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This is an archive of e-mail sent out from The Home Office - official communications.

2013 Sailing

JCCC3: Last day for JCCC4 Early Booking! / Official Photos! (Tue, 26 Feb 2013)

Ahoy JCCC3 Sea Monkey(Δ)s! Boy did we have a blast! This email is only going out to you, the primary contact, so please send this along to others in your booking who may be interested.

JCCC4 Booking

Early booking for JCCC3 Sea Monkey(Δ)s only (with CRAZY discounts) is available here:

After today, we will be closing booking until mid-March, while we retool the booking engine to make it even more awesome for next year!

JCCC3 Photos

Atom Moore, the official JCCC3 photographer, is starting to post awesome pics from the cruise on his website. If there is one in particular that you love he is offering high res versions at 'pay what you want' pricing. You can find more info here:


JCCC3: Welcome Home! (Fri, 22 Feb 2013)

Well, Sea Monkey(Δ)s, we've made it back to Dryland after another successful JoCo Cruise Crazy. Thank you all for helping make this the most successful JCCC so far!

When you have a few moments, please take some time to fill out this brief post-cruise survey:

Your feedback, both positive and negative, will go a long way towards helping improve future JCCC events.

If you're receiving this email, then you were the primary contact for your booking; please be sure to forward this link to the other passengers in your booking; the more feedback we get, the better. Your responses are anonymous and will not be shared publicly; so please feel free to be as honest as possible.

Finally, don't forget that booking for JCCC4 will be exclusive for JCCC3 passengers until Feb. 26th at the following link:

Only 366 days until JCCC4!

The Home Office

JCCC3: Storm / Online Check-in Deadline (Wed, 06 Feb 2013)

The administrative simians at JCCC Central Command have been monitoring the incoming storm on the JCCC3 Storm-dar (™). Though it seems the worst impact will be in the Northeast, flights around the country could be affected. As we cannot hold the ship, please be confident that you will be able to board the cruise on time! Regardless of the weather in other parts of the country, the Freedom of the Seas will depart as scheduled from Port Canaveral; please be sure to be onboard AT LEAST 90 minutes before the 4:30 p.m. departure!

ONLINE CHECK-IN If you haven’t done so yet, you only have a day or two left to complete RCI’s Online Check-In process and print out your SetSail Passes, which will save you tons of time at the cruise port on Sunday morning. You need to complete this process no later than three days prior to sailing. Your RCI Booking Number is XXXXXXX. This is the link:

A note re: luggage tags: unlike previous JCCC events, RCI only sends luggage tags out to suite occupants and people in the schmancier levels of their Crown & Anchor Society. But the porters at the cruise port will have plenty of luggage tags when you arrive, and you should have no trouble getting your bags to your room that way..

But if you really want to pre-print your luggage tags, here’s how:

  1. complete the RCI Online Check-in process
  2. return to your reservation's main summary screen (there’s various ways to get there), and select the “Cruise Documentation” tab
  3. select “Guest Vacation Documents”
  4. your luggage tags are found in this document (near the end); you may print them out from here

JCCC3: It's almost time! (XXXXX) (Tue, 05 Feb 2013)

It’s almost time! It’s almost time! It’s almost time! It’s almost time! It’s almost time!


JCCC3 is almost here. Here’s a whole bunch of stuff to think about/be ready for/make sure you’ve done. This message has been sent to the primary contact for each booking, please pass it on to others in your booking as necessary. In roughly chronological order:


MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR PASSPORT (or other appropriate travel documentation) when you get to the cruise port on Sunday morning. RCI will not let you on board if you do not have the appropriate travel documents, and there will be nothing we can do for you on our end. Triple-check, quadruple-check, staple it to your forehead; whatever it takes to remember it.


If you haven’t done so yet, you only have a couple days left to complete RCI’s Online Check-In process and print out your SetSail Passes, which will save you tons of time at the cruise port on Sunday morning. You need to complete this process no later than three days prior to sailing.


For those of you staying at the Radisson and the Cocoa Beach Suites: your shuttle from the hotel to the cruise port on Sunday morning (Feb. 10th) is included in your hotel rate. There will be physical sign-up sheets for various shuttle times, and you will sign up for your preferred shuttle time upon check-in. (Our sales reps have pre-reserved enough slots for all JCCC3 passengers on shuttles running between 10 am and 11:30 am. (Times vary depending on your hotel)

Note: larger groups cannot be guaranteed to travel together on the same shuttle–capacities vary from shuttle to shuttle, but usually are around 10-12 passengers. Also note that shuttle boarding that morning can get rather chaotic and crowded, as there will be hundreds of people all trying to get from the hotel to the cruise port in a relatively short span of time. Be prepared, pay attention, and be a bit flexible; everyone is going to the same awesome place, and they’ll be working very hard to get you to that awesome place as efficiently as they can.


JCCC3 registration and merchandise pickup will take place in the Freedom of the Seas Conference Center (located on Deck 2, forward) on Sunday from approximately 1 pm - 4 pm. It’s important that you pick up your official JCCC3 Entertainment Pass laminate and lanyard at that time; useful to grab your copy of the “Sea Monkey(Δ)” newsletter; and the height of chic to get your FREE SWAG! Also, if you pre-ordered JCCC3 merchandise items, you may pick them up in the Conference Center during those hours.

