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2022 Activities

Gaming (G)

“Magic: The Gathering” Draft | | Join us for a free Magic: the Gathering draft, where you'll open booster packs and select cards to build a brand new deck. Thanks to some generous volunteers, you even get to keep the cards!

“Anti-Gravity Derby | Storm DiCostanzo; Thera Heller | This year we’re challenging all engineers, artists, safety-conscious daredevils, and anyone else who likes fun to construct a paper aircraft that will stay afloat as long as possible. Because the last one to hit the Atrium floor WINS! Kudos and prizes* will also be awarded for Artistic Merit, and/or Ingenuity. Plus other fun surprises (tbd). Complete rules can be found here.
To participate, meet Coach Cruise (Storm) and Cruise Mom (Thera) in the Ocean Bar (Deck 3, Midship) with your aircraft ready to waft. Those wishing to witness the spectacle are encouraged to go to the Deck 2 Atrium area, or Deck 1 just outside of the central Atrium.
*Kudos and Prizes is the name of Storm and Thera’s stage magic act”

Beginner Friendly Games | | Learn how to play games that are excellent for people new to the hobby and for returning veterans such as Concept, Forbidden Island, Lost Cities, Machi Koro2, King of Tokyo, Exploding Kittens, Suspend, and more! Drop in anytime!

DnD Dress Up | | Has your DnD adventuring group ever met up in a tavern? Of course they have! Bring your favorite RPG character and meet up in the JoCo tavern. Join other adventurers as they play nerdy poker (Three Dragon Ante) and Heroes of Barcadia- a drink based adventure game (no alcohol required)!

Exquisite Corpse | | Calling all body builders! Er…body artists?! Get together with your fellow cruise-mates and draw some silly bodies, heads, and feet while we play Exquisite Corpse! Created by French surrealists in the 1920s, this is an excellent and silly drawing game where one person draws the head and folds it back, another draws the body and folds it back, and another draws the feet all without looking at what the other people drew! Unfold your paper to then see your Exquisite Corpse creation!

“Game Library Grand Opening | | It’s the pride of the seas: The JoCo Cruise Board Game Library! The board game library houses the JoCo Cruise permanent collection, combined with titles that your fellow passengers are lending for the week—a literal TON of tabletop board, card, and RPG games. \\The board game library is open 24 hours and works on a self-checkout honor system.”

Heroes of Barcadia | | Has your DnD adventuring group ever met up in a tavern? Of course they have! Bring your favorite RPG character and meet up in the JoCo tavern. Join other adventurers as they play nerdy poker (Three Dragon Ante) and Heroes of Barcadia - a drink based adventure game (no alcohol required)!

Kid-Friendly Games | | Learn how to play games with the whole family! Games like Flapjack Flipout, Loopin Louie, Bananagrams, Hey That's My Fish, and more! Drop in anytime!

Learn to Play “Magic: The Gathering” | | Ever wanted to learn one of the world's most popular trading card games? Here’s your chance! No cards or experience necessary–we'll have free intro decks and a crew of expert coaches to get you started on your Magic journey.

LGBTQ+ Party Game Social | | Hydrate and reapply that sunscreen: it’s time to meet the tabletop team poolside for some light rules/big fun social games. We’ll help you get started with games and make introductions to new players a little less awkward.

Mario Kart 64 Tournament | | Get your red shells ready! Rules are: 150cc, top 2 advance from 4 player pods. Each pod plays 4 races with Grand Prix scoring. Each player picks a track. All characters and tracks available, if players can not agree, rock/paper/scissors decides characters. No pausing, no unintended shortcuts, no use of glitches.

“Multi-day Bananagrams Tournament | | Are you REALLY good at Bananagrams? You are? Oh. huh. No, that’s not weird at all. Good for you! We’re having a multi-day tournament of BANANAGRAMS. Join other word scrambling enthusiasts and work your way up the brackets over the days of Joco to finally reach your lifelong goal of being crowned master of all things bananagram! If you’ve never played the game before, Bananagrams is an easy game to learn; all are welcome! Prizes will be awarded to winners! \\NOTE: there are limited slots available for this tournament; look for the signup sheet near the Game Library in the Upper Main Dining Room (Deck 3, Aft) once you're onboard.”

“Multi-day Bananagrams Tournament - Round 2 | | ROUND 2!!! Are you REALLY good at Bananagrams? You are? Oh. huh. No, that’s not weird at all. Good for you! We’re having a multi-day tournament of BANANAGRAMS. Join other word scrambling enthusiasts and work your way up the brackets over the days of Joco to finally reach your lifelong goal of being crowned master of all things bananagram! If you’ve never played the game before, Bananagrams is an easy game to learn; all are welcome! Prizes will be awarded to winners! \\NOTE: there are limited slots available for this tournament; look for the signup sheet near the Game Library in the Upper Main Dining Room (Deck 3, Aft) once you're onboard.”

Murder Mystery Party | | A terrible crime has occurred! We have a murderer among us and we have precious little time to discover the guilty party! Come join your fellow cruise-goers as they work to solve a mystery and potentially push along their own dastardly agenda. Spots are limited, but we’ll work to include as many as we can!

Mystery Retro Game Relay | | Do you like old-school video games? Are you up for some silly fun? Players will be divided into teams and race to complete short (less than 30 seconds) challenges in a variety of games. ALL skill levels are welcome!

Party Games | | Learn how to play games made to please a crowd! Games such as Monikers, Telestrations, Mysterium, Concept, Anomia, Camel Up and more! Drop in anytime!

Rock Band - Open Play | | All week long, when the Tasman Room is not otherwise occupied with Official or Shadow Cruise events, World 9 Gaming has provided a setup to play Rock Band. Drop by anytime day or night and rock out, or whatever your preferred term is for it.

Rock Band Meetup | | We'll bring the instruments, you bring a friend (and maybe a drink) and rock the night away! Rock Band provided by World 9 Gaming is back with over 1000 songs available. If you miss this one come by Deck 11 and ask us later and we may set it up again.

Ship-wide Chess Match | | Which team is the best at strategy? Find out by throwing your lot in as the Red and Gold teams match wits in an epic series of chess matches! Add your brainpower to the match to out think your fellow cruisers. Be careful on your move though! Each player only gets ONE move per day in these games! These games will continue for the duration of the cruise.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Tournament | | 1v1 double elimination tournament using standard competitive ruleset (we'll go over everything beforehand). All characters and DLC will be available.

