to make your custom fit patterns! This workshop will teach you how! You will leave this workshop with your custom fitted digital pattern. Attendees should bring a laptop, but if they don't have a laptop they can have a pattern emailed to them. Attendees will pair up and measure each other with tape measures.

Shadow Cruise Stand-Up Showcase!: Los Angeles comedian Patrick Susmilch (“Last Comic Standing”, contributor to “The Hard Times”) hosts an hour of stand-up comedy!

PolyMonkey(Δ) Meetup & Mixer: Are you a polyamorous seaMonkey(Δ)? Would you like to spend time with other polyMonkey(Δ)s? Let's all hang out, drink delicious drinks (if that's your thing), and chat about our experiences with polyamory.

Star-gazing: I will point at stars, planets, and anything else of interest in the sky and tell you about them! Included are actual facts, mythology behind the names, random trivia, and if conditions are right, stars and constellations not viewable from your hometown. Event is of course weather-dependent. I have hosted star-gazing events on every JoCo since JoCo 4. Please only use night-vision friendly (aka red colored) lighting in the area during the class.

Late Night Dub Fight: Relive moments from your favourite cartoons, video games, movies, TV shows, and anime, in a new and hilarious light. The Late Night Dub Fight pits panelists against each other to find out who can “improve” classic clips by redubbing them live with their imposing improv skills. No one knows what show host Ian Horner has up his sleeves, or what the cast members will say in this all-out assault on your funny bone.

Night Writers: We write in the shadows, in the spaces in-between: while the baby sleeps, in the wee hours of the morning, huddled over our laptop in bed at night. Let's get together, and talk about writing, publishing, and surviving the day job.

Pub Quiz of DOOM: Sharpen your wits! Hone your trivia knowledge! The Pub Quiz of DOOM is coming to the high seas. Six rounds of trivia questions, pitted against the quick-witted minds of your fellow JoCo cruise participants, hosted by Haje. Are you feeling smart? Well are you, punk?

Johann Sebastian Joust: Johann Sebastian Joust is a no-graphics, digitally-enabled playground game designed for motion controllers. The goal is to be the last player remaining. When the music — J.S. Bach's Brandenburg Concertos — plays in slowmotion, the controllers are very sensitive to movement. When the music speeds up, the threshold becomes less strict, giving the players a small window to dash at their opponents. If your controller is ever moved beyond the allowable threshold, you're out! Try to jostle your opponents' controllers while protecting your own.

Let's Build a Rube Goldberg Machine: We will attempt (and probably fail) to build a Rube Goldberg / Chain Reaction machine in only two hours. If you've got supplies or pre-built components, bring them with! (Nothing hot, sharp, heavy, or messy, please.) If not, you can still help, take videos, or just spectate.

Sea Werewolf: We'll be doing a few games of long-form (not One Night) Ultimate Werewolf! Come and lynch your friends!

Afterhours Bluegrass Jam: All instruments & skill levels welcome. Standard bluegrass jam etiquette; lead rotates around the circle. Bring a few simple songs (2-4 chords, bluegrass or otherwise) to lead, or just come to listen/play/sing along.

Basic Beach: Maybe the port of Cabo San Lucas isn't your thing. Maybe you're more interested in the simple things in life. We're going on a 10-minute walk to a basic beach! There are no umbrellas or chairs. Just sand, sun, waves, and a lovely view of the Oosterdam. Meet at the Pier at 1:30 and for goodness sake remember your sunblock.

Deep Learning Meetup: All Welcome

Cosplayers & Costumers Cocktail Mixer: Mixer for the costumers & cosplayers & admirers on the ship to get to know each other better. Come catch up with old friends and make new friends over drinks.

Realistic Nanotechnology Spacecraft: Workshop for a general audience on molecular nanotechnology for operations in space. Of most interest to someone who wants to reach towards realism when using nanotechnology-based ideas as part of a science-fiction story, game or other media with science-fictiony themes, or who just thinks nanotechnology and/or space is cool.

Logic Puzzle Solving Club: Pavel will bring lots of copies of a wide range of Japanese-style logic puzzles (e.g., Sudoku, KenKen, Kakuro, Masyu, etc.) and we'll solve them together! All skill levels are totally welcome!

Transgender Meetup: Meetup for transgender, genderqueer, and non-binary individuals. Allies welcome as well.

