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The Annual Ukulele Melee Summit: Participants in this year's Ukulele Melee are invited to help Molly make another Video For The Internet. (Legal disclaimer: Molly might video-record you playing ukulele and put you in a Video For The Internet.) All instruments welcome! but ukuleles preferred.


Ukulele Melee: Anyone can play ukulele! and Molly Lewis is here to prove it to you.Level up your uke skills—beginners welcome!




Ukulele Melee 2: Acoustic Boogaloo

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The Ukulele Melee was an event arranged by Molly Lewis during JoCo Cruise Crazy 2. Molly requested that all SeaMonkey(Δ)s who brought along ukuleles report to the Sea View deck on Monday night at 10pm to be conscripted into what was later named the Ukulele Melee. There, Molly taught the melee how to play “Something” by The Beatles.

Molly Gras

The next evening at her concert, Molly enlisted the Ukulele Melee to accompany her as she sang “Something”. Afterward, as the final song, she asked the Melee to stay “on stage” with her and Paul and Storm to play “Istanbul (Not Constantinople)”, as performed by They Might Be Giants. This was a surprise to Melee members and Molly provided the two chords used in the song on her iPad, recruiting Wil Wheaton to act as a music stand.1

Second informal gathering

Later in the cruise, there was a second, informal gathering of the Ukulele Melee where other songs were shared and a good time was had by many. At the end of practice after learning to play “Mah Nah Mah Nah” from The Muppets it was decided that the Melee should move out en masse and attack random groups with their ukulele playing.2

Chords for songs learned by the Melee

Something - see old wiki chart

Istanbul (Not Constantinople) - see old wiki chart

Mah Nah Mah Nah - see old wiki chart

External links

Full video of Molly Gras

Video of “Something” practice

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