In addition, we will also be opening Registration the evening of Feb. 9th at the Radisson Resort at the Port in Port Canaveral for advance Entertainment Pass and swag pickup (but not merchandise, which will only be available on the ship).. You don’t have to be staying at the Radisson to take advantage of this early pickup opportunity, though you do have to get yourself there; plus, this will give you that much more time on the ship to tuck into some tasty frozen drinks!


Most evenings, the dining room dress code is “smart casual,” which RCI describes as “jackets and ties for men, dresses or pantsuits for women.” In practice, they are usually pretty lenient with this code; but you are well advised to avoid wearing shorts, ripped jeans, muscle shirts, or flip-flops.

Two evenings–Monday and Friday–are “formal” in the dining room, which RCI describes as “suits and ties or tuxedos for men, cocktail dresses for women.” Again, in our experience, RCI is lenient to a certain extent; and they’ve been advised as to some of our passengers’…unusual definitions of “formal wear.”

In all cases, the RCI dining room staff and management will have final word as to what is “acceptable,” and JCCC Management will abide by their decision. If you do not wish to participate in the formal dining evenings, that’s no problem; the dress code applies to the main dining room only, and there are numerous other dining options available on board.

One final note regarding dress code: due to RCI safety regulations, no full-face masks are allowed in the RCI public areas at any time. So cosplayers, please be sure that your face (or a reasonable portion thereof) is always visible. Thank you for your cooperation with this RCI policy.


For those of you who can’t be separated from the Internets for a full week (we COMPLETELY understand), RCI is providing our group with a special rate of 20 cents per minute for on-board Internet usage (both wi-fi and on the ship’s computer workstations); this is a savings of anywhere from 10-45 cents per minute over their usual pricing and packages. When you first log in, you will set up a login and password; from there, the system will apply the JCCC3 group rate. SUPER-IMPORTANT: make sure you select the “PER MINUTE” option, and not any of the bundled packages.

If you have any questions about your Internet billing, please notify the front desk and they will be able to get everything straightened out for you.

Alternately, if you wish to take The (Digital) Pledge, David Rees will once again be seeking tech ascetics to join the DEEP-SEA WIFI TEMPERANCE BRIGADE. Members voluntarily refrain from wi-fi, Internet, and all manner of electronic communication for the duration of the cruise.


We’ll be detailing the various official on-board events in an upcoming email and in the “Sea Monkey(Δ)” newsletter; but we thought we’d make special mention of a brand new event this year, Live JoCo Band Karaoke.

Jonathan will select roughly a dozen or so of “The Hits”–the exact list of songs will be his decision, and will be revealed soon. Sign up sheets will be available in the Conference Center for people who wish to sing any of the listed songs (you can sign up for as many as you like, but will only be allowed to sing one at most). Then, in Studio B on Wednesday night, we will randomly select a person from each song’s list, and those people will get to perform those songs in front of everyone WITH JONATHAN AND HIS BAND PLAYING LIVE.

Neat, right?

A hosted “regular” karaoke session will take place in Studio B immediately following Live JoCo Band Karaoke. We’ll detail the sign-up process for that and more (oh, so much more!) in later communications. Because this email is already packed with more excitement than most people, super-geniuses included, can handle in one sitting.


The Home Office

JCCC3 Please Review: Bed Configuration & Special Needs (Fri, 25 Jan 2013)

BED CONFIGURATION (current preference listed: XXXXX)

Most staterooms onboard the Freedom of the Seas contain two beds. The beds can be configured as two twins, or pushed together into a single bed of twice the size. You indicated you'd like your beds together. If this is how you'd like them, no action is required. If this is incorrect, please respond to this email before Tuesday, January 29.


NOTE: as primary contact, you are the only member of your party receiving this message. Please forward this to others in your party if applicable.

If you have accessibility concerns, are bringing special equipment (including CPAP and similar machines), require special accommodations within your stateroom, have dietary restrictions, or other needs the ship should be aware of, please fill out the form at the link below. Please see the link for a comprehensive list of special needs categories. You'll need to fill in your RCI Booking Number (XXXXXXX) along with other information.

You must communicate your special needs directly to the cruise line through the above form. We cannot make guarantees or provide special needs accomodations for the items in the form above on behalf of Royal Caribbean. If, however, you have concerns not covered on the form, feel free to respond to this email and we'll do our best to help out!

JCCC3: Provisional Schedule Released! Merch Store Closes Today! (XXXXXX) (Fri, 25 Jan 2013)


After much tinkering, aligning, and spline reticulation, we're at last ready to reveal the Official Schedule, optimized for Sea Monkey(Δ) fun. We'll provide more details as we get closer (including a provisional Unofficial schedule with Sea Monkey(Δ)-led activities), but the grid schedule at the link below will help you as you make your plans. Other than informal activities on the beach at CocoCay, there are no Official events planned during stops at ports of call, so that you'll never have to choose between an excursion and a JCCC3 event (no Unofficial events involving dedicated JCCC3 spaces will be scheduled at those times, either.) Note: embarkation times are based on the last available information from the Freedom of the Seas, and may vary on our itinerary. If there's a conflict between the two schedules when it comes to when you need to be back on the ship, always go with the Freedom's schedule!

