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 ==== 2019: Shadow Cruise (S) ==== ==== 2019: Shadow Cruise (S) ====
 +Speed Meeting | Back by popular demand! Join us for a facilitated and casually structured event where you will get to meet all
 +sorts of people! In each 15 minute round you will have the opportunity to meet 3 new strangers and find out all
 +about them. Nametags and prompt cards will be provided.
 +Tarot Readings and Q&A | Want to provide readings? Bring your cards and your smile!
 +Interested in what might be in store for the next week? Have a burning question you want some insight about?
 +Come get a reading from one of our volunteer tarot or oracle readers!
 +Want to learn more about this art of interpretation?​ Ask away!
 +All ages, abilities, and interest welcome!
 +Escape Room: An Epic Quest | 
 +Solve puzzles, petition mythical creatures, enchant magic relics, and perform a ritual to save the world! A lowtech
 +portable "​escape room" designed for groups of 6 to 10. Advance sign-up recommended (sheet posted by
 +room), last-minute sign-ups accommodated as space permits. DO NOT BE LATE!
 +There Might Be Jamming {Musician Meetup} | 
 +Excited to play music with new & old friends? Drop by TMBJ, meet other musicians, play some songs. Pro,
 +enthusiast, novice -- all welcome. We'll have a contact sheet so if you can't stay you can at least sign up {share
 +your cabin # & instrument(s) you play} so other jammers can let you know when & where jams are happening.
 +Midnight MacGuffinship | 
 +Up late? Sleevs the Shrugmaster invites you to meet fellow night owls & see who can Get the MacGuffin.
 +Puzzle Haunt on the Ghoosterdam | 
 +What room do ghosts avoid?
 +20-8-5 12-9-22-9-14-7 18-15-15-13
 +There’s always room for one more puzzle player in Ghost Patrol!
 +Mermonkey Gathering | 
 +Bring your merperson tail and join us for a swim in the ocean. Meet on the beach just past the food pavilion.
 +Spectators Welcome!
 +JoustMania! (Formerly Johann Sebastian Joust) | 
 +JoustMania is a real life video game. Combining music, motion controllers,​ and a little skulduggery.
 +Protect your controller from being jostled, while trying to jostle others. The music sets both the tempo and
 +sensitivity of your controller. NOTE: While we insist on civility and courteousness while playing, this is a full
 +contact game. Please plan accordingly.
 +[[activities:​seamonkeymail|Sea Monkey Mail]] Meetup | 
 +Opportunity for everyone to meet fellow team mates participating in Sea Monkey Mail
 +Super Battle Arcade | 
 +Super Battle Arcade is a tribute to 80s gaming. Two players go head to head for 5 minutes in six arcade
 +challenges (Tetris, Asteroids, Invaders, 100m Dash, Tron and Pong) in random order. With the simplicity and
 +familiarity of games, it takes little to no gaming experience to enjoy this challenge – and the console requires no
 +instruction. Visuals are put at a super low rez 96x64 pixels to give the game a fun and retro feel, the bigger the
 +screen the better!
 +Cosplayers & Costumers Cocktail Mixer | 
 +Come meet fellow Cosplayers & Costumers on JocoCruise 2019 for Happy Hour.
 +Hypnosis Show/Class | 
 +Hypnosis is fun to watch and participate in. Depending on interest this will be a show/​demonstration or a more
 +directed class if people want to learn. Led by a (semi)professional hypnotist :)
 +Scavenger Hunt | 
 +The geekiest scavenger hunt of them all! Teams of 3-5 race the clock and each other to collect a unique list of
 +items found in abundance only on board the JoCo vessel. A great way to meet new friends.
 +Sea Monkey Podcasting Society | 
 +Do you have a podcast or are you interested in starting one? Let's get together, talk about our shows, and share
 +questions and answers about podcasting.
 +Adam Rivera - Geeky Original and Cover Songs!
 +Solo acoustic songs. A little comedy, a little “Filk” and a splash of covers from They Might Be Giants, Weird Al,
 +Introduction to Improv Workshop | 
 +Wanna give improv a try? It is a creative way for adults to play! This workshop will focus on basic exercises and
 +the fundamentals of improvisational theater. Join us to have fun and expand your mind! All experience levels
 +Dating and Sex Beyond the Gender Binary | 
 +David Mackenzie shares lessons learned from searching for romantic and sexual connections while navigating a
 +changing gender identity and presents a vision for online dating centered on honesty, diversity, and respect.
 +Might not be suitable for parents who wish to shield their children from alternative lifestyles.
 +Stargazing | 
 +Learn some astronomy from a veteran star-gazer! I've held star-gazing shadow events for the last several
 +cruises and will provide maps, point at things in the sky, and describe them with mostly-accurate information.
 +Going as far south as we are means you may be able to see some stars not visible from your home town,
 +including Alpha Centauri and the Southern Cross! Lights will be dimmed to preserve night vision, so please do
 +not use bright phone screens or flashlights around the event area.
 +Polymonkey Meet-up and Mixer | 
 +Did you know that there are a bunch of us polyamorous SeaMonkeys on board? Come say hi, have a drink, and
 +do a social with some of your fellow Polymonkeys!
 +Swing Dance Lesson and Social Dance!
 +Come swing out with us!
 +We'll lead a 45 minute beginning swing dance lesson, followed by 45 minutes of open social dancing with nerdinspired
 +swing music. Bring your own music if you have some to share!
 +No partner or experience necessary! Wear comfortable shoes (slip-on shoes/​sandals NOT recommended.)
 +Knobs and Noise | 
 +Electronic musician meetup and possible jam session. Come share your adventures in making music. Bring your
 +synthesizer or laptop and show us your latest tracks. Maybe we'll even do a jam together. All skill levels
 +welcome. Whether you're just learning what a LFO is or if you're a master of music theory and sound crafting,
 +you're welcome to come and chat, hang out, and make some noise.
