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Zoë Keating

2022: Announced February 3, 2022.

2020: Cancelled March 6, 2020. “Zoë Keating has a fever today, so in the interest of her and her family's health and well being as well as that of all our passengers, she will not be joining us for JoCo Cruise 2020. She says she's very sorry (which is to be expected, as she's Canadian) and sends her deepest regrets and will miss you all.”

2020: Announced October 1, 2019.

2017: Announced July 14, 2016.

2016: So here's a cool thing…Performer Imogen Heap ( decided she wanted to bring a friend along to help out during her performance this year. And it just so happens that that friend is JoCo Cruise 2013 veteran Zoë Keating (! So please welcome back Zoë and her cello and her general awesomeness—and we'll definitely find other ways for her to join in and help out during the week.

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