This link will point you to the latest PDF version of the schedule:

There is also a Google Calendar version of the JCCC3 schedule, which can be found here:


Final reminder: the JCCC3 Merchandise Store goes offline today (Friday, 1/25) at 2 pm EST. This will be your last chance to take advantage of the Essential Monkey(Δ) and Hoarder Monkey(Δ) discount packages, and your last chance to be guaranteed availability of all store items. We will be selling them on board JCCC3, but supplies will be limited and prices will be higher. Visit the JCCC3 Merchandise Store at

JCCC3: Final Name Confirmation / Crown & Anchor Numbers (XXXXXX) (Wed, 23 Jan 2013)

Greetings Sea Monkey(Δ)s! As the sail date inches ever closer, we need to finalize our manifest with Royal Caribbean. Note that the cruise line requires only first and last names for each passenger sailing. Below are the names for all passengers in your booking as submitted to the cruise line (also note that dashes and apostrophes had to be removed due to the design of the RCI system).




The total number of passengers listed above is the number of passengers you will be sailing with The spelling of each first and last name matches the passengers' legal documents exactly There are no dummy names listed If any changes must be made, please reply to this email by Friday at 2pm EST. If no changes need be made, no action is required.


If you are a member of the Royal Caribbean loyalty program, we can accept your C&A numbers and submit them to the cruise line for you! Just fill out the form below.

JCCC3: The Cruise Approaches! (XXXXXX) (Mon, 21 Jan 2013)

It’s getting close to JCCC-Day! As the cruise approaches, here are a few things to bear in mind:


In order to guarantee pre-orders can be received in time to be distributed on the ship, your JCCC3 Merchandise Store orders must be placed by Friday, January 25 at 2 pm EST. As a reminder, we will have these items for sale on board JCCC3 as well; but supplies will be limited, and the prices will be higher (due to RCI’s markup).

Once again, the JCCC3 Merchanidise Store can be found here: If you are having trouble with the store, please try to access it in a fully updated browser. We focused our testing efforts on Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Because several folks have asked: as in previous years, we will be giving everyone a “surprise giveaway item.” This item is not any of the items in the store, or that duplicates the function of any item in the store; it is especially not a t-shirt. So if you want an official JCCC3 shirt, this is where to get them.

The sooner, the better, everyone!


If you have not already done so, you should be sure to go through RCI’s Online Check-In process and print out your SetSail Passes, which you can do until four days prior to sailing. This will save you a bunch of time on the morning of the cruise; because otherwise, you will have to check in manually at the cruise port, which involves having to WRITE A BUNCH OF THINGS on ACTUAL PIECES OF PAPER like some sort of CAVEPERSON.

If multiple parties are in a single booking, you may enter your check-in information separately; the process doesn’t have to be completed all at one time. You’ll just all need your RCI booking number.

Complete information can be found at the RCI Online Check-In page.

Also, we are aware that many of you encountered technical issues last week when attempting to check-in online. It is our understanding that RCI has solved these issues; but if you continue to encounter any problems, please let us know ASAP by completing this form:

Please note that, if you registered during the week of January 6th or later, your RCI Booking Number has not yet wended its way to you. Expect that, and a recap of these of these instructions, this week.


Are your arrangements all set for getting to the Freedom of the Seas on the morning of Feb. 10th? If you wish to take advantage of our shuttle rates (either from the JCCC hotels to the port, or from MCO to the port; and from the port back to MCO post-cruise), you need to reserve your shuttle by February 2. Complete information can be found on the JCCC3 Travel and Accommodations page In addition, if you are interested in coordinating your travel with other Sea Monkey(Δ)s, visit the JCCC3 Room/Ride Share discussion group.


In addition to checking in online, the RCI website has many helpful tips to help you get prepared for your cruise. Start at their “Before You Board” page for information about travel documentation, pre-cruise planning, shore excursions, and even a port shopping app (for all your tanzanite acquisition needs).


We just mentioned this, but it is well worth repeating: MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR TRAVEL DOCUMENTATION WITH YOU WHEN YOU GET TO THE CRUISE PORT. You will not be allowed to board the ship without proper documentation, and RCI does not offer refunds for anyone who misses their cruise due to failure to provide it. For most of you, this means a valid passport (valid through at least February 17, 2013; preferably at least 6 months beyond that). If you have any questions regarding documentation, visit the RCI Travel Documentation page, or call RCI directly

CocoCay Amenities Sign-ups: Take 2 (XXXXXX) (Mon, 21 Jan 2013)

Okay, this time for sure…

We once again apologize for the technical difficulties encountered this past Friday night that kept the CocoCay amenities sign-ups from proceeding as planned.

After lengthy consideration here at JCCC Central Command, here is how we are handling things from this point:

  • Submissions will be open until Wednesday, January 23 at 8 pm EST. After that time, recipients of the amenities will be randomly selected from the pool of submissions for that amenity. We will first select cabanas, then tiki huts, then blue shells.
  • Individual passengers may submit themselves for multiple amenities, but one time per amenity only. Additionally, passengers may only receive one amenity total; if a person receives a cabana, for example, they will be removed from consideration for the tiki huts and/or blue shells.

Passengers on the JCCC3 discussion forums have been organizing themselves into groups of six for the cabanas (thereby increasing their chances of their overall group being selected for a cabana); if you are interested in organizing or joining a similar group, please visit the “Sharing Cabanas at CocoCay” discussion group.