 +Power strips will be provided.
 +Oscillate Responsibly
 +Night Owl Adventures | 
 +Watch a seasoned group of adventurers adventure their way through an adventure! A late night live role-playing
 +game in the style of Critical Role, Force Grey, Dice, Camera, Action, or...I feel like there'​s another one I can't
 +think of right now. It'll come to me. Our party includes writers, game designers, and comedians from cruises past!
 +There will be dice, there will be laughter, there will be alcohol!
 +(alcohol sold separately)
 +Afterhours Blueish Jam | 
 +The late-night jam is back! Bring your instruments &/ singing voices. If you want, come ready with a few songs to
 +lead. Call a song & the key -- blues, bluegrass, or otherwise. 3- & 4-chord songs encouraged.
 +Puzzle Haunt on the Ghoosterdam | 
 +How often do ghosts manifest?
 +Experience an alternate world with daily Ghost Patrol puzzle encounters!
 +Morning Mindfulness | 
 +Start your day with quiet mindfulness. We'll gather for guided meditation, a thoughtful reading, and brief sharing.
 +Pajamas and bedhead are welcome!
 +Running Monkeys | 
 +Want to join other monkeys who do insane things like run when not being chased? Come speed-walk/​jog/​run at
 +your own pace for your own distance. Ask questions. Get insight into what a half or full marathon training might
 +look like. Very casual - drop in atmosphere.
 +Let's Talk Photography | 
 +We'll have an informal discussion about photography and tips to make your photos better. All skill levels are
 +welcome, and all devices from DSLRs to phones. Come with questions, share favorite subjects and moments.
 +Library Lovers on the Lido | 
 +Work in a library? Used to work in a library? Like hanging out in a library? Join like-minded book nerds by the
 +Lido Market for breakfast/​brunch!
 +Reasoning Your Way to Happiness with Science & Logic | 
 +Reasoning your way to happiness: using science and
 +logic to help you understand and manage emotions and
 +Emotions and relationships. We all have them, but they can be scary and unpredictable. Sometimes things go
 +well, but other times—seemingly randomly—they devolve into bad situations. We don’t feel in control ( a lack of
 +agency as the psychologists call it) and so it’s often easier just to do more introverted nerd stuff like reading.
 +You are not alone. We have all been there. There is nothing wrong with you, and it is ok. This is a safe space to
 +explore what is going on, to learn some techniques on how to have healthy experiences around emotions and
 +relationships,​ and to practice them.
 +We are a couple of fellow nerds who finally got tired of the old ways and did a bunch of research, work, and
 +practice to get to a place of fulfillment. Well, not all the time; we are still works in progress. But we at least have a
 +solid understanding and framework, and we want to give you some shortcuts to get there too in ways that are
 +more easily relatable to folks in the JoCo demographic. Please don’t be shy. Come and connect with your cruise
 +mates and get more connected to yourself too!
 +//JoCo Cruise does not vet, nor can they vouch for the qualifications of, anyone presenting health/​therapy-related
 +Shadow Cruise events. Please exercise your best judgment if/when attending.
 +Trade Me a Poem (story, picture, etc.) | 
 +I have many small toys (age 3 and up friendly). Bring me a poem, or a tell me a story, or draw me a picture in
 +exchange for a toy (or two). Open to all ages—basically if you like small toys feel free to come trade me. (i.e.
 +very child friendly).
 +Seamonkey Slimdown Meetup | 
 +This meetup is for seamonkeys that have had, are going through, or are considering weight loss surgery. A
 +meetup for support, put names and faces together, and discuss healthy food options while on the cruise.
 +Transgender Social Hour | 
 +Are you trans, transgender,​ non-binary, genderqueer,​ gender-nonconforming,​ etc.? Then come on down and
 +hangout with other such folks. Allies welcome!
 +Space Team Phone Game Session (SPONSOR EVENT) | 
 +Do you like pushing buttons and shouting at your friends? Do you like discharging Clip-jawed Fluxtrunions?​
 +Come play Spaceteam, a cooperative shouting game for phones and tablets (as opposed to the Spaceteam card
 +game) with other Sea-Monkeys. Never played? Doesn'​t matter!
 +Asteroid! Everybody shake!
 +Crider Talks Cancer (And Probably Poop, Too) | 
 +Jim Crider talks about why he missed JCC 2018 and why he poops in a bag stuck to his stomach (the answer is
 +the same for both), the importance of paying attention to your body and early screening, and what's happened
 +since he was diagnosed with Stage IV Metastatic Colon Cancer in December 2017.
 +Content warning: unfiltered language, frank discussion of the mental health impact of just about everything going
 +sideways at once, poop.
 +Gabby Duran Book Signing and Reading (SPONSOR EVENT) | 
 +Daryle Conners, author of the Gabby Duran children'​s
 +book series published by Disney/​Hyperion,​ will read
 +from the 3 books, followed by a book signing. The Gabby Duran series are beginning chapter books for kids 7-11
 +years old. They tell the story of the world'​s greatest babysitter, 12-year old Gabby Duran, who is drafted by a
 +secret government agency to babysit alien children living among us. The Disney Channel will release Gabby
 +Duran, a live-action series, in Spring of 2019.
 +Strings & Things with Fiber Friends | 
 +Informal meetup for those interested in the fiber arts, broadly defined. Bring your knitting, crocheting, spinning,
 +cross stitch, or otherwise busy yourself with friendly fellow fiber folks of all skill levels. Bring your latest project
 +and a beverage for casual communal crafting. This is very casual but there will likely be folks who are willing to
 +help you learn new techniques if you're interested.
 +CircleSinging | 
 +CircleSinging is like a drum circle—but for voices! Come sing with us as our facilitator,​ Ben Silver, leads us in an
 +exhilarating improvised vocal music jam. No experience needed, all voices and experience levels are welcome!
