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All of the content in this section has been contributed by previous JoCo Cruisers. YMMV.

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Sun / Sunburn

Illness / Cruise Crud


  1. Documents to board the ship. This may include your passport, boarding pass, luggage tags, or other required documents. Please see HAL’s list of Know Before You Go for more information.
  2. Clothes for when you are outside of your stateroom. See Tips below for information about laundry services.
  3. Things you need to stay alive, such as prescription medications, over the counter medications, your CPAP, and anything else that keeps you healthy and safe.

Note: for prescription medication, be sure to bring enough for every day you are away from home plus 1-2 days extra in case of travel delays. If you do not have enough for the entire duration of the trip, ask your pharmacy for a vacation override. This will allow them to fill some of your next prescription in advance.

  1. A small overnight or carry on size bag to transport essentials on and off the ship. If you are not intending to transport your own suitcases on and off the ship, you need to have a way to transport essential items while boarding (such as sunscreen, boarding documents, games you need to play right away, any clothing you’ll need before dinner the first night, and any wine you intend to bring onboard) and disembarking (morning toiletries, prescriptions, change of clothes, passport/documents).
  2. Preferred toiletries. HAL provides some shampoo and body wash in every stateroom (inclusive), but you may prefer yours better. If you are sensitive to these types of products, it is strongly recommended you bring your own.
  3. Sunscreen. Sun happens, especially in the tropics even if you don’t intend to go out in it. Bring a sunscreen you can tolerate on your face and body. Current research shows that some sunscreen ingredients may be contributing to coral reef bleaching, reef safe sunscreens are available in most places sunscreens are sold. Drugs stores and a supermarket are also available near the port if you can’t find what you need at home.
  4. Aloe vera gel or other strong moisturizer. Everyone gets a little sunburn and having aloe available could save the rest of your vacation (or a friend's!). COLD TIP: store it in your mini fridge if you want a strong cooling sensation on your sunburn.
  5. Bring a hoodie or sweatshirt - it gets chilly on deck at night.
  6. Bring binder clips. Sometimes, cabin window curtains don't exactly close all the way, allowing very bright light to shine in. If you want to sleep in, bring binder clips to help close the curtains.
  7. Magnets: Can be used on cabin doors. But, I also use them on my cabin WALLS to hang newsletters and such. - Big clip magnets are good for that too. (NEODYMIUM magnets work best.)
  8. Post-Its: Use them to leave notes for cabin mates. But, also use them to leave requests for cabin stewards. - Sometimes you may get notes back
  9. Sunglasses, both ones you like and ones you don’t care about. Sun glare can cause headaches, especially on the beautiful white sand beaches, so bring sunglasses plus a backup pair that you can wear in the water (if that’s your jam).
  10. Extra space in your luggage. You are going to get swag and you will likely love it, so leave yourself some room to bring it home.
  1. A small stapler. Luggage tags for checked luggage on the ship need to be stapled around the topmost handle prior to giving them to the porter. While most porters will have staplers available, SeaMonkey(Δ)s that like to plan ahead may appreciate being fully ready to go upon arrival, plus you’ll make a TON of new friends passing it around.
  2. A rash guard. If you like to do outdoor activities, especially at the beach then a rash guard may be for you. They are available through most online or sporting good retailers and are worn over or with a swimsuit protect you from the sun even while wet.
  3. Water shoes. The beaches at all of our stops have rocks, rocks hurt, and also sea urchins exist. If these things concern you, you might consider bringing a pair of water shoes to protect your feet. Note: most excursions involving sting rays prohibit the use of water shoes while interacting with the rays, due to the fact that the rubber on the soles can severely injure them.
  4. Bring two warm fluffy bathrobes per person. - Chilly out on the pool deck; one to wear, one to dry. Bathrobes are also provided in staterooms, but they are one size fits some and typically thin.
  5. Bring a humidifier - some cabins can be really dry.
  6. A bedside clock, especially if you have an interior cabin. This can help you keep track of whether it is night or day.
  7. Bring your own Sharpie marker and you can skip the wait to write your name on your badge. Sunscreen rubs on Sharpie writing on badges. To prevent fading, cover the writing with invisible tape.
  8. Over the counter medication for discomforts such as headache, seasickness, and congestion. We cannot tell you what over the counter medications are best for you, but the ship has a very limited and expensive supply of these incidentals. If you bring your own, you’ll have exactly what you want when you lose your voice after talking to all your new best friends for 12 hours straight. Remember, if you are contagiously ill such as with a cold or stomach virus, you will need to remain in your stateroom so as not to pass it on to others.
  9. Electrolyte drops or powder. Dehydration happens for many reasons and rehydrating right away can make you feel much better. Drops and powders are available via onliner retailers and at drug stores and are easy to pack, but no shame for those who prefer a shower pedialyte in the morning. HOT TIP: adding a small amount of electrolytes to your Lido deck coffee cuts down the bitterness and greatly improves palatability! This also works with table salt.
  10. Pack your own coffee - Ship coffee is not great. If you have the means and the desire, you can bring your own pre-ground coffee and french press mug.
  11. Fun clothes for dressing up. There are so many great theme days, if you have some formal wear you’d like to show the work or a cosplay you love or special jammies, now is the time!
  12. A water bottle. Staying hydrated is very important! Water bottles can be easily refilled throughout the ship. Please use good etiquette when refilling by NOT TOUCHING YOUR BOTTLE TO THE DISPENSER. Packaged bottled water is also allowed onboard if you prefer to use disposable and bottled water is also for sale at every bar and in your stateroom.
  13. Hand sanitizer. Sanitizing stations are available throughout the ship, but it’s considered good form to sanitize before and after using arcade machines, karaoke mics, or any other public resource. Please remember to allow your hands to fully dry before handling any materials in the game library, as the alcohol can damage printed game materials.
  14. Flip flops/pool deck shoes. Even if you are not a pool going person, the pool deck is a main thoroughfare, gathering place, and occasional event venue. Soggy socks can be annoying, so bring something that’s meant to get wet on your feet. HOT TIP: water shoes can double for this purpose.
  15. A small day bag to carry around your sunscreen, water bottle, book, swimsuit, and other incidentals.


  1. No need to bring fezzes and tiaras unless you think they're very important.
  2. The laundry service on the boat is only 20 dollars a bag (fairly large bag too ) and it will come back folded. - Don't forget to remove the plastic tags, they itch.
  3. There's no need to pack a towel, as the cruise line will provide them for both excursions/beach days and by the pool.
  4. If you have one, wear a PREVIOUS cruise badge while you travel to the port city. Find other Sea Monkey(Δ)s on your plane, in the airport, at the hotel, etc. - You can also wear pins!
  5. Electric extension cords with surge protectors are considered PROHIBITED by HAL. The way the boat is grounded makes power strips (with surge protection) a huge fire hazard. It may be confiscated. However, regular power strips may be available through the cruise line upon request.
  6. Electrical devices such as small fans, power strips, multi plug box outlets/adaptors, and extension cords without surge protectors are allowed onboard when used with proper caution. However, if such devices are determined to pose a hazard they will be removed and returned the last day of the cruise prior to debark.
  7. On a special diet and get hangry? Bring some snacks to stash in your stateroom. Every stateroom is equipped with a mini fridge and your steward can empty it of minibar contents by request. Food is also constantly available on the ship, but if you really need your pack of cheese sticks you should probably just bring some.
  8. To lighten your suitcase, purchase bottles of liquids (sunscreen, shampoo, etc.) in Florida. There are plenty of stores to make these purchases much cheaper than the cost of an overweight bag.
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