The JCCC3 Merchandise Store is now officially open for business. Order t-shirts (for men AND ladies!), polo shirts, hats, posters, beach towels and more, right here: Your order can be picked up on board the Freedom of the Seas once we set sail; no shipping costs, and no pesky USPS middleman to get in the way! (Note: we cannot ship anyone's order out ahead of time; all orders must be picked up on JCCC3)

And be sure to check out the two different discount packages–the Essential Monkey(Δ) Package and the Hoarder Monkey(Δ) Package–to save even more on your order.

Because we are not equipped to ship orders, these items are for purchase only by JCCC3 passengers (Your JCCC3 booking ID is required to complete purchase). If you have a friend who wants any JCCC merchandise who is not coming on the trip, you will have to order it and pick it up for them on board.. Note that the link above is specific to your booking. If you'd like to share the link to the merch store, use this one:

Be sure to act soon, however; the store will only be open for a limited time. Merchandise will also be available for sale on board, but the prices will definitely be higher, and quantities will be limited.

It's almost here!

The Home Office Merchandise Simians

P.S. We know that many of you are having trouble with online check-in at Royal Caribbean. We are working with RCI to resolve the issue as soon as possible and we're really sorry if this is affecting you. Expect more from us in a separate email soon.

CocoCay Amenities & Fixed Seating Request Deadline (XXXXXX) (Thu, 17 Jan 2013)


During our stay on CocoCay in the Bahamas, there are a few options available for extra shade and relaxation: cabanas, blue shells and tiki huts. And because we are benevolent overlords, we have been able to put an advance hold on ALL of them for our Sea Monkey(Δ)s to reserve, if you’re interested.

Cabanas - cabanas comfortably fit up to six people, with a comfy, shaded couch and lounge chairs. Cabana package includes: “upgraded” barbecue buffet lunch, attendant, two complimentary sets of snorkeling equipment, two complimentary floating beach mats, fruit plate, and two bottles of water. (NOTE: cabanas are a bit of a walk from Barefoot Beach, which is the unofficial JCCC3 “Sea Monkey(Δ) gathering spot.” Just so you know.) $200 (max. occupancy: 6)

Blue shells - tandem lounge chairs with an adjustable “clamshell” sun shade. Located at Barefoot Beach, which is also the unofficial JCCC3 “Sea Monkey(Δ) gathering spot..” Blue shell package includes: “Cococay shuttle” ride from ship tender port to Barefoot Beach and back, attendant, two complimentary sets of snorkeling equipment, two complimentary floating beach mats, fruit plate, and two bottles of water. $50 (max. occupancy: 2)

Tiki huts - large, permanent palm frond umbrellas with lounge chairs underneath. Located at Barefoot Beach, which is also the unofficial JCCC3 “Sea Monkey(Δ) gathering spot.” Tiki hut package includes: “Cococay shuttle” ride from ship tender port to Barefoot Beach and back, attendant, two complimentary sets of snorkeling equipment, two complimentary floating beach mats, fruit plate, two bottles of water. $50 (max. occupancy: 2)

A link to the “Gimme Some Shade on CocoCay” sign-up forms will go online at on Friday, January 18th, at 9 pm EST. Once sign-ups begin, the amenities will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis, while supplies last.

You will need to provide your name and your JoCo Cruise Crazy 3 Booking ID (not your Royal Caribbean Booking Number); you will NOT need the names of any other guests participating in the reservation (You’ll provide that information to RCI once you are on board). No payment is required at sign-up: your amenity will be added to your shipboard account balance. The reserving passenger/booking number will be solely responsible for payment. Due to the limited supply, passengers are limited to one amenity, please. (As fun as it would be to create the sovereign state of “CabanaLand.”)


Requests for fixed seating in the dining room must be received by Thursday, January 17 at 5 pm EST. Our sincerest apologies for the miscommunication: we had thought we had until February 1 to submit these to RCI. As it turns out, we must submit them by the end of this week..

Please try to make your submissions by Thursday at 5 pm; if you cannot make that deadline for any reason, contact us at, and we will do our best to get you taken care of. Thank you for understanding.

All Cabins Must Go! (Wed, 09 Jan 2013)

We've got a handful of extra cabins left in the JCCC block for this year, and we'd much rather have more Sea Monkey(Δ)s than give them back to Royal Caribbean, so we're making a special offer that's only good from now through THURSDAY (January 10, 2013) at MIDNIGHT EST. So if you've got a friend on the fence, now is the time to push them over and onto the ship! There are a limited number of these cabins available, so you'll need to act fast.

Here's the deal:

  • Each new cabin booked (discount is per cabin, not per berth) between now and the Thursday deadline receives 25% off their total booking (includes all cabin charges and Entertainment Passes; gratuities are still extra)
  • $150 cabin credit referral bonus to you for any new cabin (again, not berth) bookings between now and the Thursday deadline
  • There is no limit to the number of referral bonuses you can accrue (refer two cabins, collect $300 in total referral bonuses, etc.)

And here's the fine print:

  • Only currently booked JCCC3 cruisers are eligible for the referral bonus
  • Each referred booking may only have one referrer
  • Anyone currently or formerly booked on JCCC3 is not eligible for the 25% discount
  • While supplies last; cabins will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. Booking is not complete until payment is received by JCCC.. Referral bonus will not be paid if booking is not complete, or if the booking later cancels.
  • Referrer bonuses will be applied to the the referrer's personal shipboard account on the first day of JCCC3 (February 10, 2013) and will post to your balance online within 2 weeks (contact us if you have questions about your bonuses)

Limited Time Discount Pricing:

Listed prices and discount amounts are based on double occupancy, and with two JCCC3 Entertainment Passes.. Those ready to book may go to to view prices and select you as their referrer; 25% discount will be automatically applied.