 +Ben is a professional singer, vocal improviser and teacher whose music slides through R&B, jazz, folk, funk,
 +world music and more. Ben has been performing and teaching Vocal Improvisation,​ Ensemble Skills and other
 +singing workshops for over 25 years. Ben has also been a frequent guest leader at Sing for Your Life, an annual
 +CircleSinging marathon in the SF Bay area as well as having been a guest teacher at the week-long Circlesongs
 +workshop headed up by Bobby McFerrin at Omega Institute.
 +Improv Playdate | 
 +Wanna give improv a try? We will play improv performance games and improv scenes. All experience levels
 +welcome. It is a creative, fun way for adults to play! So, come and let your imagination expand on the high seas!
 +NOMIC- a Game of Rapid, Casual Game Design | 
 +The democratic game of making up new rules and convincing the other players to vote them into play. This is a
 +pull-our-chairs-into-a-circle,​ drink, and yakkety-yak game. Each player gets 2 chips to begin. Who wins and who
 +loses is up for a vote. So is everything else.
 +Vegan/​Vegetarian Meet-Up | 
 +Meet-Up (and maybe lunch!) for like-minded people to see if we would like to get together for future meals during
 +the cruise.
 +JCC Snack Exchange | 
 +The JCC Snack Exchange is an opportunity for Sea Monkeys to share and exchange snacks from wherever they
 +hail from.
 +Nerdfighter Meetup | 
 +Nerdfighters assemble! Come meet other Sea Monkeys with a shared goal of decreasing world suck. Make
 +friends and discuss the community that has grown around Hank and John Green. New and veteran monkeys
 +welcome! DFTBA
 +Optimizing Your Hanabi Conventions | 
 +The cooperative card game Hanabi may be billed as a memory and logic puzzle, but repeat players discover the
 +metagame of devising and fine-tuning an additional "​language"​ of information-laden conventions. We invite
 +veteran Hanabi masterminds and curious newbies alike to come learn, share, and play. This informal session will
 +be tailored to attendees'​ interests and led by a software engineer and a learning scientist who have played
 +Hanabi almost daily for four years.
 +Road Map for Revolutionaries:​ 2020 Edition | 
 +A sequel to the 2018 shadow cruise event, and with the 2018 midterms behind us, this session will talk about
 +how to set activism and advocacy goals for 2020 so that you can stay engaged, stay sane, and instigate the
 +changes you want to see in your community, your country, and the world.
 +RPG Meetup | 
 +Come and meet people who are interested in tabletop role playing games! All levels of experience welcome,
 +including the RPG-curious. Maybe arrange a game or two for later during the cruise.
 +How To Play Partnership Dominoes | 
 +Learn to play partnership dominoes, a version of the game practiced in Latin America and the Caribbean. We'll
 +be learning variants commonly played in Puerto Rico, specifically Quinentos and Doscientos.
 +Star Trek Roleplaying | 
 +A short adventure set during the time of Star Trek: TOS, using a modified Fate Core rules system. Players take
 +the roles of junior officers aboard a Federation destroyer. New players welcome.
 +Reading - The Ruin of Kings by Jenn Lyons | 
 +Jenn Lyons will read an excerpt from her 2019 debut epic fantasy, The Ruin of Kings, about a street-wise orphan
 +who discovers that a happily-ever-after as a long lost prince is anything but as he finds himself a pawn of terrible
 +Omicron Protocol Demo | 
 +A near-future,​ "​intra-apocalyptic",​ sci-fi miniatures arena combat game played on a 2’x2’ hex board. Fight as rival
 +factions trying to survive the deadly crisis affecting the city of San Lazaro.
 +Event Organizer Meetup | 
 +Do you organize events like conventions or festivals? Let's meet so we can have more connections to talk with
 +going forward.
 +Dance and Sculpt | 
 +Dance fitness class that incorporates fun music and some body weight strength-training. Appropriate for all levels
 +of skill.
 +Hardly Strictly Sea Chanteys and Irish Music Session | 
 +Get together with like-minded musicians to sing sea chanteys and other folk music, play instruments and jam on
 +Irish tunes! We will have sheet music available.
 +Kuiper Visits Apollo: a Brief History of the American Space Program | 
 +I spent the summer taking pictures of my dog with
 +space artifacts (including 7 flown craft from Mercury,
 +Gemini & Apollo.) I will present them in chronological order and tell some cool stories about how we got to the
 +Moon and beyond.
 +Diceborn Heroes Learn-n-Play | 
 +Diceborn Heroes is a 1-4 player cooperative fantasy dice game. Together you will go on 3 different quests then
 +face the final boss. If you defeat the boss you have saved the kingdom of Dievalice. The choices you make in the
 +game will change the deck and change your chances of success...
 +Backwater Bandits’ Tricks and Treasure | 
 +Learn the tricks of trade from the Backwater Bandits, and if you’re clever enough you’ll earn some treasure for
 +Sea Monkey Fantasy Football Meetup | 
 +This is a chance for the participants of the Sea Monkey Fantasy Football League to put a face to a team name.
 +We also welcome anyone who might be interested in joining next year and anyone who enjoys fantasy football in
 +Lock Picking 101 | 
 +Ever wanted to learn how locks work? Want to have a fun hobby? Lock Picking is for you. We learn about the
 +basics of how a lock works, and then use real picks to open some simple locks! All tools supplied.
 +Search and Rescue Stories: The Camp Fire | 
 +Ever wondered about what happens when you get lost/​injured in the forest, on a mountain top, or perhaps a
 +volcano? We are the ones that 911 calls when that happens. We will talk about how SAR teams work in the U.S.,
 +how we train, how we respond, and how we are funded. We will also provide an on-the-ground perspective from
 +the Camp Fire, the most destructive wildfire in California history. This will be mostly a Q&A format, plus bonus
 +pictures of our search dogs at work.