Tabletop Dexterity and Speed Gaming | | Come play a number of highly dexterous and hilarious games that are super fast to learn and enjoy! We’ll be showing off a few games and mixing up groups so you can meet a whole lot of new people and try out some cool new things!

Tabletop Team Consultation Hours | | The Game Library is open 24 hours, and checkouts and check-ins are self serve, but you’ll find a member of the Tabletop Team offering game recommendations based on your interests and preferences during these scheduled hours.

“Tomb of the Bitchin’ Chimera, with DMs Ursula Vernon & Kevin Sonney | Ursula Vernon | Kevin Sonney and Ursula Vernon DM a silly and surreal one-shot campaign. Can you stop the Roc-Gull from crapping all over Tiny Town? D&D 5e, pre-gen characters will be provided. \\Space will be very limited, so if you're interested in taking part, please fill out this brief application form; participants will be selected via random drawing and notified on Thursday, March 3. \\That said, spectators are welcome!”

Two-Player Games | | Learn how to play games that are specifically designed for only two players! Games like Jaipur, Battle Line, Haru Ichiban, 7 Wonders Duel, Patchwork, Fox and the Forest, and more! Drop in anytime!

Video Game Librarian Hours | | World 9 Gaming staff are on hand to assist in browsing the video game library. Outside these hours a limited number of consoles will still be available.

Video Gaming Grand Opening | | Stop by and see what video gaming has to offer this year! World 9 Gaming staff are here all week to help you relive your childhood with games new and old. Come get an introduction to the game library and learn about our scheduled events and meet ups.

Live Podcast (L)

Dead Eyes | Aimee Mann; Dead Eyes; Griffin Newman; Connor Ratliff | Actor/comedian Connor Ratliff (The Chris Gethard Show, UCB, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel) embarks upon a quest to solve a very stupid mystery that has haunted him for two decades: why Tom Hanks fired him from a small role in the 2001 HBO mini-series, Band Of Brothers.

The JV Club | Janet Varney; Aimee Mann; The JV Club; Shalewa Sharpe | Remember what it was like to be an awkward teenager? And remember how some things haven’t really changed that much for you since then? Join proud dork Janet Varney as she explores the highs and lows of the bygone years with some of her favorite women as they talk their way through the terrible teens into adult-lescence. Warning: This Podcast Contains Sincerity.

Main Concert (M)

Main Concert (Gold Team) - Jonathan Coulton and Friends | Jonathan Coulton |

Main Concert (Gold Team) - Jukebox the Ghost; Plus, a Cool Unexpected Thing | Jukebox the Ghost | We know that by mentioning it, the Cool Unexpected Thing will no longer be unexpected. But we promise it'll still be cool.

Main Concert (Gold Team) - Opening Night Concert with the Cruise Pals | Jonathan Coulton; Paul Sabourin; Storm DiCostanzo; Aimee Mann; Jim Boggia |

Main Concert (Gold Team) - Paul and Storm; Jim Boggia | Paul Sabourin; Storm DiCostanzo; Jim Boggia |

Main Concert (Gold Team) - Shalewa Sharpe, Dessa | Dessa; Shalewa Sharpe |

Main Concert (Gold Team) - Zoë Keating; Plus, a Special Surprise! | Zoë Keating | A special surprise, huh? Yes. We meant what we said.

Main Concert (Red Team) - Jonathan Coulton and Friends | Jonathan Coulton |

Main Concert (Red Team) - Jukebox the Ghost; Plus, a Cool Unexpected Thing | Jukebox the Ghost | We know that by mentioning it, the Cool Unexpected Thing will no longer be unexpected. But we promise it'll still be cool.

Main Concert (Red Team) - Opening Night Concert with the Cruise Pals | Jonathan Coulton; Paul Sabourin; Storm DiCostanzo; Aimee Mann; Jim Boggia |

Main Concert (Red Team) - Paul and Storm; Jim Boggia | Paul Sabourin; Storm DiCostanzo; Jim Boggia |

Main Concert (Red Team) - Shalewa Sharpe, Dessa | Dessa; Shalewa Sharpe |

Main Concert (Red Team) - Zoë Keating; Plus, a Special Surprise! | Zoë Keating | A special surprise, huh? Yes. We meant what we said.

Office Hours (O)

Here and Queer in the Final Frontier (and maybe a Beer) | Ryka Aoki | Ryka Aoki’s chat on genderqueer aliens, sapphic ships, out gay wizards continues, except with drinks.

Jim Boggia Tunes Your Ukulele | Jim Boggia | Jim Boggia is very well known for several things: his strong ukulele skills, and his fine ear. So much so that, on JoCo Cruise at least, small degrees of sharpness and flatness are measured in ““Boggias.”” This morning, Jim Boggia will sit on the Sea View Pool deck and turn his finely-honed tuning ability upon your ukulele—or any other stringed instrument* you bring him—until it is tuned to a degree of perfection usually reserved for the finest Stradavariuses. [Note from Paul: I'm really hoping someone brings him a harp or a full-size grand piano.]

Office Hours - Janet Varney | Janet Varney |

Office Hours - Jennie Kwan | Jennie Kwan |

Office Hours - John Scalzi | John Scalzi |

Office Hours - Ursula Vernon | Ursula Vernon |

Office Hours - Zoë Keating | Zoë Keating |

Party (P)

“Hey—Look at Us! Who Woulda Thought?” Farewell Reception | | Our traditional end-of-cruise gathering to share memories, and enjoy each other's company one last time. Cash bar.

“We're Here, It's Actually Happening!” Sail Away Reception | | Come to the Nieuw Amsterdam's upper decks as we wave goodbye to Real Life for the week. Free champagne and mimosas!

All Bodies Welcome Pool Party | |

Beach Dance Party | Riz Rollins; CONFAB | Come dance the day away next to—or in!—the ocean with DJ Riz and the CONFAB party hosts! Head for the big wooden pirate ship bar, and you won't miss 'em.

Dance Party | Riz Rollins |

Dress Party | Drew Westphal; CONFAB | Join Drew and many of the JoCo Cruise Crew on their night off to celebrate in style. The style, specifically, is a dress that you wear. Dresses are not required but are preferred. This event was formerly known as ““Drew's Crew's Booze-n-Brews Cruise Schmooze Dress Party””, which is a title Paul really loves, so it is included here. \\This event will organically morph into a dance party (with DJ Riz Rollins) at no specific time.