For more information, special requests, and cabin categories not listed online, contact We will do our best to accommodate your requests!

Stateroom 2 Guests Entertainment Passes(2) Taxes and Fees (2) 25% DISCOUNT Total
JS - Junior Suite $3,358.00 $770.00 $171.42 ($1,074.86) $3,224.57
D1 - Superior Balcony $2,518.00 $770.00 $171.42 ($864.86) $2,594.57
D2 - Superior Balcony $2,318.00 $770.00 $171.42 ($814.86) $2,444.57
E1 - Deluxe Balcony $2,238.00 $770.00 $171.42 ($794.86) $2,384.57
E2 - Deluxe Balcony $1,392.22 $770.00 $171.42 ($583.41) $1,750.23
K - Interior Cabin $1,578.00 $770.00 $171.42 ($629.86) $1,889.57
L - Interior Cabin $1,558.00 $770.00 $171.42 ($624.86) $1,874.57

JCCC3 Seating Request Form (XXXXXX) (Sat, 05 Jan 2013)

Ahoy Sea Monkey(Δ)s!

We'll have the majority of the Deck 3 dining area just for us and seating will, in general, be open–so you can flit about, holding court each night with a new group “mateys” and “hearties” you've made.

If that sounds positively dreadful (or just not ideal), you can request fixed seating using the form at the link below (graciously hosted by JCCC3 Volunteer Coordinator Bob “Rhaje” Gorski).

Keep in mind: you only need to fill out this form if you want fixed seating. If you're fine with open seating, you can just archive this email and go about your day!

If you've got any questions, just reply to this email!

- The JCCC3 Booking Menagerie

JCCC3 / XKCD / John Roderick / !! (Tue, 18 Dec 2012)

This year's cruise is shaping up to be bigger (we're already at almost 600 sea Monkey(Δ)s!) and better than ever.

As you may know we're thrilled to have xkcd's Randall Munroe joining us for JCCC3. In preparation for the festivities here's a little diagram of his to get you acquainted with our ship, the Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas:

You can read more at the link below and (obligatory nod to capitalism) you'll be able to buy prints and other awesome JCCC merch as soon as we can find enough snickers and cigarettes for our web store Monkey(Δ)s.

In other exciting news… JCCC3: NOW WITH 100% MORE JOHN RODERICK

We're happy to announce that our good friend singer-songwriter John Roderick will be joining the official JCCC performer lineup. A veteran of both previous cruises, we look forward to John once again bringing his talent, bonhomie, friendly beard, and overall John-ness to the JCCC experience. Learn more about John Roderick here:

SO tell your friends! It's not too late to join us for a rollicking good time on the high high seas.


Hotels, Events, Site Inspections, OH MY! (Tue, 11 Dec 2012)


Our friends at the Port Canaveral Radisson and Cocoa Beach Suites have extended the discounted rate available to JCCC3 passengers. If you haven't booked your pre-cruise and/or post-cruise hotel yet, you can still get the special Sea Monkey(Δ) rate if you book by this Friday, December 14th. Complete information can be found at


Are you coordinating a group event or activity to be held on JCCC3 that requires a private space and/or has specific physical or audio/visual requirements?

Then this is the form for you!

Please help us out by filling in the requested information, so we can help you try to find the right time and place for your event. Examples of the kinds of events that might need to request a venue are those that have a lot of participants (like workshops or lessons), and those that have large audiences (like concerts or shows). You're not limited to these kinds of events, of course, they're just examples. Get creative! The Shadow Cruise is entirely in your hands!


Because our lives are very difficult, Jonathan, Paul, Storm and Scarface will be going on a “site inspection” cruise next week (Dec. 16). This involves our traveling on the Freedom of the Seas (with the same schedule and ports of call as JCCC3 will have) and attending lot of meetings with ship staff, planning for the actual cruise, scoping out venues, and definitely NO FUN WHATSOEVER.

This is where you come in: got any questions about the ship, staff, ports of call, Port Canaveral, etc.? Please submit any and all questions on the JCCC3 Site Inspection Question Discussion Group, and we will be sure to get them answered. And we will have no fun doing so.

JCCC3: Hotels and Shuttles! (XXXXXX) (Tue, 20 Nov 2012)

Ahoy Sea Monkey(Δ)s,

There are only a few weeks left to guarantee yourselves one of JCCC's negotiated rates at the Radisson Resort at the Port or Cocoa Beach Suites suites. Full details are below. We plan to have a room set up at the Radisson for early registration, meeting up, and possibly also for pre-buying JCCC3 merch. There will also be a shuttle service running between the Radisson and Cocoa Beach Suites. (The hotels are approx. 3 miles apart)

The room prices we've negoiated include free parking for the duration of the cruise and free shuttle service for 4 to the docks (with additional shuttle passengers at a discounted rate). If you stay at a JCCC hotel, there's also a reduced rate you can get on shuttles to and from MCO Orlando (see bottom of this message).

