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This FAQ is for JoCo Cruise-specific inquiries. For general cruising advice, there is a wealth of resources already available online. is highly recommended.

For OFFICIAL FAQs, please see the JoCo Cruise website:

Q&A Sessions

Sea Monkey(Δ)s have recorded the Q&A sessions on previous JoCo Cruises.

How does dining work?

There are many options for dining:

  • Main Dining Room (MDR)
  • Lido Buffet
  • Specialty Restaurants
  • Room Service


  • The Main Dining Room (MDR) is “open seating” and you may sit at any table in the dining room (with the exception of a few marked tables).
  • Upon entering the MDR, the cruise line staff may attempt to assist with seating. You may accept their assistance, or you may politely indicate that you wish to find your own way.
  • For choosing your seat, there are several options:
    • You may sit at an empty table with just enough seats to fit your party.
    • You may sit at an empty table with extra seats, with the intention of welcoming others (friends or strangers) as they arrive.
    • At a table that has an empty seat(s), you may ask the already seated party if you are welcome to join. (Keep in mind that the empty seat may already be intended for someone else. If this is the case, try not to take it personally - it happens.)
    • The “Friendly Fez” signs are often used to indicate open seats, but not always. It can't hurt to ask.
  • You may move to different tables each meal, if you wish.
  • Ignore any table number your key card may indicate.
  • If you selected fixed seating, you should have already been contacted regarding your assigned table number.


Main Dining Room: Most days, there will be two dinner seatings:

  • Red Team = early dinner (5pm)
  • Gold Team = late dinner (7:30pm)


  • Wednesday, February 21 (because we’re in Loreto all day)
  • Thursday, February 22 (because we’re in La Paz until 6pm)

On these nights, dinner is “Open Dining” for those who still wish to eat in the Main Dining Room. Arrive anytime between 5pm and 9pm. (But try not to all get there at once!)

NOTE: Fixed Seating table assignments will still apply on these days.

Are the HDMI ports in the in-cabin TVs accessible?


For the ms Oosterdam:

Cabin TV Access

We know that some of you might wish to bring gaming consoles and/or hook up your computers to your in-cabin TVs. Please be advised that not only are the TV connections nearly inaccessible (because the TVs are attached to the wall), it's not possible to switch to external inputs either via the TV itself or your in-cabin remote. Neither JoCo Cruise not the Oosterdam will be able to provide any sort of tech support regarding this matter.

For those of you who wish to do console gaming, don't forget that we'll have a bunch of consoles, both old and new, set up all week in Explorations Central on Deck 10. (Next to the Crow's Nest bar) - Email from THO, January 31, 2019

Unfortunately it is near impossible to access the HDMI ports on the in-cabin TVs and even harder to change the onscreen input. Please don’t try.

Portable DVD players or laptops with their own screens are the only workarounds I suggest.

Reference: Josh, the “shadow stage manager and lead tech on this magical mystery cruise” (October 20, 2018),

What is the dress code?

As long as JoCo Cruise is a charter, we do not have a dress code. However, please abide by the ship's health code requests, such as requiring shoes and clothing in areas where food is served.

See also Theme Days

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