LGBTQ+ Cocktail Meetup | | Begun on the ms Westerdam during JoCo Cruise 2012, the annual LGBTQ+ cocktail meetup celebrates its 10th year of hoping it has a long enough initialism and being a low key get together for JoCo Cruisers of all persuasions.

Opening Night Dance Party | Riz Rollins; CONFAB | Riz spins tunes for everyone, but we especially encourage our first-time JoCo Cruisers to come and let your metaphorical (and/or actual) hair down and dance the night away!

Poolside Fancy Headwear and Moustache Formal | CONFAB | Come up to the Lido Deck in your Fancy Clothes (or whatever you feel like wearing) for the fanciest happy hour there ever was! Admire others' finery and be admired in turn. Fancy headwear and/or moustaches encouraged, but not required. Moustaches available as needed.

Return of the Revenge of the Nerd Prom, feat. DJ John Scalzi | |

Silent Dance Party | Riz Rollins | Grab one of our sets of wireless headphones and dance the night away without any speakers! (Technically, there's small speakers inside each earpiece of the headphones, but nobody likes a pedant.) Headphones will be sanitized between Silent Dance Party events.

Q&A / Panel (Q)

A Bear and A Wombat Meet In the Forest | Ursula Vernon; Gail Simone | Gail Simone and Ursula Verson talk comics, writing, the nerd life and anything else a bear and wombat might feel like discussing.

Management Q&A | Jonathan Coulton; Paul Sabourin; Drew Westphal; Storm DiCostanzo | The JoCo Cruise Management sit on a stage and answer your questions about JoCo Cruise. Pretty straight forward, actually.

That First Book | John Scalzi; Ursula Vernon; Ryka Aoki; Dessa | Every author’s journey begins with that first step…that very first book. What was it? How did it come about? What was it like bringing it out? Did it succeed or fail? And what lessons from that whole experience informs where the author is today?

The 2022 Iteration of the Annual Songwriting Panel | Jonathan Coulton; Paul Sabourin; Storm DiCostanzo; Dessa; Jukebox the Ghost; Zoë Keating |

They Want to Make a TV Show of My Stuff! Now What? | John Scalzi | Yes, this is the screenwriting panel, but not just the screenwriting panel, because we’ll also talk about all the other things that go into turning words on the page into scenes on a screen, including collaboration, dealing with producers, the whole “Hollywood” experience and more.

Voice Acting | Janet Varney; Jennie Kwan; Griffin Newman | Our panel of experienced voice actors talk about…well, whatever they care to talk about. It will almost definitely be voice acting-related.

Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A Writer’s Life For Me: or, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Writing But Needed to Be on a Boat to Ask | John Scalzi; Ursula Vernon; Gail Simone; Ryka Aoki | Ever had a question about writing, or publishing, or being a writer, or writing advice, or about a specific writer on the cruise or their work? Guess what? This is the panel for you! Bring your questions, otherwise we’ll just sit on stage awkwardly for an hour.

Reading / Performance (R)

B.B. King's All-Star Band | | Listen, dance, and enjoy the sound of the ship's own B.B. King's All-Star Band, an eight-piece band with two vocalists backed by rhythm and horn sections. This was a huge hit on the last JoCo Cruise, and we're excited to have them back again!

Bedtime Stories with Zoë | Zoë Keating | * This event has been postponed; check the schedule for rescheduling info * Like the event title implies: Zoë Keating will read you some bedtime stories. Hot cocoa and night light not included, but feel free to wear your jammies.

Celebrity Karaoke Sing-along | Janet Varney; Jonathan Coulton; Paul Sabourin; Drew Westphal; Storm DiCostanzo; Jim Boggia; Dessa; Jukebox the Ghost; Jennie Kwan | In the tradition of the Disney sing-along events of the past couple JoCo Cruises, come hang out and belt at the top of your lungs (as appropriate) with our performers in a big fun karaoke extravaganza.

Griffin Newman’s Cinema Masterclass | Griffin Newman | Renowned cineaste Griffin Newman (co-host of the podcast Blank Check, and breakout star of the major motion pictures Draft Day and Buttwhistle) hosts a screening of a Hollywood masterpiece, providing commentary, scene-by-scene analysis, and his unique insights into the actor's process and the filmmaker's journey. The masterpiece in question will not be named ahead of time, but trust us that it's a true classic of the medium.

Jonathan Coulton (Full Band Show) | Jonathan Coulton |

Meaningful, but Not Pretty, A Cappella (featuring Drew and Some Consultants) | | Drew and friends do a thing they like to do involving singing (they all sang in a cappella groups in college). They can't promise it'll be the most polished performance ever put on, but it will be meaningful. To them, if no one else.

Reading - Dessa | Dessa |

Reading - Gail Simone | Gail Simone |

Reading - John Scalzi | John Scalzi |

Reading - Ryka Aoki | Ryka Aoki |

Reading - Ursula Vernon | Ursula Vernon |

The George Lucas Talk Show | Gail Simone; The George Lucas Talk Show; Griffin Newman; Connor Ratliff; Shalewa Sharpe; Patrick Cotnoir | The George Lucas Talk Show is an improvised talk show in New York City hosted by comedian Connor Ratliff, who appears as George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, and he interviews real guests as themselves in a panel format. He is joined by sidekick Watto, played by Griffin Newman, and show producer Patrick Cotnoir.

Worst First Chapter | Jonathan Coulton; Paul Sabourin; John Scalzi; Storm DiCostanzo; Gail Simone; Ryka Aoki | The challenge is simple: write an intentionally bad first chapter to a terrible book that doesn't actually exist. Come witness the heights (depths?) of awfulness our writers and performers can reach. Hosted by Principal Sabourin.

Shadow Cruise (S)

5th Annual BarCitizen@Sea | | Bar Citizen is the term for any meetup of Star Citizens, run by the fans, for the fans. This is the 5th Joco Cruise versiom of this gathering, just hang at a the bar for drinks and talk about the game Star Citizen by Cloud Imperium Games, its development, and anything else.

Ace/Aro Meet Up | | Come for lunch and chit chat with some ace/aro friends. Look for an ace/aro flag marking the table.

AcroYoga Jam and Introductory Class | | This will be a brief (45 minute) introduction to Acroyoga followed by some open practice time. Acroyoga is a the skill of balancing people on other people and moving through fun and interesting shapes. What could go wrong balancing on top of a person on a swaying boat?

ADHDer Meetup | | Join fellow ADHDers to talk coping mechanisms, strategies, adult diagnosis, and more.

