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Q & A Sessions

Sometimes on JoCo Cruises, there are sessions scheduled for questions and answers. Sea Monkeys have recorded some of these sessions.


Coming soon.


Management Q&A (full playlist)

How do you choose performers?

Why don’t we have tracks any more?

What was your most interesting moment of this year’s cruise?

Can we turn off the outside lights for stargazing?

How much did the crew know about what they were getting into?

Any thoughts on maintaining the culture of the community?

How can you mitigate the environmental impact of cruising?

Would you consider doing two cruises a year?

Any chance we could sail out of New Orleans some time?

How much of a full time job is the cruise?

Why'd you move the accessible seats at the land show?

Tell us about getting TMBG onto the ship in San Juan

Cruise statistics questions

Can you give us more teasers for next year?

Could we turn the D&D into a charity event?

Have you put thought into kid friendly programming?

How do our shopping preferences affect the cruise line?

Can we go back to pre-purchased food tickets for the land show?

How can we support you better?


Management Q & A (full playlist)

Announcements and introductions

Will there be a land concert next year?

Have you ever been invited to eat at the captain’s table?

Is some part of They Might Be Giants on the ship right now?

Tell us about the logistics of Loreto

Did you get C&Ded over the JoCoachella name?

Are we going to be doing something in Puerto Rico to help?

Dudes, where's my swag?

Spa services, vetting processes to pick the ship

Balance between JoCo official events and shadow events

Three pieces of specific positive feedback, one vague title

How are we doing, attendance-wise and financially?

What do you find on the site inspection that needs to be changed?

Have you thought about running more than one JoCo cruise?

Why has the price gone up for next year?

Are we going to alternate between the East and West coasts?

Can there be a dedicated space for writers to hang out?

How early do you get the ship for load in?

Have any acts turned you down?

What upgrades is the ship going to get in dry dock?

Have you considered flying someone in for part of the cruise?

How many staff do you have now compared with earlier years?

Mental health events

How full is the boat?

Would you consider doing the cruise in summer?


Management Q & A (full playlist)

About JoCo Cruise 2018

Do you think that once a year is enough?

Penalty-free cancellations for JoCo Cruise 2018

Can we bring tier 1 technical staff on board?

Can we get better art on sale?

Have you ever thought about doing a JoCo Cruise without the cruise?

Purchasable DVDs, and cosplay days

Who would you really like to get on the cruise?

Can we get 24 hour hot tubs again?

Can we get some statistics?

Who programmed the music in the Lido deck?

The pervading 100% atmosphere of congeniality

Did HAL give you a list of things you could change?

What percentage of bookings are returning monkeys?

Can we have some of the normal cruise entertainment for the nerd adjacent?

How is the preparation for this different from being a musician?

Can we get more chocolate?

Markings for dietary restrictions

Closed circuit TV schedule

How is the red team/gold team thing going?

Can we get video of both 'Worst First Page' performances?

We miss applauding the performers at dinner

Any plans for kids' concerts?

Any tips for those of us looking to have our own themed cruises?

Can we can get tables pushed together in the dining room?

Please tell us it’s okay to be introverted

Sea monkey expert/TED talk track

Who or what is the Darre?

How much room we have to grow?

Can we change the drug policy for the ship?

Will there be a repository for Sea Monkey newsletters after the cruise?

When are we buying the ship?


Management Q & A (full playlist)

Celebrity D&D

Returning monkey numbers

Do you worry about hurting the boat's feelings?

Why did you announce JCC2017 so early?

What was the fez dolphin drama?

Will the performer Q&A come back?

Did you think you'd be cruise impresarios?

Greatest challenge, surprise or disaster

JoCo cruise con before the cruise sails

Do you have insurance?

Will there be an official easel holding intern?

Why is Drew so quiet?

Are there employees devoted full time to the cruise?

Are you making up for a bad cruise experience?


JoCo Cruise 2018 decisions made before JoCo Cruise 2017

Will you ever outsource the organisation to Sixthman

Cruises in other locations

Commissioning a ship to avoid splitting the group

Surprising logistics

Weather, human sacrifice, and pleasing geeks

Q & A about JoCo Cruise 2017 (full playlist - individual questions to be added)

Basic information

Can we have a ball pit?

Entertainment tracks, venues and spaces

Can we keep hot tubs open longer/have a cheese bar/better alcohol?

What is the passenger capacity of the Westerdam?

Does the west coast cruise open up new possibilities for guests?

Do you have any secret information about SXSW regarding conflicts?

What happens if you’ve paid in full, then make changes?

Will we be able to have room service delivered to other spaces?

Has the JoCoTel been chosen?

Tell us about the price difference between 2016 and 2017

Can we get Holland America to beef up the WiFi?

How can we help?

Will there be a rehearsal space for shadow events?

Can we move the online community off facebook?

Can we get better coffee and tea?

Crowd control and scheduling on the Westerdam

Westerdam size comparison

Can we switch groups if we want to see different shows?

TV channels on the ship

How much control do you have over the shops?

Will there be a DVD compilation of the cruise?

Will Sharon and the HALCats be there?

Are we going to need two different monarchs?

Will there be open seating everywhere?

How will we be notified about sold out cabin types?

Does having our own ship in 2017 mean we always will?

Can we make the secret Indian dish less secret?

Can we sink the Westerdam?

When are we taking designs for our flag?

Sea monkeys with interesting jobs event

Are we putting John Roderick in charge of the Windjammer?


JoCo Cruise Management Q&A

New sea monkeys, why did you come?

Will you cap attendance?

Shouldn't the cruise villain be decided in advance?

Will future cruises no longer be crazy, and if so, why not?

JoCo-exclusive excursions

How does timing influence the talent you can get?

What should sea monkeys do more or less of

How seriously do you take our performer recommendations?

Why are the badges so boring this year?

Are the interns getting college credit for this?

Names on Badges

What will be new on the Freedom of the Seas?

Why is JCC6 repeating JCCC3's itinerary?

Do performers report a bump in sales after the cruise?

Do new performers help bring in other new performers?

How are you spreading the JoCo Cruise empire?

How is the relationship with RCI?

Do you guys still have fun with it?

Not everyone knows who the head helper monkeys are

Could we have a yearbook?

Paul and/or Storm are really helpful on facebook!

Have you thought of doing an official video?

What are your thoughts on our weird traditions?

Diversity, Office Hours, etc.


Management Q & A (full playlist - individual questions to be added)

Will there be a cruise that won't conflict with academia?



Q & A - (full playlist - individual questions to be added)


Q & A (full playlist - individual questions to be added)

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