Release the Bats: Who wants to get some gothystomp on? Get out the ya-yas with some goth/industrial. Dress up, or don't – ain't a thing. You like the oontz, we like the oontz. Let's dance.

Jason Hatrick Presents: Comedy!: After performing stand-up comedy for the first time on the open mic on JoCo Cruise 2 (back when things were still Crazy), Jason has gone on to become a professional stand-up comedian. He's been a finalist in multiple comedy competitions, won awards, and been invited to participate in numerous festivals. And it all started here at JoCo Cruise! Come celebrate his unofficial comedy anniversary with him – and possibly some invited guests as well!

Podcaster Meetup: Do you have a podcast or plan to start one? Let's talk about process, content, gear, tips, and more.

BarCitizen @ SEA!: A gathering of fan/backers/supporters of the Star Citizen PC game.

SpinTunes Songwriting Challenge: Artists and Inspirations: SpinTunes panelists discuss their thoughts on song creation when using a challenge prompt as inspiration. They'll give insight on their work process, and workshop a new song idea with audience participation. Hosted by Tom Giarrosso of the Boffo Yux Dudes. Scheduled to appear: Brian Gray, Zoe Gray, Glen Raphael, and Spenser Sokol. SpinTunes is an internet songwriting competition started in 2010, and has spawned 1300+ original songs to a prompt. Round #14 starts February 25!

Black holes, giant lasers, and the biggest explosions in the Universe: Learn about LIGO, the gravitational-wave experiment that revolutionized astronomy and snagged the 2017 Nobel Prize in physics. We'll discuss Einstein, celestial corpse collisions, violently warped spacetimes, laser interferometry, and what we have learned.

Office Hour with Carol Monahan: Want to hear game industry war stories? Got questions about publishing games, or running a small business? Come hang out with Carol Monahan, vice-president and co-owner of Cheapass Games (and veteran of Wizards of the Coast, 1993-2000).

Reading - Jenn Lyons: Author Jenn Lyons will read from her upcoming fantasy novel, The Ruin of Kings (Tor Books, Winter 2019.) She may or may not get to the dragon, but she'll almost certainly read from the section about the kraken. What could be better for a sea cruise?

Reflective Journaling Workshop: Bring a journal and writing implements (Wendy can provide a very few extra) and explore a challenge or goal in a quiet, organized way view guided writing prompts (plus! receive a few gentle nudges to do the thing).

LARP on a Boat! “Unheroes”: “Unheroes” is a 2-hour live roleplaying game written by Joanna Piancastelli, run by Andrea Humez and Jan-Willem Maessen. If you want to play, please plan to stay for the entire game. Max 9 players. You’re all normal people, here, enjoying a perfectly normal vacation. Everyone around you is perfectly normal, just like you. Except that you weren't normal before. You were superheroes, the saviours of Herotopia, though you don’t remember it. The whole world was changed, and the history that you used to know no longer exists, and never existed. But it’s trying to reassert itself.

Old School Monopoly: Just like the good old days. A board, dice, fake money. Passion. Intrigue. Real estate! I love to play and need competitors.

Un/Under Employed Monkees: Are you job hunting? Come to this meetup. Does your org have open positions? Come and hire someone! Everyone will get a few minutes to introduce themselves, tell us what their looking for, and ask questions about the job hunting process. Our goal is to share wisdom, support, and opportunities as we all work to feed our addiction to food, shelter, clothing, and cruising. Feel free to bring resumes to share, get feedback on, and more. In some respects, this is what muggles might call a structured “networking event.” But without the awkwardness and smarminess many of us fear.

Trans Elevensies: Elevensies (Brunch) for any and all transgender, non-binary, genderqueer, etc. individuals and allies. (The Lido Market is a big area, so try to meet up near Canaletto, which is at the forward end of the Market on the starboard side.)

Anne Wheaton Reads Her New Children's Book: Anne Wheaton has written a new children's book! It's called Piggy and Pug, and is written for 5-8 year old readers. Come hear a reading of Piggy and Pug and see the accompanying illustrations!

Office Hour with James Ernest: Got burning questions for game designer - and former professional juggler - James Ernest? Come have a tasty beverage, and get some answers!

Physical Puzzle Party: Pavel will bring several (non-jigsaw) physical puzzles from his collection, and you are encouraged to do the same! We'll lay everything out on tables and just have fun playing with them for a while! All skill levels are totally welcome!