Adults-Only Joust! | | Motion controllers, music, and jostling, what more could you want. The tempo of the music controls the sensitivity of your controller. Try to make others move their controller too quickly, while stopping others from doing the same to you.

All things COVID-19 with Tim the Virologist | | A review of the latest news on COVID-19 with Q&A.

Almost Magic! | | Magic Show - Lance Coombes has been entertaining audiences with juggling and comedy since the early '90s. Now, he is on a new adventure, performing magic! If you enjoy a bit of silly fun and deception, come to the show!

Angela's Poetry Show | | Angela Brett will recite some things that rhyme, and some that don't. Topics may include science, love, language, poop, and life. There will also be some music.

Baseball Highlights: 2045 Board Game. Futuristic Baseball Simulation | | Ever thought about what the future of sports will look like when there are augmented players or robots? Well, come check out Baseball Highlights: 2045 and this abstract, deck-building, baseball game. Very unique mechanics, fast, and fun! Just the highlights, nothing boring.

Beginning Contact Juggling Class | | Have you ever wanted to fondle balls like The Goblin King in Labyrinth? Well, now is your chance! Learn the basics of the art of contact juggling. I will have some balls to loan out in various sizes, but feel free to bring your own!

Binary Saga Live Reading and Q/A | | Binary Saga is an Audio Drama produced by Steve Petrucelli and Vanessa Shannen Anderson about two planets in a binary system. Pen-Pal style correspondence sent back and forth with a 1 light year delay. Written by two writers who are unaware of what the other will send.

BIPOC Meetup | | Welcome to all BIPOC folkx! Come say hello to your fellow BIPOC JoCoNauts at this casual hang.

Blood on the Clocktower | | Blood on the Clocktower is a bluffing game enjoyed by 5 to 20 players on opposing teams of Good and Evil, overseen by a Storyteller player who conducts the action and makes crucial decisions.

Board Game Prototyper's Playtime | | Do you have wild ideas about how you might make a board game? Do you think it would be fun to craft with the craftiest, to invent the silliest, strategi-est game? Well! You're in luck! A pile of blank cubes and coins, cards and cardboard appear! What will they become??

Board Game Testing | | You made a game… or you woke up feeling curious and patient. Either way, please join us for a session for new game makers to show off their creation, then do a test round, finding out if it is fun, ironing out kinks and collecting feedback. Game makers and players are welcome

Bonnie Gordon Solo Concert | | Join Bonnie Gordon - voiceover actor & lead singer of the comedy parody band, The Library Bards - for a solo concert! Includes parodies & original songs about Star Trek, comics, DnD, Princess Bride, ADHD, Star Wars, The Hobbit, etc. Her new solo album is releasing in late March!

Build a Rube Goldberg Machine | | Build a Rube Goldberg machine with bits and pieces available aboard ship.

Call of Cthulhu - Cabin in the Woods | | A group of college students just want to get away for spring break, so they head for a friend's house in the mountains. But they made a wrong turn. And then the snowstorm starts. And then the tire blows. And is that a cabin off over there?

Call of Cthulhu - Welcome Home | | A family moves into their new home, one owner from new. The movers have already been and gone, so all that's left is unpacking a hundred boxes and getting settled in their new house. And taking a nap in the living room.

Careers in Biomedical Sciences with Tim the Virologist | | An introduction to the various career opportunities, lifestyles, and educational requirements for jobs in biomedical science. Fellow JoCoNaughts working in biomedical fields will share their experiences.

Cheese Party | | Back in the olden days, there was a paucity of good cheese available on boat. It caused much sadness and consternation. So, we have the cheese party. Brings cheese onboard with you, and we gather together and share cheese and fellowship.

Collaborative Game Making Social | | What's in a game? Is it a story, or an ongoing LARP? A board game, Easter egg hunt, or puzzle you find joy in creating? This is your chance to come and meet other people and brainstorm on what the game can become. Come, recruit minions and sidekicks, or join a secret league.

Comedians on Boats Getting Brunch | | Are you a comedy performer, writer, or just a fan? Grab your favorite brunch spread and come hang out on the aft Lido Deck so we can talk shop!

Contra Dancing! | | Folk dancing for all folks! If you can walk, you can contra dance. All dances will be taught and called (with gender-free roles!). No partner or experience required. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes you can move around in, and bring a water bottle if possible.

Costuming & Cosplay Cocktail Mixer | | Come meet fellow Cosplayers & Costumers on JocoCruise 2022 for Happy Hour. Hosted by Cindy Lu.

Diceborn Heroes: Learn & Play | | Diceborn Heroes is a cooperative dice game in the JRPG genre. Each game plays through a story with 3 different quests and a final boss to defeat. Level up your character and buy some items to help. They can be played as individual stories or together a campaign.

Dribble castle construction | | Half Moon Cay has the perfect sand for creating dribble castles, forming stalagmites and spires reminiscent of Barad-dûr, so let's make a castle worthy of Lord JoCo himself! Tutorial in front of the pirate ship at the noted times. Anyone can contribute throughout the day at HMC.

Dune Board Game, The Spice Must Flow! | | Who will control Arrakis? You have seen the movie, now play the game. Can you survive intrigue, the storm, the worms, and conflict? Play and see. Beginners welcome. All rules will be taught.

Electronic Ambient Show | | NYC-based musician Zachary Ritter hosts an electronic ambient show featuring vocal samples and chill vibes. People welcome to bring instruments or their voices to improvise along. Listeners just as welcome.

Eucharist at Sea | | LGBTQ+ friendly Christian Mass. All welcome. Let's celebrate!

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Guide/Service Dogs | | There's a dog on the ship! How? Why? Why can't I pet her? What are service dogs, anyway? Rachel and Marleigh (and Echo) will explain the life and training of guide dogs, talk about their adventures, and highlight how service dogs can change lives.

Experience Tilt Five Holographic Gaming | | Come hang out with the Tilt Five crew and demo a variety of tabletop holographic video games. The team will have a wide variety of game styles you can select from, including puzzlers, TPS, RPG, RTS, simulation, party games, and many more.

Fluffy Photo Shoot | | Did a stuffed animal join you on your travels? There are lots of plush friends on the boat. Penguins, bears, cats, halfmonkey/halfponies, and all sorts of fiber friends. Let's get them all together for a group photo!

Flying to Space with William Shatner - A conversation with Chris Boshuizen | | I am a space exploration advocate and entrepreneur, and on Oct 13 2021 I flew to space with William Shatner on a Blue Origin rocket. Come see me talk about the flight, show some cool pictures and videos, and join me in a conversation about the promise of human spaceflight.