Radisson Resort at the Port

  • Pre-cruise (Feb. 7-10):
    • $149 Standard rooms (two Double beds)
    • $179 King Whirlpool Suites (King bed + Double sleeper sofa)
    • Rate includes: free parking for the duration of the cruise (in case you’re driving to FL rather than flying), and a round-trip shuttle for up to 4 people (per room) from the hotel to Port Canaveral. (Additional shuttle passengers per room may be added for $4 per person one-way, or $8 per roundtrip) Important: this shuttle is separate from the shuttle from the airport to the hotel, which is NOT free; see “Airport and Ship Shuttles” for details
  • Post-cruise (Feb. 17):
    • $129 Standard rooms
    • $159 King Whirlpool Suites
  • All rates include complimentary Internet access in all guest rooms and lobby, free local calls, and complimentary bottled water in rooms
  • Reservations must be made by December 7, 2012 to guarantee rate, and are subject to availability

Reserve online:

  • Enter desired Dates
  • Under “Promotional Code” (on right of screen), enter the code “JPRE” (for Feb 7-10) or “JPC” (for Feb 17-18)
  • Complete your reservation

Reserve via phone: Call (800) 333-3333 and mention group name “JCCC3 Pre Stay” and/or “JCCC3 Post Stay”, as applicable.

Cocoa Beach Suites

  • Pre-cruise (Feb. 7-10):
    • $115 King Suite (King bed + Queen sleeper sofa)
    • $115 King Suite Ocean View (King bed + Queen sleeper sofa)
    • $125 Family Suite (King bed + 2 Double beds)
    • Rate includes free parking for the duration of the cruise (in case you’re driving to FL rather than flying), and a round-trip shuttle for up to 4 people (per room) from hotel to Port Canaveral. (Additional shuttle passengers per room may be added for $6 per person one-way, or $10 per roundtrip).Important: this shuttle is separate from the shuttle from the airport to the hotel, which is NOT free; see Airport and Ship Shuttles for details.
  • Post-cruise (Feb. 17)
    • $89 King Suite Ocean View
    • $100 Family Suite
  • All rates include complimentary Internet access in all guest rooms and lobby, free local calls, and complimentary bottled water in rooms
  • Reservations must be made by December 7, 2012 to guarantee rate, and are subject to availability

Reserve via Phone (online reservation not available for discount): Call (855) 783-6868 and mention group name “JCCC3 Pre Stay” and/or “JCCC3 Post Stay”, as applicable.

MCO Shuttle Deals: If you stay at the Radisson or Cocoa Beach Suites, the following special shuttle rates are available.

Prices listed below are one-way:

  • $33.00 for one person, $50.00 for two people; each additional person in that same shuttle is $10.00 (maximum 10 per shuttle)
  • Flights arriving between 9pm and 7am will be an additional $25.00
  • Radisson or Cocoa Beach Suites guests should call their hotel directly to schedule their airport shuttle, after making their hotel reservations (Radisson: (321) 784-0000, ask for Airport Transportation; Cocoa Beach Suites: (321) 783-6868)
  • Your credit card will be charged when you reserve the shuttle, but the charge is fully refundable if necessary (e.g. you have to cancel your trip, or you find another way to get from and back to MCO)
  • Shuttle reservations must be made on or before February 2, 2013

As always, please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions and we can't wait to see you on the high seas!

–The JCCC3 Booking Monkey(Δ)s

JCCC3 XXXXXX: Your Cabin Assignment (Thu, 11 Oct 2012)

Your cabin number and Royal Caribbean Booking Number is in!

We've placed you in stateroom #XXXX, a category XX stateroom on deck X. Your Royal Caribbean Booking number is XXXXXXX.

Here's a link to the RCI map for deck X so you can take a look:

If we missed something in your file* or you really hate your cabin, please respond to this email and we'll do our best to figure something out. If this is all gravy, congratulations: no action is required.

You can use your Royal Caribbean Booking Number (XXXXXXX) to check in for your cruise online and book shore excursions at the link below.


NOTE: each member of your party will need to complete online check in and print a “SetSail Pass” a week prior to our departure on February 10th.

Please respond to this email with any questions! We cannot wait to see you onboard!


* Below's the info we had in our file (if any) about what you wanted (some of you may have left notes unrelated to cabin placement–the system cannot distinguish between note types, but a human has read the note):

Placement Request(s)

Booking Notes

Thank you!!

PreliminARRRy Stateroom Assignment: Please Review! (XXXXXX) (Sat, 01 Sep 2012)

Greetings SeaMonkey(Δ)s!

It's been a while since you've heard from us and here's why: we got 192 distinct cabin placement requests from you and have really tried to satisfy them all. It took some time (and some custom software). Here's the info we had in our file about what you wanted*:

Placement Request(s)

Booking Notes

Anyway, we've placed you in stateroom #XXXX, a category XX stateroom on deck X.

Here's a link to the RCI map for deck X so you can take a look:

If you asked to be near a friend, email that friend to check if we got things properly sorted–we tried to accommodate all cabin-proximity requests unless the cabin types or our cabin allotment made that impossible. We favored getting people next to each other on the same deck or, failing that, on different decks near the same elevator..

If we missed something in your file or you really hate your cabin, please respond to this email quickly (by Wednesday 9/5) and we'll do our best to figure something out. If this is all gravy, congratulations, no action is required.

We're asking you to jump on this quickly because we want to get Royal Carribean confirmation numbers out to you (and the rest of the seaMonkey(Δ)s) as soon as possible so that you can start booking shore excursions and all that (smooth smooth) jazz..