 +Acro Yoga Jam Session | 
 +Acro Yoga is a fun way to balance and play with others. What could possibly go wrong trying to balance on a
 +swaying boat? Jam session, so no particular curriculum, just getting acro folks together!
 +Gigantic (A Tale of Two Johns) Screening | 
 +A screening of the 2002 They Might Be Giants rockumentary "​Gigantic (A Tale of Two Johns)",​ directed by AJ
 +Schnack. Run time: 102 minutes.
 +AI & Supercomputers & Quantum 101 | 
 +Everyone of all knowledge levels is welcome!!!!
 +Last year's AI meetup was awesome. Welcome to the sequel, with supercomputers and Qubits. Please stop by
 +and chitchat about anything from recognizing cats, to cryo electron microscopy (a real thing, I swear) to the
 +insane temperatures that quantum computers run at. Hope to see you there!!
 +Genealogy Roundtable | 
 +Have you ever thought about exploring your family tree? Or do you want to share your genealogy knowledge
 +with others? Come and talk to like minded people who can help get you started or break that brick wall, and
 +share your expertise with others. Open to all who have an interest in genealogy, regardless of skill level.
 +Caribbean Sea Life | 
 +Understand and enjoy some of the sea life that you see when you snorkeling or diving.
 +Monkey Postcard Trading Alliance | 
 +There are a group of monkeys that send post cards to each other.
 +Angela Brett & Phil Conrad with Friends | 
 +Phil and Angela are staples of the Open Mic scene in Vienna, Austria. Their ridiculous songs and fartasmic
 +poetry put smiles and tears on all the faces in the kingdom. Phil sings songs about heartbreak, while Angela raps
 +rhymes about fart-breaks. Phil thinks he‘s special because he‘s been on tour with antifolk legends while Angela
 +knows she‘s special because she is a world record holder for an escape room in Vienna. Angela thinks you
 +should know Phil was also stuck in the room. Phil thinks you should know Joey will be singing with Angela. Joey
 +thinks you should know that Phil wrote this stupid description of the event.
 +At-sea Munch | 
 +A munch is an opportunity for adults with an interest in kink to get together and talk and meet one another in a
 +no-pressure social situation. If you're such an individual, or interested, we'd love to meet with you!
 +Ukulele Meetup / Jam Session | 
 +A general music jam. A list of songs/​songsheets from various Genres will be provided (and a projector to show
 +them on, hopefully) There is a quick review of how we’re gonna play it, then we PLAY! Difficulty levels will vary
 +but all will be encouraged to participate.
 +Open Phil Returns | 
 +The Open Mic for people who dare to be different. The Open Mic for people who showed up too late to sign up
 +for the JoCo Open Mic. The Open Mic for people not named Mike. The Open Mic that made it‘s debut on Royal
 +Caribbean years ago in the Presidential Suite. The Open Mic that dives in deep into the minds of those
 +performing. The Open Mic with sea monkey veteran Phil Conrad as a host. THE renowned underground Open
 +Mic from Vienna, Austria. All types of performance welcome.
 +Geek Out! Team Tournament (SPONSOR EVENT) | 
 +Join game designer Elisa Teague for the 2nd annual special auction-style team tournament of Geek Out!
 +Come in teams of 3-4 (or we will put you with a team) and get ready to strut your geeky knowledge as you bid to
 +list as many things of a given topic (say, JoCo song titles?) as you can! The winning team takes home prizes and
 +bragging rights as the 2019 JoCo Geek Out! Team Tournament Champions!
 +Midnight Comedy Monkeys | 
 +End the day with stand up comedy performances from fellow Sea Monkeys (plus exciting, nerdy door prizes)!
 +Our cadre of experienced comics will bookend open mic Monkeys, so if you always wanted to give stand up a
 +shot, here’s a great opportunity!
 +If you’d like to perform a 3-5 minute spot, please use the signup sheet at the information desk or at one of the
 +shows (first come, first served).
 +Puzzle Haunt on the Ghoosterdam | 
 +How does a ghost stay in shape?
 +Scramble over to Ghost Patrol to get your brain exercised!
 +Pirate Calligraphy | 
 +Basic Calligraphy instruction for an italic hand, tips for adding swashes and other embellishments. Pens available
 +to borrow and try.
 +Puzzled Pint | 
 +Puzzled Pint is a monthly puzzle event that happens on the 2nd Tuesday of the month in scores of cities around
 +the world -- and on Tuesday March 12th, it will also be aboard the Oosterdam! The event consists of five or so
 +paper puzzles handed out for the enjoyment of solo or team solvers. It's meant as beginner event. Puzzled Pint
 +is a registered non-profit company. There is never a charge for this event.
 +Alexander Jamilton | 
 +Don't throw away your shot to participate in this large-scale singalong of the Broadway musical, Hamilton! This
 +inclusive event welcomes anyone who wants to participate. Not a singer? No worries! You can still belt your heart
 +out and blend into the crowd. Tone deaf? Not a problem: much of the show is spoken in rhythm! Piano will be
 +covered; feel free to bring another instrument.
 +Guided Hypnosis for Anxiety Reduction | 
 +Enjoy light hypnosis and guided relaxation in this group session with Keridwyn Deller, Hypnotherapist. Leave with
 +simple, effective techniques to use to help lower your anxiety and stress levels.
 +//JoCo Cruise does not vet, nor can they vouch for the qualifications of, anyone presenting health/​therapy-related
 +Shadow Cruise events. Please exercise your best judgment if/when attending.//​
 +Rick and Morty Trivia | 
 +Uh, hi, everybody. I'm Nubia. You know when I first met all of you, you were (trail off) (crumple up notes) (Ad-lib)
 +I've been wanting to host a trivia gathering for a long time now, nerd boat, come play with me! It'll be first come
 +first seated up to 60 people, groups can go be up to 4 max, if you want to wait for a teammate to show up, you all
 +wait outside, otherwise a seamonkey will be assigned to fill in spaces as available.