Frickin Laserbeams, CNC, 3DP | | Curious about making stuff with computers, or making virtual stuff real? Accomplished makers get together to share experiences and what to look for when getting started laser cutting, 3d printing, or using a CNC. Whether using the maker space's, a friend's, or yours. Toy incl.

Geeky Team Pub Trivia | | Gather a team of geeks (or join a team) and compete for both fabulous prizes and bragging rights!

Geocaching Excursion and Meet & Greet | | A visit to Nassau on a mission to find several nearby Geocaches and attend an official Geocaching event, where we will meet some local cachers. Join me at the Sir Milo Boughton Butler statue in Rawson Square across the street from the cruise terminal at 11 am for a half-hour meet & greet, followed by some geocaching.

Hardly Strictly Sea Shanteys! | | Bring your voices! Come share your favorite sea shanteys with your fellow JoConauts! We will have lyric sheets available.

Hypnosis for fun and … well fun: | | This class will introduce Hypnosis for fun. Learn how to hypnotize people (with consent) and learn about what trance is and how we can use it to play and to help ourselves. Scripts and practice time will be provided as well as good ideas for suggestions and a demo.

I Feel GAN-tastic: What’s new in generative AI | | I want to share a ton of recent AI developments with you. Many of them open up new opportunities, like making lifelike pictures of your favorite video game characters. Most of what’s presented can be repeated by anyone off boat. No background is necessary. Everyone is welcome!

Improv Workshop | | Join us for this fast-paced workshop where we will try out a variety of Improv activities and games to be creative and flex your listening and Yes and…muscles. All experience levels welcome even if you have never done improv before.

Introduction to the Astrolabe | | The astrolabe is a fascinating medieval multifunction calculator. This class will include a brief discussion of the theory behind the astrolabe and will provide extensive hands-on practical experience in using the various functions.

Irish Session (Instrumental Jam) | | Come play or listen to Irish tunes for an hour! All instruments and audience welcome! Music for some common Irish tunes will be provided.

JCC Snack Exchange | | The JCC Snack Exchange is an opportunity for JoCoNauts to share and exchange snacks from wherever they hail from. Everyone is welcome!

JoCo Fantasy Football League Meetup | | If you are in the JoCo Fantasy Football League (or might be interested in joining – no experience required), stop by to put a face to a team name (or refresh your memory thereof). We'll relive the season, talk possible rule changes, and probably talk a little trash, all in fun.

JoCo's Crisis: Musical Theater Live Band Karaoke | | Theater nerds unite! In the spirit of NYC's gay musical theater singalong dive bar, Marie's Crisis, come take your star turn with our Shadow Cruise musicians. Place a song request pre-cruise at: Walk-ins welcome time-permitting (and if we have the sheet music for your song). Instrumentalists invited to jam with the band!

JoCoCrips and Spoonies (JoCoNauts with Disabilities and/or Chronic Illnesses) | | A little time and space for JoCoNauts with disabilities and chronic illnesses to meet up, chat, and discuss. Self-identification is fine; we won't check your credentials at the door.

Joconaut NonSmarmy, Non-Awkward Pro Networking | | Looking for a job? Looking for employees? Not looking, but open to opportunities? We'll go around the room and everyone can introduce themselves and share what they are looking for. Not comfortable with the mic? No problem. show up, and pass a summary sheet to the host to read.

Joconaut Podcasting society | | Do you have or host a podcast? Are you thinking about starting one? Let's talk podcasting! We will go around the group to give everyone a chance to talk about their show and ask a question about podcasting they are working through. Gear, marketing, content, services and more!

Joust! | | Motion controllers, music, and jostling, what more could you want. The tempo of the music controls the sensitivity of your controller. Try to make others move their controller too quickly, while stopping others from doing the same to you.

JPTA: JoCoNaut Postcard Trading Alliance Meetup! | | Want to meet your Joco-lovin' postcard pals while you're *in the same room*? Interested in swapping cards with another Naut? Excited about getting (and sending!) Fun Mail all year 'round? Come hang out with us!!

Juggle Jam | | Learn to juggle balls, clubs and rings, along with other object manipulation and circus skills!

Kid-Friendly Joust! | | Motion controllers, music, and jostling, what more could you want. The tempo of the music controls the sensitivity of your controller. Try to make others move their controller too quickly, while stopping others from doing the same to you.

Kraken Post Meetup | | Kraken Post is a small, white-elephant type gift exchange between cruisers. This is an opportunity to meetup and put faces to the names of your team-mates.

Kraken Sex: Mating Rituals of Sea Creatures (Adults Only) | | Learn about the mating rituals of sea life from squid to whales.

Learn the Time Step! | | Come learn (or hone!) one of the basics of rhythm tap dance: the Time Step. We’ll start by building tap fundamentals and then focus on the Time Step. All tap experience levels are welcome; wear clothes you can move in and non-tacky soled shoes. Let’s keep time together!

Let's Build a Rube Goldberg Machine! | | For the fourth time, we will attempt (and possibly succeed) to build a Rube-Goldberg / Chain-Reaction Machine in only two hours. Come help us build, record videos, or point and laugh! We'll have some supplies, but we always need more (nothing hot, sharp, heavy, or messy, please).

Madrigal Mystery Tour | | Come sing the music of the 15th–17th centuries with us! Sheet music will be provided, possibly also rudimentary instruments for those who would prefer not to sing. Listeners also welcome. No experience required, but an enthusiasm for music history is welcomed!

Maker's Exchange | | An on-boat opportunity for people who make things to show off the things they make and trade goodies with other creators of all types! This is the time for people who previously signed up for the Maker's Exchange 2022 to come and exchange the goodies they've created.

Martian Dice Tournament | | In this simple family game your mission, Martians, is to swoop down on the pathetic denizens of the primitive planet Earth and scoop up as many of the inhabitants as you can manage.

Medical Meet-up | | Meet-up for anyone who works in the medical field. All who work in health care are welcome for drinks and conversation. Whatever you do, if your work in some way helps patients (directly or indirectly), come hang out. Students and aspiring health care workers welcome too!

Memorial Altar Dedication | | Join us for a brief dedication ceremony of a memorial altar to honor those who we have lost both in our community and personally. We will celebrate our community and create a memorial altar you can visit anytime during the week to share your photos and your thoughts. You are welcome to bring a copy of a photo of your loved one to share at the altar.

Memorial for Petra Mayer | | If you knew Petra, come share stories, songs, and tears with us.