All the best and more and candy, Scarface and the booking angels (the Monkey(Δ)s died at kb and became angels)

* Some of you may have left notes unrelated to cabin placement–the system cannot distinguish between note types, but a human has read the note.

JoCo Cruise Crazy 3 General Public Booking Starts Today! (Tue, 29 May 2012)

[This is just an email, but please imagine the sound of a drumroll….]

JoCo Cruise Crazy 3 booking for for the general public starts on Tuesday, May 29 at 4 pm EDT!

[cymbal crash]

The page will be inoperative until 4 pm for server and booking system maintenance, but in the meantime please visit the How JCCC3 Booking Works page, which provides a thorough walkthrough of the booking process, and a listing of the information that will be required during booking.

And as a reminder: folks who have pre-registered may still book and receive any applicable discounts. Just enter your pre-registration ID when prompted. (If you're not pre-registered, just leave that question blank)

If you have any questions or problems at all regarding the booking process, please contact us, and we'll do everything we can to make it all better.

NOTE: our allotment of Outside and Promenade (PR) category cabins are already sold out (folks who pre-registered for JCCC3 gobbled them up like Baked Alaska during this week's Pre-Registration Early Booking period) and we do not expect any more to be made available. So if you had been planning to purchase either of those stateroom types, now is the time to make alternate plans. (Note: “Outside” category cabins are different from “Balcony” cabins, of which we have plenty! A limited number of Grand Suites are also still available)

See you on board!

The JCCC3 Home Office Ape Labor Force

JCCC3 Booking Confirmation (XXXXXX) (Fri, 25 May 2012)

Hello! Thank you for joining us on JoCo Cruise Crazy 3 in 2013! This email confirms that your booking was successful. We can't wait to have you aboard!

Your JCCC3 Booking ID is XXXXXX

You've reserved a XX (Deluxe Balcony) stateroom for the following passengers:



Your payment:

You've made an initial deposit of $XX. This means you have an unpaid balance of $XX. Your remaining balance must be paid in full by November 1, 2012.

You can check your payment status and make additional payments (if applicable) here:

What happens next?

We'll review your booking (using actual human eyes, which may or may not be connected to a robot), make sure everything looks good, and assign you a stateroom on the Freedom of the Seas.

Sometime later this year, you'll also receive instructions to complete the Royal Caribean Online Check-In process, which will allow you to print your boarding documents, set up your Onboard Expense Account, and so forth.

Things to Do Now

Passport/travel documents

Please make sure all parties traveling have passports (or equivalent proof of citizenship/travel documentation–visit the Royal Caribbean Travel Documentation page to see what type of travel documentation will be required for you) valid for the duration of the cruise. DO NOT WAIT until the last minute to get your travel documentation in order.

Travel Arrangements: Fights, Hotels, Shuttles, and Getting to the Ship

The JCCC3 Management will not be handling the processing of any pre- or post-cruise flights or transportation for JCCC3. We do, however, offer a number of discounts, recommendations and advice on our Travel and Accommodations page

Please take some time to go through that page; it includes, among other things, discount information on several Port Canaveral area hotels; information and discounts on shuttles to and from the airport (Orlando International–MCO–is the closest major airport, a 40 minute drive from Port Canaveral) and/or your hotel, as well as shuttles to and/or from your hotel to the ship itself.

Trip Insurance

Trip insurance is not included in the cruise or Entertainment Pass price, but you may wish to purchase it through a third party.

One option we recommend is Travel Guard Travel Guard provides coverage in the event of unforeseen trip expenses due to: trip cancellation, interruption and delay; involuntary job loss; emergency medical treatment and/or evacuation; lost, stolen or damaged baggage or travel documents; or baggage delay. A complete listing of coverage, pricing and conditions can be found when you follow the Travel Guard link Another advantage is that Travel Guard will cover the cost of your travel and entertainment fee(s), not just the cost of the cruise itself. You may also call Travel Guard at 1-800-454-7107.

NOTE: when following the link, after entering your country and state/province of residence, choose “CARIBBEAN” in the destination drop-down menu. When entering your trip cost, include the cost of your travel and entertainment fee(s).

Get Excited

You know what? It's going to be great. Follow us on twitter at @jococruisecrazy, on the blog at, and in the forums at One of our favorite parts about the cruise is watching the whole thing take shape as people like you get involved and make even more fun things happen. We'll alert you via email as exciting things come together, but we'll try not to be too spammy about it. Please respond to this email with any questions about your booking. If you have other questions or concerns, you can always reach us at, or you can call us at (256) 3-GO-JCCC ((256) 346-5222).

We'll be in touch soon. Thank you for booking!

Beep Bop Boop, The JoCo Cruise Crazy Automated Response Robot

JCCC3 Early Booking is NOW OPEN (Fri, 25 May 2012)


As a reminder, the JCCC3 Booking process will operate on the following schedule:

  • Friday, May 25, noon EDT: Booking opens for PRE-REGISTERED PASSENGERS ONLY with a valid JCCC3 pre-registration ID. (Others may follow the booking link to view stateroom pricing information, but will not be allowed to complete the process without a valid JCCC3 pre-registration ID)
  • Monday, May 28, noon EDT: Booking will be CLOSED for server and booking system maintenance
  • Tuesday, May 29, 4 pm EDT: Booking will open for the GENERAL PUBLIC. (Pre-registered passengers will still be able to book a stateroom and receive any applicable discounts; you’ll just no longer have an “early booking” advantage)

Please visit the How JCCC3 Booking Works page, which provides a thorough walkthrough of the steps involved in the booking process.