 +Release the Bats 2.0 | 
 +Cheer up, emo kids! Come stomp, swirl, and get spoopy to goth/​industrial/​synthy goodness.
 +Puzzle Haunt on the Ghoosterdam | 
 +What kind of bash do ghosts throw to scare each other?
 +Meet like-minded puzzle players from A to Z by joining Ghost Patrol!
 +Geocaching Excursion and Meet & Greet | 
 +A visit to San Juan on a mission to find some PR Geocaches while making our way to an official Meet & Greet
 +Geocaching event, where we will meet some local cachers. Meet up at the pier's street exit at 9:30 am; I'll be the
 +guy named Mike wearing the "They Might Be Dead" shirt.
 +Puzzle Haunt on the Ghoosterdam | 
 +How can you see a cross-eyed ghost?
 +Look for more puzzles by signing up with Ghost Patrol!
 +Rosary | 
 +Learn to pray the Rosary. Open to everyone.
 +Trans Family Breakfast | 
 +Do you like food? Do you like food in the morning? Do you identify as trans, transgender,​ genderqueer,​ nonbinary,
 +gender non-conforming,​ or similar? Or are you an ally of such individuals?​ If yes, then come get breakfast
 +with like minded folks!
 +Contra dancing | 
 +Folk dancing for all folks! Contra dancing is easy for beginners and fun for everyone. All dances will be taught
 +and called (with gender-free roles!). Come alone or with your friends, we'll rotate partners and dance with
 +neighbors and have a great time with some JoCo-and-TMBG-themed contra dance choreographies.
 +Writing Time | 
 +Need the checks and balances of other people who want to write surrounding you? Need someone with similar
 +goals to procrastinate with? Either way, this is your group! Come join us for some writing (be it poetry, fiction,
 +non-fiction,​ or outlining of any of them with other wordy monkeys.
 +Reading - The Name of All Things by Jenn Lyons | 
 +Want a sneak peak at the sequel to The Ruin of Kings
 +before just about anyone else? Jenn Lyons will read an
 +excerpt from the upcoming epic fantasy novel (ETA Fall 2019). Please note this is going to be FULL OF
 +SPOILERS for the first book.
 +Is It Thursday Yet? (Critter Meetup) | 
 +Antsy about missing four hours of sweet, sweet D&D? Hang out with other Critters to talk about Critical Role,
 +swap theories, praise actors, and bemoan character death.
 +D&D Next Steps: Creating a Character | 
 +Learn how to create a D&D 5e character. We'll also talk about finding the right group for you and other topics as
 +they come up.
 +PGP Key Signing Party | 
 +Build your web-of-trust by having many people sign your public-key packet. Of course we probably won't be
 +doing the signing on the boat, but we can verify each other'​s identity (since we should all have passports with us,
 +2 forms of ID should be relatively easy), and then sign those keys when we get back to boring old real-life. If you
 +plan on attending, it would make things easier if you email your public key hash (or the public key packet itself) to
 +patenaude@gmail.com (key hash 1CC876F10CAC9F89). I'll have a checklist to distribute for all the keys I
 +receive ahead of time.
 +Beat Saber Jedi Training (VR) | 
 +This is an event for first time VR users to try Beat Saber, and for experienced players to show off their skills!
 +Active wear is recommended,​ and glasses often don't fit inside a VR headset, so wear contacts if that's an option
 +for you!
 +Maker'​s Exchange | 
 +An in person event where previously-signed-up participants will exchange items they'​ve created! These can be
 +hand painted/​sculpted/​draw/​crocheted/​knitted/​etc,​ or they can be design objects that have been printed through
 +a secondary source such as glasses/​t-shirts/​pins/​stickers/​temp tattoos/​etc.
 +If you did not sign up previously, you're still welcome to come and see all the cool things other people have
 +made. If by some chance you made cool things yourself that you'd like to exchange with others, you're welcome
 +to come and chat, but likely will not be able to participate in this year's event!
 +Adam Rivera - Geeky Original and Cover Songs! | 
 +Solo acoustic songs. A little comedy, a little “Filk” and a splash of covers from They Might Be Giants, Weird Al,
 +Aspinneration! Spinning Workshop | 
 +Fiber spinning workshop. We will make simple drop spindles for you to keep (I’ll provide all materials free of
 +charge), and we will learn to hand-spin fiber into yarn. A large variety of fibers will be provided. I’ll also have a
 +spinning wheel available for folks interested in a wheel experience. You come away a drop spindle of your own
 +making, fiber to learn with, and access to me (I’ll be spinning discreetly and probably daily).
 +Sea Monkey Professional Connections | 
 +Are you looking for work, either because you are between jobs or just might want a change? Are you looking for
 +awesome new hires? Each attendee will have a chance to say who they are, what they do, and what they'​re
 +looking for. Let's match Monkeys with opportunities!
 +BarCitizen @ Sea | 
 +Thrid Annual BarCitizen @ Sea ! Fans of Chris Roberts games "Star Citizen"​ and "​Squardron 42" get together for
 +drinks and conversation about this groundbreaking space games.
 +Farewell For Now: A Brian and Zoe Graystravaganza | 
 +It’s a music show. It’s a banter fest. It’s an elaborate game of “Yes, and…” It’s an excuse to drink cosmopolitans.
 +It’s… Brian and Zoe Gray, back with another shadow concert before Zoe abandons us all for college! Original
 +songs– new compositions and old favorites– and also other stuff. Clap along with holiday standard Pi Day, bathe
 +yourself in Shark Week, get introduced to the Gleebleverse,​ and tantalize yourself with a taste of Zoe’s new
 +musical. It’s guaranteed to be the best Graystravaganza you’ll attend all year.