Memorial for William Sommers | | A gathering for the friends and family of William Sommers, to remember him and honor his memory with words, memories, togetherness, and love.

Merfolk Fancy Pants Parade Float | | Every parade needs a float, and floating is what merfolk do best. Join us in/around the pool as we cheer on the Fancy Pants Parade contestants! Arrive at least a few minutes before the parade to allow time to don a tail!

Merfolk Gathering + Photoshoot | | Calling all merfolk and intersted parties, come swim with the JoCo pod in the crystal clear waters of Half Moon Cay. Meetup at the far end of the swimming area near the pirate ship! Photographers encouraged!

Morning All Levels Yoga | | Inclusive all levels yoga on the Lido or where ever makes sense

Museum workers meetup | | Gather for drinks and conversations with other Joconauts who work in or are affiliated with museums, archives, galleries, or collections to discuss tails of woe and triumph.

Neuro-Naut Meetup | | Does your nervous system misbehave? Do you have dead, damaged, or failing neurons? Living with stroke, TBI, MS, neuropathy, or other nervous system stuff? Let's get together and share our experiences!

Office Hours: Echo Echo (Poodle Poodle)! | | Echo is Rachel's guide dog. Usually she'll be working and unavailable for petting or socializing. But if you've been dying all week to meet her, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE! Echo will be off-duty and ready to mingle! Feel free to show up at any time during the session. No treats, please.

On The High Seas Treasure Hunt and Button Swap | | Each day we are at sea ten bags each containing 5 buttons will be secreted in the public areas. Clues will be posted by us in the JCCruise area by 8 a.m. each at-sea-day. Meet-Up follows.

Open Mic | | A JoCo Cruise tradition: JoCo Cruisers get to show off their performing skills at our Open Mic session. 5 minute/1 song limit per performer. Find a sign-up sheet near the Info Desk in the Atrium.

Open Mic Comedynauts | | Add some extra funny to your day with stand up comedy performances from fellow JoCo cruise friends. We'll sprinkle our experienced comedians in with newbies, so if you always wanted to give stand up a shot get together your best 3-5 minutes and sign up at the info desk!

Origami Dragon | | Learn to fold a Wen's Dragon.

Poly Mixer | | Welcome all polyam and ethically non-monogamous JoCoNauts to your annual meetup and mixer! Come chat with other ethically non-monogamous folks about gcal, compersion, and whatever strikes your fancy.

Puzzled Pint | | Puzzled Pint ( happens on the second Tuesday of every month. There are four puzzles all leading up to a meta-puzzle at the end. This month's theme is “Internet Shopping”. Every team solves on their own, so, you are free to arrive at any time.

Re:Quest wrap party | | Players of the puzzle hunt “Re:Quest” can submit their final answers, meet the organizers, and share stories. Raffle drawing for participants!

Reading with Meg Elison | | Award-winning science fiction and horror author Meg Elison reads from her forthcoming novel of parasocial fandom, fanfic, and violence, “Number One Fan.”

Release the Bats 4.0 | | Calling all eldergoths, baby bats, and the oontz-inclined! Come get stompy and spooky on the dance floor.

Science Quiz Show, the Third | | Test your scientific (and not-so-scientific) knowledge! The quiz master will show you pictures in a range of categories: people, places, animals, objects. Work in teams to answer the questions and increase your score; you might win a totally negligible prize!

Sea Creature Crash Course | | A crash-course lecture on marine dwelling charismatic megafauna given by a marine ecologist. Whale, dolphins, octopus, squid (aka Kraken!), cuttlefish, seals, sea lions, and so much more! Family friendly.

Shabbat Services | | On our last night together, please join us in a nurturing, inclusive, egalitarian musical Shabbat service with instruments. All are welcome as we pray, raise our voices together and recharge.

Shadow Master Office Hour | | Do you want to get an event on the schedule? Come talk to Bob about it behind the glass wall in the Atrium that isn't covered up. (Caveats: The immediate needs of any existing schedule business will take precedence over adding new events. Events cannot be scheduled earlier than Wednesday. Events cannot be scheduled for the afternoon on Friday. One event per person. First come, first served. Tech requests (projector/TV, microphone, etc.) will be limited to the default setup of the rooms available. Keep it simple.)

Speed Meeting | | Back by popular demand! Join us for a facilitated and casually structured event where you will get to meet all sorts of people! In each 15 minute round you will have the opportunity to meet 3-5 new strangers and find out all about them. Nametags and prompt cards will be provided.

Star Trek: Horror at Sarkis V | | Star Trek: TOS roleplaying using the Fate Core system. Players assume the roles of junior officers aboard the U.S.S. Ares, a Federation destroyer. Content warnings: Sci-fi violence, death, Lovecraftian horror.

Star Trek: Hourglass | | Star Trek: TOS roleplaying using the Fate Core system. Players assume the roles of junior officers aboard the U.S.S. Eisenhower, a Federation destroyer. Content warnings: Sci-fi violence, death, natural disasters.

Star-gazing | | Look at stars, including some not viewable in your home town! I'll bring maps, point at things in the sky, and describe them with mostly-accurate information. The Moon is close to new so there'll be dark skies for prime viewing. Telescopes etc. welcome but eyes are all you need.

Stroke - An Introduction | | 25% of people over the age of 25 will have a stroke in their lives. Learn just what a stroke is, how to recognize one, how doctors and therapists treat stroke, how to reduce your risk, and how life can look different for survivors.

Swing Dance Lesson and Dance Party! | | Come swing out with Kira and Erik! Join us for a beginning swing dance/lindy hop lesson, followed by a dance party with nerdy swing music. No partner or experience necessary.

The Joconaughty At-Sea Munch | | A munch is an opportunity for adults with an interest in kink or sexuality to get together and talk and meet one another in a no-pressure social situation. If you're such an individual, or interested, we'd love to meet with you!

Tilt Five Holographic DnD One-Shot | | Learn about the Tilt Five holographic tabletop game system while playing an epic DnD one-shot. Your resident Tilt Five DM will lead you through the campaign and show you how the system blends real world miniatures with augmented reality holograms. Spectators welcome.

Tween Meetup (ages 10-13) | | Tween meetup ages 10-13. Kids are encouraged to attend adult-free to make new cruise friends and reconnect with old ones. (At least one adult will be present to limit wandering.)

Twilight Struggle Board Game. The Cold War 1945-1989. | | After World War II, the Cold War began, led by the two preeminent superpowers, the US and the USSR. Can you lead the world to peace and prosperity or to ultimate demise? Beginners welcome. All rules will be taught.

