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Brennan Lee Mulligan

2023: Announced November 4, 2022.

Brennan Lee Mulligan is an award-winning actor, writer, creator and producer. As a cast member of CollegeHumor, he wrote and starred in the sketch Tide CEO, which won a 2019 Webby Award and received over eight million views. He is executive producer, writer and Game Master of Dimension 20, a series produced for the CH streaming service Dropout, and also hosts Dropout’s fantasy gaming vodcast, The Adventuring Academy. Brennan is author and co-creator of the popular webcomic and graphic novel series, Strong Female Protagonist, which was selected as an Autostraddle Favorite, and was on io9's list of Best New and Short Webcomics. He received an Excellence in Performance Award from the NY Fringe Festival, playing the lead in …And Then She Dies at the End. Brennan has been a head storywriter for The Wayfinder Experience, a director and performer for Story Pirates, a member of the UCB Touring Company and Harold Night, and has taught and performed improv for years at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater on both coasts. You can see his face on Adam Ruins Everything, sketches for CollegeHumor, Funny Or Die and Above Average. Brennan’s voice can be heard in the animated series Cartoon Hell and Liverspots + Astronots, and he voiced the character Tyler Locke in Audible’s 14-hour, Audie-nominated occult thriller, Locke & Key.

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