 +Lockpicking 102: Bring your own picks! | 
 +Already have a basic understanding of lockpicking?​ Did you bring your own picks/​locks?​ Let's get together to
 +practice outside of the beginner class!
 +Nine-Timer Group Photo | 
 +Have you attended every JoCo Cruise? Then join us for a quick group photo!
 +Beat Saber Jedi Training: Secret Missions | 
 +Extra time to play Beat Saber since the main events are full.
 +(There will only be one VR system at this event.)
 +Pun Overboard - A Pun Competition | 
 +Are you a fan of puns? Come and watch our sea-punkeys do battle to decide who will take home the grand prize!
 +Want to take part? Arrive early to be sure to get a spot, and check out the format and rules that we'll be using:
 +Team Trivia | 
 +Small teams compete for fabulous prizes by answering general geek themed trivia questions. Have your team
 +assembled when you get in line, as attendance is expected to fill up quickly.
 +Puzzle Haunt on the Ghoosterdam | 
 +Who wrote the best ghost stories, like Julius Caesar 2?
 +Come to Ghost Patrol and live your own story in puzzle form!
 +Pin Trading | 
 +A meet up for pin-collecting monkeys to get together and trade or simply admire each other'​s pin collections.
 +What kind? Doesn'​t matter. Disney Pins, Festival Pins, Nerdy Pins, Historical pins, all pins are welcome. Buttons
 +are fine, but will be appropriately regarded as vastly inferior to pins.
 +Civilization VI: Gathering Storm Hot Seat | 
 +Drop in to play or just watch a low-key game of Civ VI. We'll set up a hot seat game so that you can play for a
 +while then let another Monkey (or the AI) sub in to lead your civilization. Send SeaMail to @alioth to request a
 +particular Civ/Leader to be included in the setup.
 +High Heat on the High Seas | 
 +Due to the hosts' obsession with The Hot Ones, a YouTube show about interviews with celebrities while eating
 +progressively hotter hot sauce, the season seven sauces have been brought along. Come to taste test in order,
 +along with some general questions/​discussion to keep you talking as you eat!
 +Jammies Day Brunch | 
 +While every day is Brunch Day, today is JAMMIES BRUNCH DAY. Wear your pajamas and enjoy* "​Dungeness
 +and Dragons Crab Benedict",​ "Pile O' Pancake",​ "​Befuddled Eggs", chicken and waffles, ice cream, mimosas
 +and more with table service in the Main Dining Room. Bathrobes encouraged! Meet at the entrance to the MDR,
 +Deck 2.
 +*menu availability not guaranteed
 +Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Guide/​Service Dogs | 
 +Hey, there'​s a dog on the ship! How'd she get here?
 +Why can't I pet her? What are service dogs, anyway?
 +Rachel and Marleigh (and Echo) will explain the exciting life and training of guide dogs, talk about their
 +adventures, and highlight how service dogs can change lives (and not just by drooling on the mousepad while I
 +type this; thanks, Echo). Want to raise guide dog puppies? Marleigh can tell you all about Merry, the puppy she's
 +raising, and how that process works - plus we can hook you up. Fans of Salem, Poodle of Destiny (from JCC6)
 +will also get an update as to his whereabouts!
 +Sea Monkeys with Disabilities Meetup | 
 +A little time and space for Sea Monkeys with disabilities to meet up, chat, and discuss. Self-identification is fine;
 +we won't check your credentials at the door.
 +Lone Shark Board Game Night! (SPONSOR EVENT) | 
 +Lone Shark Games'​s Keith Richmond brings a variety of Lone Shark board games which you can play—and then
 +you can win! Learn to play our games The Ninth World, Thornwatch, and Betrayal at House on the Hill, among
 +others. And then we're not taking them home—you are!
 +PAW BVI Rescue Dog Photo Swap | 
 +Meet up to trade the awesome photos we all took of the PAW BVI dogs we cuddled and walked.
 +Transgender Social Hour | 
 +Are you trans, transgender,​ non-binary, genderqueer,​ gender-nonconforming,​ etc.? Then come on down and
 +hangout with other such folks. Allies welcome!
 +Beat Saber Jedi Training (VR) | 
 +This is an event for first time VR users to try Beat Saber, and for experienced players to show off their skills!
 +Active wear is recommended,​ and glasses often don't fit inside a VR headset, so wear contacts if that's an option
 +for you!
 +D&D Next Steps: DMing Your First Game | 
 +Want to step behind the screen? Have questions on concerns? Come by for a discussion and advice.
 +Purple Hair Meetup/​Photo-Op | 
 +Calling all purple-haired monkeys! (And those with purple in their hearts.) Let us join together in all our purple
 +Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Sing-Along | 
 +Join us for a sing along with some favorite songs from seasons 1-3 (and maybe one or two from 4) of the TV
 +series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. A limited number of song books will be provided at the event.
 +Ghoosterdam Wrap Party | 
 +Players of "​Puzzle Haunt on the Ghoosterdam"​ can submit their final answers, meet the organizers, and share
 +stories. Raffle drawing for participants!
 +Q&A: DIY Boudoir Photography for Women | 
 +Have you ever seen boudoir photography and wanted to try it? Then this Q&A is for you! Even if you're going to a
 +pro the info given will help you get the most out of your session. Have you felt too shy to try boudoir
 +photography?​ DIY may be just what you're looking for. Come join me for a quick Q&A. Bring pen and paper for
 +notes if you like. NOTES: This event restricted to ages 21+. It is strictly a Q&A; no photos will be taken or viewed.
 +It is also intended for those who identify as female. If any males are interested, please see the organizer at the
 +end of the event.