Grad School Survivors Group: Meet up with others who have survived–I mean, experienced a complete and comprehensive education experience. Swap war stories, inflict your research interests on others, and make new overeducated friends!

Speaking Monkees: Are you interested in public speaking? Come meet with us! At this event everyone will get 5 minutes of stage time to give a talk about something the learned or relearned in the past year. The idea is to share something valuable to you that you feel may be valuable to others. It could be a tip, a process, a life lesson, a cool travel destination, etc. The primary goal, though, is to speak in front of a group. The group will also provide feedback about what you did well, and offer some tips on becoming even better the next time. PowerPoint/Keynote/Slides optional.

Alexander Jamilton: Sing along with other Sea Monkey(Δ)s to selections from Hamilton: An American Musical. Bring an instrument and play along or just bring your voice and enthusiasm.

Costuming: Intro to Vintage Hair & Make-up Styling: Learn a few basic hairstyles for vintage/retro costuming and to style your make up to accompany your vintage look. Please feel free to bring your make up & hairstyling tools (e.g. brush, hair bands, bobby pins, u-shaped hair pins, hair spray, gel.) Highly recommend bringing a vanity mirror if you want to try to follow along during class.

CripMonkey(Δ)s: A gathering for SeaMonkey(Δ)s with any and all types of disabilities. If you think you might belong here, you do!

Zoe Gray's Suburban Gothic: Presenting you with a full live performance of Zoe Gray's new album, Suburban Gothic, a concept album set in a strange small town. Come visit Lullaburbia, where vampires haunt the local 7-11, the cool girls at school are all witches, and the forest is not what it seems.

Game Startup - Cows to the Moon: For the past year I (Tomas) have been working and developing a card game called Cows to the Moon. Cows is a fun and sometimes silly game involving your cow's quest to find greener pastures on the moon. I would love to have you come by and play it, have a great time, and give me feedback. There will be prizes!

Logic Puzzle Construction Workshop: Pavel has constructed a lot of Japanese-style logic puzzles (e.g., Sudoku, KenKen, Kakuro, Masyu, etc.) and now you can learn how to do it too! We'll co-solve one or more puzzles together and then collaboratively create a brand new one from scratch, right in front of your eyes! Then it gets really fun: you will each get the chance to create your very own puzzle, on your own, all starting from a common seed provided by Pavel!

Time Empire Playtest: Time Empire is a sci-fi strategy board-game about going back in time to fix the future. An earlier version was playtested (with my immense gratitude to you all) on JoCo in 2017, and it's come a long way since then.

Bowties: a how-to!: Tying a bowtie is a finger-twisting exercise. Come and maybe learn how to tie one!

Kabbalat Shabbat* *This will NOT be a typical Shabbat service so that anyone with an interest can participate (and because I don't know enough to lead a full service).* Come and welcome Shabbat, the weekly day of peace that occurs Friday at sundown(ish) through Saturday sundown (or when three stars are in the sky - I know, we're a little nuts). Still, a day of peace sounds nice, right? So come, join in. We will bless the candles, set our intentions for our peaceful day with a short discussion, bless some wine (and then drink it or grape juice), capping it all off with a blessing of the bread and then, like all good Jews around the world, we will eat! All in, it shouldn't be more than 40 minutes and will make your mother proud!

Geek Out About Tattoos: Interested in talking about or showing off tattoos? This is the meet up for you! Come share the ongoing story of how you are decorating your body canvas (or might in the future).

Sea Monkey(Δ) Poker: Joins us as we explore the wonders of Texas Holdem using Holland America's weird digital poker table. If we get enough players together, maybe we can get a real dealer.

Beginner Acroyoga: Find a way to connect with a partner, friend, or a soon-to-be friend! Wear athletic-ish clothing and be ready for fun!

Madrigal Monkey(Δ)s: Come sing through some of the greatest hits of the 16th and 17th centuries! No experience necessary.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Guide/Service Dogs: Hey, there's a dog on the ship! How'd she get here? Why can't I pet her? What happened to the dog from two years ago? What are service dogs, anyway? Rachel (and Echo) will explain the exciting life and training of guide dogs, talk about their adventures, and highlight how service dogs can change lives (and not just by drooling on the mousepad while I type this; thanks, Echo). Want to raise guide dog puppies? We can hook you up. Fans of Salem, Poodle of Destiny will also get an update as to his whereabouts! Music will be provided.

