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2022: Announced February 22, 2022.

Who or what is CONFAB? A fair question. From their bio:

A sparkling miasma of some of NYC’s most glamorous performers, CONFAB brings the “OMG, WTF” to the party. We are a collective of diverse dancers, burlesque, drag, and performance artists, brought together with the sole intention of turning it up and turning it out. This wild family of nightlife believes that the dance floor is for everyone, a space to be your best self and connect, and we want to share it with you!

CONFAB will be joining a number of our dance/party events as party hosts/“vibe ambassadors.”

Our CONFAB party hosts:

  • Jack Barrow
  • C’était BonTemps
  • Dominant Jeane
  • Henry Foxy
  • God Complex
  • Ava Lanche
  • New York Cat
  • Pixel the Drag Jester
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