Virtual Reality Demo | | Come experience virtual reality in actual person. Over 30 games and experiences available. On Oculus Quest 2 and Valve Index headsets. (Equipment will be sanitized between each use.)

Viruses and Other Beasties with Tim the Virologist | | A primer on viruses, what they are, what they are not, and why the hell do they exist.

Voiceover Panel | | Join VO actor, Bonnie Gordon, as she gives you the tips of the trade of the voiceover industry - from animation to video games to anime dubbing. VO credits include Star Trek: Prodigy, Street Fighter V, Fire Emblem series, MegaMan, Code Vein, Mighty Magiswords, etc. Open Q&A.

WANG WANG! | | Join us the yearly ceremony of drinking WANG WANGS, shouting WANG WANG, singing WANG WANG and other WANG WANG related shenanigans. WANG WANG!

Weight Loss Surgery Meet-Up | | Previously known as Seamonkey Slimdown in prior years, this is a meetup for cruisers that have had weight loss surgery, are going through the process, or just considered it. It is a safe space to vent, ask questions, share what is going on in your journey.

Signing (N)

Signing - Dessa | Dessa |

Signing - Gail Simone | Gail Simone |

Signing - Jennie Kwan | Jennie Kwan |

Signing - John Scalzi | John Scalzi |

Signing - Jukebox the Ghost | Jukebox the Ghost |

Signing - Ryka Aoki | |

Signing - Ursula Vernon | Ursula Vernon |

Workshop (W)

3D Leather Key Chains | | Leather crafter William Fellows will teach you how to assemble your own 3 dimensional leather dragon head that can be used as a keychain. All materials provided.

Armpit Farting Colloquium with Zoë Keating | Zoë Keating | Learn the ancient and noble art of making fart noises with your armpit, with instructor and internationally-acclaimed musician Zoë Keating. Share regional favorite techniques. Maybe a jam session? Wear a short-sleeved or loose-fitting shirt. This event was a real hit in 2018, don't miss out! (In case of inclement weather, backup location is Lido Deck Pool area)

Art Journaling with/near Aimee Mann | Aimee Mann |

Beginning Crochet | | Learn the basics of crochet so that you may have enough skills to join us in the class immediately following and make your own crochet octopus. You will learn magic circle, single crochet, increase, decrease and tie off. If you already know how to crochet feel free to stop in and help those who are learning!

Clay Gnomes | | Join Clay Artist Laura Parcel and learn how to sculpt your own polymer clay gnome. Class will include instruction on sculpting and constructing a basic gnome and then participants can sculpt simple accessories like clothes, hats, and more. Will your gnome be a boat captain? Or a maybe Pirate? Perhaps a Mergnome? Flower Pot Protector? It’s time for a “Choose Your Gnome Adventure”! Gnomes will be 2 inches tall and will be cured onboard. Info on pickup details provided in class. Participants aged 12 and up preferred.

Crochet Octopus | | PLEASE NOTE: this event has been moved to the Tasman Room (deck 2, forward). Make a miniature octopus using basic crochet skills. All skill levels welcome. If you are a beginner please attend the beginner class immediately prior to this one to learn or refresh skills necessary to make this cute little octopus.

Here and Queer in the Final Frontier | Ryka Aoki | Ryka Aoki chats genderqueer aliens, sapphic ships, out gay wizards—as well as writing as a queer misfit who found much of herself through SF/F, anime, and manga. Special welcome to queer writers of all ilks, as well as those who read and love them.

Making A Weird Little Comic | Ursula Vernon | Did you miss the golden age of webcomics, but still kinda want to make your own? Join Ursula Vernon for a quick practical lesson in layout, comic programs, and how to get your weird little idea down on paper.

Origami Paper Cranes | | Learn the ancient art of origami (paper folding) We will be making a paper crane and dedicating them to the memories of those who are no longer with us. Class is in and out for 1 hour to allow the maximum amount of people. should only take 10-15 minutes for those with no experience at all to make the project.

Painting with Colored Pencils | | Learn a fun and easy technique to create painting-like art with colored pencils. The class will be guided step-by-step. Previous drawing, art or colored pencil experience is NOT required. All materials will be provided. However if you have soft core, wax-based pencils, like Prismacolor Premier, feel free to bring your own. The classes fill up quickly so plan to arrive early…attendance is first-come-first-serve. Teens & Adults only please, younger children often find the class a bit too challenging.

Practical Chickenkeeping | Ursula Vernon | Five years ago, a chicken appeared on our doorstep. It was the start of a journey that led to endless fresh eggs, being attacked by roosters, and Kevin becoming a rabid chicken evangelist. If you've ever wanted to keep chickens, or just share stories about your flock, join Ursula Vernon and Kevin Sonney for a chat.

Self-Publishing Without Shame | Ursula Vernon | Why should you self-publish? For that matter, why SHOULDN'T you self-publish? And what happens when you put on that publisher hat? Ursula Vernon (a.k.a. T. Kingfisher) walks through some of the pitfalls and perils—and unexpected joys!—of being your own publisher.

Song Interpretation | Jennie Kwan | To be a well-rounded performer it is not just important to be a singer with a great voice, but it's also important to have great dynamics. In the performance workshop, singers will learn how to finesse the art of performing the song. Each participant will have the opportunity to explore a song of their choice on stage, releasing any limitation they may experience. This workshop will provide the space to explore acting for the song, mic technique, and owning the stage. By learning how to communicate their song effectively with intention, participants will develop the confidence to perform in any musical situation! Note: if participating and you wish to perform to a backing track, you must have this track already downloaded for playback on a device with a headphone (1/8“”) jack.

Temari Balls | | Japanese temari is an ancient art of embroidery on a ball, and now is your chance to try it out. Temari artist Jen Weber will teach you step by step how this addictive craft is done, as you stitch your very own ball. All materials are provided. This class is limited to 25 participants, and is intended for people who have never stitched a temari before.


Afternoon Tea | |

All-helper Meeting | | All helpers, please attend this brief Day 1 meeting with Cruise Mom Thera.

Billboard Onboard Happy Hour | | Happy hour! Your second drink is only $2!

Board Game Library Closed | | Like a wave reaching the shore, all board game check outs cease so that they can be carefully packed away. The tabletop team will be on hand to sort and help you pick up games you lent to the library for the week.