Magic: the Gathering Showcase: Archenemy: Come watch as courageous Sea Monkey(Δ)s battle Gavin Verhey in Archenemy, the 3v1 Magic collection he designed! Our heroes will be randomly selected from Magic events held during the week.

Glen Raphael concert: Musical Nerdity: Back by popular demand, award-winning nerd-folk singer-songwriter Glen Raphael will have new songs, old songs, funny songs, thoughtful songs, songs about physics, love, Monkey(Δ)s and more. Be there, or be quadrilateral!

Furry Monkey(Δ) Meetup: Whether you know what a woof, yeen, birb, zeeb, or durg is, or simply have an interest in anthropomorphism, this is an opportunity for Sea Monkey(Δ)s (and otherwise) to socialize and share their love for all things fuzzy (and otherwise).

STEM songs with Tim Griffin: Tim Griffin is a STEM teacher, an award-winning singer/songwriter, and director of a small educational nonprofit ( using music to teach STEM and other subjects for kinder to 8th grade. Think “Schoolhouse Rock” and you'll have the basic idea. Kid-friendly, serious fun.

Zoe & Brian 3: The Musickening: Ladies, gentlemen, and esteemed members of the audience, come join us for the third installment of Brian and Zoe Gray's musical funfest, a most lamentable comedy ensured to laugh your socks off, knock your eyes out, and cry your head off… or something like that? We’ll sing our own songs, sing each other’s songs, sing other people’s songs, sing things that shouldn’t be classified as songs in the first place, and hopefully leave you with some sort of greater understanding of the world, if only the realization that they really need to stop letting these two hooligans have shadow concerts.

Come Probably Win Thousands of Dollars at the Craps Table with Paul and Storm

Sea Monkey Mail Meetup: Sea Monkey(Δ) Mail is a small white elephant-type gift exchange between cruisers. Lets have a meetup to socialise and meet the faces behind the mailboxes.

Pacific Quest wrap party: Players of “Pacific Quest: Déjà Cruise” submit final answers, meet the organizers and share stories

Dead Dog Jam/Music Circle: Late into the night, let's keep singing songs and making music until we all fall asleep or it's time to go home! (Please keep this event near the forward windows and as close to the Port [left] side as possible, to leave a buffer for the Quiet Area and the rooms outside the venue.)

2018: Signing (N)

Signing - Matt Fraction

Signing - Pat Rothfuss

Signing - Jackie Kashian

Signing - Kelly Sue DeConnick

Signing - Mark Frauenfelder

Signing - Matt Fraction

Signing - Michael Ian Black

Signing - N. K. Jemisin

Signing - Travis McElroy

2018: Workshop (W)

Hats with ears: Come make your very own fleece hat with cat or fox ears. This is a very special project because we hope with your help to get lots of warm hats to Ophelia House in Ohio, our local women's shelter. Come to the class and make one for yourself and one for sharing. Can't make the class? That's ok. Patterns and instructions will be available in the crafting room.

Playing with Clay: Back by popular demand! Come and make a decorative magnet, mini sculpture or just enjoy playing with clay. Participants are limited to 1 (one) item per person per class due to the time it takes to bake all of your creations in our tiny toaster oven.

Worldbuilding: Macro to Micro with N.K. Jemisin: How do you create and populate a cohesive, complex secondary (i.e. not-Earth) world? Join N. K. Jemisin for an intensive session during which attendees will perform a shared-world creation exercise! Bring paper and pen/pencil to make the most of this event!

Crafting Free-for-all/Meetup with Bonnie Burton: Chat with craft book author Bonnie Burton about all things glitter and googly eyes!

Sock Puppets!!!: Come by to learn the steps to making a simple “sock-style” puppet! Model your character off the sample or create your own! All materials will be provided including patterns but feel free to bring your own embellishments. Sewing experience is a plus, but not required. We will be using hot glue and sharp shiny scissors

Make Your Own Monster: Make your very own plushy monster to hug and squeeze and call your own. Patterns are available for several monsters along with images for inspiration to design your own! Needle and thread sewing skills are necessary to complete this project. Can't make the class? That's ok. Patterns and instructions will be available in the crafting room

Painting with colored Pencils: Learn to use colored pencils in a new way. Create an impressionist masterpiece of your own! No experience necessary. All supplies provided.

Hair Clip Facinators: Get fancy with a facinator -Absolutely perfect for a formal night on a nerd cruise. Basic supplies and instructions provided but feel free to bring your own fez or facinator to embellish.

