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Deep Sea WiFi Temperance Brigade

2017: JoCo Cruise moderator David Rees leads a voluntary group of Sea Monkey(Δ)s in an oath taken at the beginning of the cruise which forswears any sort of electronic communication over the course of the week. It’s worth noting that the oath explicitly forbids use of Twit-arr, which crosses a line for many Sea Monkey(Δ)s. You can see how the oath typically goes down here:

You may notice other Temperance Brigades forming as the week goes on (Elevator Temperance, Animal Crossing Temperance, Meta Temperance, etc). These tend to be much less official, much less organized, and much more in spirit than the Deep Sea WiFi Temperance Brigade. If you want to be part of any of these other Temperance Brigades, you are!

It’s worth noting that the Deep Sea WiFi Temperance Brigade is largely a David Rees driven thing, and it was not officially acknowledged during his absence in 2016. The spirit of the Brigade was still largely in effect, however.

From 2012:
Deep Sea WiFi Temperance Brigade: THE SEQUEL David Rees here. One of the most amazing things about last year’s JoCo Cruise was the astonishing number of Sea Monkey(Δ)s who joined my DEEP-SEA WIFI TEMPERANCE BRIGADE. For one week, we purged ourselves of cyber-scurvy and bandwidth barnacles — and I (David Rees) have no regrets! So let’s do it again. I seek men and women of stout character and fine fettle to join me in a journey of spiritual and physical ecstasy. If you join our merry band, you will be entitled to one (1) complimentary Sharpie tattoo at my hand. (I’m pretty good at Sharpie tattoos.)

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