If you have any questions or problems at all regarding the booking process, please contact us, either via email at, or you can leave a message on the brand new JCCC3 Google Voice Number – (256) 3GO-JCCC ((256) 346-5222) – and we'll get back to you ASAP.

This Friday: Pre-Registration Booking for JCCC3 starts at Noon Eastern! (Tue, 22 May 2012)

Ahoy, yarrr, avast…

Starting at noon Eastern time this Friday, May 25th, JCCC3 booking will open ONLY to those who have pre-registered and have a valid pre-registration ID. THIS IS THE TIME FOR EXCITEMENT!!!

You'll need to enter your pre-registration ID (y611b7) on the booking site in order to progress past the stateroom selection page. People who have combined pre-registrations (i.e. two or more pre-registered people who have now decided to share a room) and designated a “master” pre-registration must enter the master pre-registration ID to complete their booking. If you wish to combine pre-registrations and have not done so yet, please contact us ASAP at

Please take some time between now and friday to visit the “How JCCC3 Booking Works” page (linked below), for a full walkthrough of the booking process and a listing of the information that will be required during booking. And be sure to check the “Pre-Registered JCCC3 Cruisers Only” section at the bottom of the page.

A link to the JCCC3 early booking site will be sent out on Friday. If the meantime, if you have any questions about your pre-registration, don't hesitate to respond to this email!

Yo ho me hearties &c,


NOTE: The JCCC3 booking website will be CLOSED from noon Eastern on Monday, May 28 until 4 pm Eastern on Tuesday, May 29; at that time, booking for the general public will commence. Pre-registered passengers will still be able to book a stateroom and receive applicable Entertainment Pass discounts at this time. (You just will no longer have your “early booking” advantage)

ALSO NOTE: compared to previous years, there is a VERY LIMITED supply of “Outside”-category cabins on the ship. We expect these cabins to sell out very quickly, and we will not be able to add any more beyond our current allotment. If you are looking to book an Outside cabin, you may wish to make a contingency plan in case they are no longer available at your time of booking. (This applies only to the “Outside” category, and is not to be confused with Balcony cabins; there are plenty of Balcony cabins available)

JCCC3 Pre-Reg Cancellation Deadline: Tomorrow at Midnight! (Thu, 03 May 2012)

Ahoy ahoy! A quick reminder that the deadline to cancel your Pre-registration without penalty is fast approaching!

NOTE: if you are combining your JCCC3 Pre-registration with another, please respond to this email with the Pre-registration ID of the Pre-registration you'd like to designate the “master”. The master Pre-registration ID will be the ID you enter during the booking process. If possible, please send this information by the cancellation deadline.

You can request a refund here: For reference, your Pre-registration ID is XXXXXX.

For those of you who can make it (hereinafter referred to as “true believers”), we seriously cannot wait for JCCC3 to happen. It is going to be rad.

Don't stop believin'!

The JCCC3 Admiralty

JCCC3 Pre-Registration Cancellation Deadline: May 4 (Thu, 19 Apr 2012)

Hello there, and thank you again for your JCCC3 Pre-registration..

We've finally released some more ACTUAL INFORMATION about JCCC3–specifically, we now have cabin Pricing information and some Frequently Asked Questions regarding the booking process and JCCC3 itself. Please take some time to look over the information there; hopefully, you'll decide you can join us for our little boat trip.

You should look it over sooner rather than later, though, because you only have until 11:59:59 pm EST on May 4, 2012 to cancel your JCCC3 Pre-Registration with a full refund of your deposit. All cancellations made on or after May 5th will incur a $35 processing fee..

If you wish to cancel your Pre-Registration, you can do so here As a reminder, your Pre-Registration ID (which you'll need for the refund process) is XXXXXX.

Booking for JCCC3 will begin mid/late May! (Specific dates to be announced very soon)

If you've got any questions, just respond to this email!


THE JCCC3 BOOKING Monkey(Δ)S (and associated support flora/fauna)

JCCC3: February 10-17, 2013 (Fri, 06 Apr 2012)

We are thrilled to announce the following information regarding JoCo Cruise Crazy 3:

JoCo Cruise Crazy 3
February 10-17, 2013 - Royal Caribbean's Freedom of the Seas
Traveling to the Eastern Caribbean (CocoCay, Bahamas; Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas; and Philipsburg, St. Maarten)
Departing from Port Canaveral, FL
We've also updated

Follow the links above to see the ship and details about the itinerary. Shortly, we'll follow up with many more details.

The Office Monkey(Δ)s are furiously working on updating our booking system (which will now be powered by an Infinite Improbability Drive, so THAT should be fun); we promise we'll give everyone PLENTY of notice as to when booking will begin.

Regarding JCCC3 Pre-Registration: this announcement DOES NOT start the “countdown clock” for getting a 100% refund on your deposit. That countdown will start when we send you a follow-up email with more JCCC3 details (including pricing information), and we'll announce the “100% pre-registration refund” cutoff date via that email, as well as on the JCCC website.

HOWEVER…if you already know for sure that you would like a refund (because the above itinerary won't work in your schedule, or whatever reason), you may submit your request for a pre-registration refund via the JCCC3 Pre-Registration Refund web page As a reminder, your Pre-Registration ID (which you'll need for the refund process) is XXXXXX.

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