Comics Writing Workshop with Kelly Sue DeConnick, Matt Fraction: Comics writing exercises and discussion of 4 arenas: Artistic Practice, Craft, Business Practice and Comic Industry. Recommended as a follow-up to The Rules of Writing Comics and How to Break Them.

It's a Craft! Making Admiral Sackbar with Bonnie Burton: Learn how to make a jaunty Admiral Ackbar paper bag puppet from the book “The Star Wars Craft Book” by author Bonnie Burton. It's easy, fun and very geektastic.

Joke Writing Workshop with Maria Bamford, Rhea Butcher, Cameron Esposito, Jackie Kashian: Our professional standup panelists will hold a workshop on the mechanics of writing and telling jokes. At the end, everyone who wants is encouraged to come up on stage and tell the joke they've written that day!

Character: External to Internal with N.K. Jemisin: You've got a plot and a world. Now, who should your protagonist be? How do you make them interesting and realistic while avoiding cliches? Should you give your secondary characters the same degree of attention? We'll talk about this and more. Please bring pens and paper!

Dice Cup (Leather project): Assemble and personalize your own leather dice cup. No sewing skills or prior experience necessary. Sorry, this class is limited to the first 40 people.

Tampon Dolls: Crafting with Feminism, with Bonnie Burton: Turn tampons into adorable worry dolls (or even a mouse) with this easy craft from the book “Crafting With Feminism” by author Bonnie Burton.

2018: Other

Quiet Space - 24×7: No gaming, no meetings, no loud noises, please! (But there's not really anything we can do about the coffee bar.)

Orientation: A basic walkthrough of the main logistics of JoCo Cruise. We'll begin and end with a ~10 min. overview, and take your questions inbetween. Show up when you can, leave when you wish. Recommended for new Sea Monkey(Δ)s, but open to everyone.

Movie: “The Big Lebowski”

Movie: “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home”

Movie: “Raiders of the Lost Ark”

Movie: “WALL·E”

New Monkey(Δ) Karaoke

Sea Monkey(Δ) Karaoke

Indonesian Rijsttaffel Specialty Lunch: The Oosterdam's culinary staff are preparing this Indonesian specialty meal (from a Dutch word literaly translated as “rice table”) as a one-time-only event for our passengers. Seating is limited, so sign up early if you are interested. This specialty lucheon costs $10, and you can sign up by calling 88 from any phone.

Indian Specialty Lunch: The Oosterdam's culinary staff are preparing this specialty meal of Indian cuisine as a one-time-only event for our passengers. Seating is limited, so sign up early if you are interested. This specialty lucheon costs $10, and you can sign up by calling 88 from any phone.

Scotch Tasting: Enjoy a flight of five high-quality scotches, because you're fancy and you like nice things. Hosted by Christopher Badell. Attendance is $25; sign up via any bartender or bar server, or at the ship's Guest Services Desk. Seating is limited!

Fancy Pants Parade

Loreto Food Festival: The town of Loreto and the Loreto Restaurant Association present a food festival, featuring 15 food tents (two dedicated to vegetarian offerings). Tickets may be purchased at the tender pier in Loreto; $25 for 7 tickets redeemable at any of the tents. US CASH ONLY! Drink tickets sold separately on site.

Group Photo: We are taking the official 2018 group photo just before the land concert starts. If you want to take part, be in the plaza at 3:45.

Sea Monkey(Δ) Open Mike Night: An annual JoCo Cruise tradition: Sea Monkey(Δ)s get to show off their performing skills at our annual Open Mike session. 5 minute/1 song limit per performer. Sign-up sheets will be available at the Helper Monkey(Δ) Info Desk.

Lido Deck “Penultimate Chance” Merch Sale: A satellite store will be set up in the Lido Pool Area for all your JoCo Cruise merch needs.

Lido Deck “Last Chance” Merch Sale: Your last chance to buy JoCo Cruise and performer merch! A satellite store will be set up in the Lido Pool Area. Act now or forever hold your peace, or something like that!

Swag Swap Meet/Recycling Center: If you have JoCo Cruise swag that you definitely will not be taking home with you, drop it off in the Board Room today; JoCo Cruise will take care of donating and recycling it, as applicable. Alternately, if you want extras of any of your JoCo Cruise Swag, drop by the Board Room today and pick up extras as you see fit!

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