 +Songs of Ice and Fire: A Game of Thrones concert with Zoe Gray | 
 +Two years after its conception, Zoe Gray is back with Songs of Ice and Fire: A Game of Thrones Album. Ten
 +spoiler-heavy original songs, each featuring an iconic character from Game of Thrones, to be fully enjoyed
 +before the celebrated show comes to a close this summer. Featuring expanded (and even more explicit) lyrics to
 +eternal resistance bop “Sansa Stark”.
 +Shabbat Services | 
 +Please join us for some prayers, some singing, and quiet reflection at a traditional Friday night service to
 +welcome in Shabbat . Shabbat is a day of rest; a time to reflect on the week that you've had and to take some
 +time to enjoy the people and experiences that surround you. People of all faiths and and denominations
 +Let's Build a Rube Goldberg Machine Again! | 
 +We will attempt (and possibly fail) to build a Rube Goldberg / Chain Reaction machine in only two hours. If you've
 +got supplies or pre-built components, bring them with! (Nothing hot, sharp, heavy, or messy, please.) If not, you
 +can still help, take videos, or just spectate.
 ==== 2019: Signing (N) ==== ==== 2019: Signing (N) ====
 +Signing - Annalee Newitz
 +Signing - Charlie Jane Anders
 +Signing - Clint McElroy
 +Signing - Justin McElroy
 +Signing - Sydnee McElroy
 +Signing - Travis McElroy
 +Signing - Jill Sobule
 +Signing - John Scalzi
 +Signing - Pat Rothfuss
 ==== 2019: Workshop (W) ==== ==== 2019: Workshop (W) ====
 +Beginning Crochet
 +Crochet Creatures
 +Ask a Puppet, Performers / Speakers: Mary Robinette Kowal | This is part demonstration of how video puppetry works—you know, the stuff they do on Sesame Street—and part play time, where folks actually get to put a puppet on and try it. It's led by Mary Robinette Kowal, who can, yes, tell you how to get, how to get to Sesame Street.
 +Painting with Colored Pencils
 +Styling Wigs Digital Workshop | Curious about wigs but not sure where to start? Need help with a wig? Just want to have some fun and try on some wigs? Wigs 101 is for you! Learn the basics about wigs and try out some new looks. Bring your wig if it needs help!
 +Polymer Clay Magnets
 +Talkin'​ Taco Tech | Performers / Speakers: Molly Lewis | Taco, or not taco? That is the question at Talkin'​ Taco TechTM, a poolside symposium where seasoned taco tacticians swap shop talk & toss off top taco technical tips. Come with an empty stomach & an open mind!
 +Card Embroidery
 +Pipe Cleaner Tiaras
 +Diagnosing Story Problems | Performers / Speakers: Mary Robinette Kowal | In this workshop, we look at tools to help you figure out where a story has gone wrong, and possible angles of attack to fix the problems. Plot structure, beta readers, and the dreaded writer'​s block can all help narrow down the weakness in a story and ultimately fix it.
 +Sock Monkeys
 +Storytelling Open Mic with Ophira Eisenberg | Much like a mini-"​Moth"​ event, bring your 5-minute personal story to the stage that revolves around the theme Lost At Sea, and whatever that means to you: a time when you lost your bearings, were forced to navigate uncharted waters, felt unmoored, or maybe even had to get three sheets to the wind in order to find your way to
 +solid ground… Everyone is invited to throw their name in the hat and tell a 5-minute max personal/​true story around that theme.
 +We’ll select randomly and fit as many tales as we can into the allotted time. No notes, no consequences,​ just great stories!
 +Cross Stitch
 ==== 2019: Other ==== ==== 2019: Other ====
 +Boarding Begins (Approximately) | Public boarding of the Oosterdam will begin at approximately 11 am. It might begin a little sooner or a little later (hence "​approximately"​),​ depending on when Customs and Holland America officially clear the ship for boarding.
 +JoCo Cruise Info Desk Hours | Come here for any JoCo Cruise-related questions or issues you may have. (If you have questions or problems relating to the ship—issues regarding your cabin, shore excursions, etc.— please go to the ship's Guest Services Desk, located on the opposite side of the Atrium on Deck 1.)
 +Twit-arr Help Desk Hours | Your Sea Monkey Twit-arr developers will be on hand to help answer any support questions you may have.
 +Orientation | A basic walkthrough of the main logistics of JoCo Cruise, and we'll answer as many of your questions as we
 +humanly can. Show up when you can, leave when you wish. Recommended for new Sea Monkeys, but open to everyone.
 +Safety (Lifeboat) Drill | This drill is mandatory for all passengers.
 +Sail Away | See ya in a week, Regular Life!
 +Nighttime Quiet Zone | The starboard side of the Lido Marketplace will be designated the "quiet side" after 9 pm. No gaming, no
 +meetings, no loud noises, please. Take yer noise over to the port side, where the late-night pizza is!
 +New Monkey Karaoke | Get your sing on in B.B. King's Blues Club with this JoCo Cruise tradition. For this intro session, everyone may (and should) attend, but only first-time Sea Monkeys may perform. Come cheer on our New Monkeys!
 +VR Relaxatorium and Deagitation Chamber | Plug in, turn on & tune out in our VR Relaxatorium & Deagitation Chamber with relaxing VR from Virtual Therapeutics calibrated to your biometrics to help you chill out.
 +Billboard Onboard Happy Hour | Happy Hour! Your second drink is only $2!
 +Yelling At the Moon with Thera Heller |  What a great time to air some grievances. If you have any land stress that you've carried with you onto the ship we can scream it into the void, or directly at the moon. However the spirit moves you is how you should holler. (We'll meet at the Sea View Bar and then head up to the Observation Deck.)