Clear dining room for dinner service setup | | The Main Dining Room staff need time to reset the tables for dinner service; we ask that you please wrap up your games and clear the Main Dining Room at 3 pm each day. Thanks! Plenty more tables all over the ship for gaming!

Daytime Quiet Zone | | No gaming, no meetings, no loud noises before 3 pm, please! See signs for designated Quiet Zone tables in the rear port area of the Dining Room.

Dinner (Open Dining) | | Dinner on this evening is ““Open Dining””; you can come to the dining room anytime between 5 pm and 9 pm. NOTE: Fixed Seating table assignments and dining times will still apply. The ship does request that if you're coming to the main dining room that night, please try to roughly correspond with your usual dining time, so that the staff and kitchen don't get swarmed all at once.

Dinner (Red Team) | |

Fancy Pants Parade | | An annual tradition. Bring your fanciest pants and vie for the trophy. Who will be the best in terms of pants?

Friends of Bill W. | |

General Crafting Area | | A number of tables in the rear starboard side of the Lower Main Dining Room are dedicated for crafting during all hours except during dinner setup and seatings (i.e., except between 3 pm - 10 pm). Look for the table signs indicating these tables. No glue, glitter, paints or “generally messy” crafting at these tables, please.

Group Photo | | We are taking the official 2022 group photo right before the Beach Dance Party on Half Moon Cay; if you'd like to take part, please gather on the beach in front of the Pirate Ship Bar.

Indian Specialty Lunch | | The Nieuw Amsterdam's culinary staff are preparing this specialty meal of Indian cuisine as a one-time-only event for our passengers. Seating is limited, so sign up early if you are interested. This event is run by the ship's staff and costs a $10 surcharge that will be charged to your onboard account. You can sign up in the Main Dining Room, or by calling 88 from any phone.

Info Desk Hours | | If you need information, well heck we have information! Come here for any JoCo Cruise-related questions or issues you may have. If you have questions or problems relating to the ship—your cabin, billing, etc—please go to the ship’s Guest Services Desk, located on the opposite side of the Atrium on Deck 1.“

Karaoke | | Get your sing on in B.B. King's Blues Club with this JoCo Cruise tradition. Karaoke | | Get your sing on in B.B. King's Blues Club with this JoCo Cruise tradition.

Lido Deck “Last Chance” Merch Sale | | Your last chance to buy JoCo Cruise and performer merch! A satellite store will be set up in the Lido Pool Area. Act now or forever hold your peace, or something like that!

Lido Deck “Penultimate Chance” Merch Sale | | A satellite store will be set up in the Lido Pool Area for all your JoCo Cruise merch needs.

New Cruiser Karaoke | | Get your sing on in B.B. King's Blues Club with this JoCo Cruise tradition. For this intro session, everyone may (and should) attend, but only first-time attendees may perform. Come cheer on our new JoCo Cruisers!

Nighttime Quiet Zone | | The starboard side of the Lido Marketplace will be designated the “quiet side” after 9 pm. No gaming, no meetings, no loud noises, please. Take yer excessive noise over to the port side, please—or to the back deck, where the 24/7 pizza is!

Ocean Bar Happy Hour | | Happy hour! Your second drink is only $2!

Onboard Booking Form Deadline | | Onboard Booking forms must be turned in to the Info Desk by 10 am on Friday, day 7 Orientation | | A basic walkthrough of the main logistics of JoCo Cruise, and we'll answer as many of your questions as we humanly can. Show up when you can, leave when you wish. Recommended for new JoCo Cruisers, but open to everyone.

Port of Call - Half Moon Cay | |

Port of Call - Nassau | |

Port of Call - St. Croix | |

Safety Check-in | | You must check in at your muster station no later than 3:30 pm. You can view the safety procedures video on HAL's Navigator app or on your stateroom TV.

Sail Away | | So long, suckers!

Set clocks forward one hour | | Set your clocks forward to 3 am at this time.

Set your clocks back one hour | | Set your clocks back to 1 am at this time.

Teen Dinner Meetup | | Teens wishing to hang out and eat dinner together, there is a Teen Dinner Meetup planned at Table 165 in the aft of the starboard side of the Lido Market.

The Legendary Bar Crawl | | Four drinks, four bars (Crow's Nest Bar, Lido Pool Bar, Ocean Bar and Billboard Onboard), lots of people making friends. Hop, hop, hop, hop! Sign up via any bartender or bar server, or at the ship's Guest Services Desk. (This event is run by the ship's staff and costs a $22 surcharge plus bar service charges, which will be charged to your onboard account)

The Legendary Bar Crawl II: I Still Know What You Did Last Bar Crawl | | Four drinks, four bars (Crow's Nest Bar, Lido Pool Bar, Ocean Bar and Billboard Onboard), lots of people making friends. Hop, hop, hop, hop! Sign up via any bartender or bar server, or at the ship's Guest Services Desk. (This event is run by the ship's staff and costs a $22 surcharge plus bar service charges, which will be charged to your onboard account)

Theme: Birthday Day | | Every single one of us has had at least one birthday since the last JoCo Cruise—most of us, two—and many of us were forced by the pandemic to forego any proper celebration of the day. Well, we're gonna fix that today, because we declare that TODAY IS EVERYONE'S BIRTHDAY!

Theme: Cosplay Day | | We have a bunch of terrifically talented cosplayers every year, and today is your day to really pull out all the stops. Sky's the limit; show off your best!

Theme: Formal Night | | Formal wear is encouraged, but not required, at dinner. “Formal wear” is defined VERY flexibly. Tuxedo and cocktail dress? Fine. Sport coat and slacks? Sure. Starfleet uniform? Awesome. Full Scottish regalia? Bonnie. You get the idea. Fancy headwear (tiaras, hats, etc.—a sort of JCC tradition for many) welcomed, but not required.

Theme: Jammies Day | | Everyone's running out of clean clothes anyway, so today is one big day-long celebration of the fact that nobody can make us put on “real” clothes if we don't want to!

Theme: Welcome, New Cruisers! | | We'll be holding events specifically designed to make our first-time JoCo Cruisers feel welcome and to help them ease into the swing of things. Make a particular effort on this day to seek out new attendees and help show them what a great decision they've made by joining us!

Twit-arr Help Desk Hours | | Your Twit-arr developers will be on hand to help answer any support questions you may have.

Yell at the Moon | | If you yearn to just scream and scream and scream then this is the event for you! Bring all of your pent up hollering and vent it to the unfeeling moon! We'll gather in the Sea View Pool area then head up the stairs so that we don't startle the unsuspecting.

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