 +Bar Crawl | Four drinks, four bars (Crow'​s Nest Bar, Lido Pool Bar, Seaview Pool Bar and Billboard Onboard), lots of people
 +making friends. Hop, hop, hop, hop! Sign up via any bartender or bar server, or at the ship's Guest Services Desk. (This event is run by the ship's staff and costs a $22 surcharge plus bar service charges, which will be charged to your onboard account)
 +Daytime Quiet Zone | No gaming, no meetings, no loud noises before 3 pm, please! (There may be some sound bleed from the
 +console gaming area, coffee bar and/or events in the Holodeck; but it's a large enough space that it should accommodate everyone'​s needs.)
 +Outdoor Quiet Zone | The Observation Deck (the large "sun deck" area on Deck 11, Forward—not to be confused with Deck 10, which
 +is named the "​Observation Deck", sorry this is so complicated) is designated a Quiet Zone during the days. No gaming, no meetings, no loud noises before 6 pm, please!
 +Friends of Bill W.
 +Promenade on the Promenade with Thera Heller | When I think of promenading I think of the "​Elegance"​ number in Hello Dolly. Wikipedia informs me that there are a WIDE variety of ways to promenade. Join me at the Ocean Bar on Deck 3, and we'll go promenade around the promenade deck. Your personal preference for promenading is just fine. We should all compliment each other
 +heavily while taking this stroll.
 +Sea Monkey Karaoke | Get your sing on in B.B. King's Blues Club with this JoCo Cruise tradition.
 +Sponsor Spotlight - Greater Than Games (SPONSOR EVENT) | Stop by the display area in the ship's Shopping Arcade (Deck 3 Forward) to check out Greater Than Games' products—and meet the friendly folks who make them. (No purchase necessary, but you'll probably want to!)
 +Thai Specialty Lunch | The Oosterdam'​s culinary staff are preparing this specialty meal of Thai cuisine as a one-time-only event for our passengers. Seating is limited, so sign up early if you are interested. This event is run by the ship's staff and costs a $10 surcharge that will be charged to your onboard account. You can sign up in the Main Dining Room, or by calling 88 from any phone.
 +Single Malt Scotch Tasting | Enjoy a flight of five high-quality scotches, because you're fancy and you like nice things. Hosted by Christopher Badell. This event is subject to a $49 surcharge, which will be charged to your onboard account; sign up via any
 +bartender or bar server, or at the ship's Guest Services Desk. Seating is limited!
 +Gin and Gratitude with Thera Heller | Join me for a drink and to verbalize something positive! Gin not required. You can show up and celebrate Whiskey and Wheeee! or Bourbon and Blessings, or Tequila and Terrific, or Club Soda and Current Smiles. You
 +get the picture. Also, there will be Irish music and sea chanteys going on, so that'​ll be fun!
 +Afternoon Tea
 +Fancy Pants Parade | An annual tradition. Bring your fanciest pants and vie for the trophy. Who will be the best in terms of pants?
 +Ya Thirsty with Thera Heller | Let's not get dehydrated. It's time for some water and a sheet mask. I'll bring extra to share. We can all relax together before we continue on with our action-packed cruise!
 +Sea Monkey Open Mic Night | An annual JoCo Cruise tradition: Sea Monkeys get to show off their performing skills at our annual Open Mike session. 5 minute/1 song limit per performer. Sign-up sheets will be available at the Helper Monkey Info Desk (Atrium,
 +Deck 1 midship).
 +Paleta'​s in Old Town with Thera Heller | Meet in front of the pier (disembark and go through the gates then pause) for a walk into Old Town San Juan for a frozen treat from Senor Paleta. We will need to go up some hills. If it's easier for you to take a cab/Uber and meet us there that's fine too!
 +Group Photo | We are taking the official 2019 group photo just before the San Juan Land Concert starts. If you want to take
 +part, be in front of the stage at 4:45.
 +Dinner (Open Dining) | Dinner on this evening is "Open Dining"​. While most of the ship will ostensibly be at the San Juan Land Concert, if you remain on board you can come to the dining room anytime between 5 pm and 9 pm. NOTE: Fixed Seating table assignments will still apply.
 +Let's Make a Human Pi! | We want YOU to help make what will (probably) be the largest “Human Pi” formation at Sea! First 300 people who check in at the port-side entry to the Sea View Pool area will be part of the scene.
 +Korean Specialty Lunch | The Oosterdam'​s culinary staff are preparing this specialty meal of Korean cuisine as a one-time-only event for our passengers. Seating is limited, so sign up early if you are interested. This event is run by the ship's staff and costs a $10 surcharge that will be charged to your onboard account. You can sign up in the Main Dining Room, or by calling 88 from any phone.
 +Sponsor Spotlight - Twogether Studios (SPONSOR EVENT) | Stop by the display area in the ship's Shopping Arcade (Deck 3 Forward) to check out Twogether Studios'​ products—and meet the friendly folks who make them. (No purchase necessary, but you'll probably want to!)
 +Lido Deck "​Penultimate Chance"​ Merch Sale | A satellite store will be set up in the Lido Pool Area for all your JoCo Cruise merch needs.
 +Selfies! with Thera Heller | We look great! It's Happy Hour! It's Formal Day! Meet up next to the hot tub area closest to the buffet, and feel free to bring props, long arms, selfie sticks, and your fantastic faces!
 +LEGOosterdam Decommissioning Ceremony | All good things must come to an end; join us as we salute the LEGOosterdam and thank her for her service and then begin the process of separating her into smaller sections to go back into her packing crates.
 +Lido Deck "Last Chance"​ Merch Sale | Your last chance to buy JoCo Cruise and performer merch! A satellite store will be set up in the Lido Pool Area. Act now or forever hold your peace, or something like that!
 +Shuffleboard with Cruise Mom Thera | I don't really know how to play shuffleboard,​ and I'm not 100% sure where the court is, but there definitely is one. Meet me there and we'll try to figure it out. I absolutely will not win.
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