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 Originally referred to as "​unofficial events"​ or "​unofficial activities"​ Originally referred to as "​unofficial events"​ or "​unofficial activities"​
 +==== 2020 ====
 +Shadow Cruise event submission window open: Thursday, October 24, 2019 - unknown
 +From the website:
 +"JoCo Cruise attendees (a.k.a. “Sea Monkeys”) are an amazing and creative bunch of people. We provide ample venue spaces and time in the schedule for Sea Monkeys to organize and host their own events, creating what has come to be known as the Shadow Cruise. Sharing knowledge and interests, learning new skills, meeting with and getting to know others who share your particular enthusiasms—every year, the Shadow Cruise has hundreds of hours of things to offer every person on board. ​
 +Here’s a sampling of past Shadow Cruise events:
 +  *     Jam sessions, song circles and singalongs
 +  *     Music and comedy concerts
 +  *     ​Crafting,​ writing, performing and maker workshops
 +  *     ​Meetups,​ drinkups and mixers
 +  *     ​Support groups
 +  *     ​Tabletop and video gaming sessions
 +  *     ​Cosplay (and non-cosplay) photo shoots
 +  *     Speed meeting
 +  *     Group meditation, yoga, and tai chi
 +  *     ​Puzzle hunts and escape rooms
 +  *     Dance lessons and social dances
 +From e-mail:
 +As those of you who've been with us before are aware, every year we provide space on board and in the schedule for the Sea Monkeys to put together and run their own events throughout the week. This program, is now known as the Shadow Cruise, and it rivals our official programming in both scale and awesomeness. From gaming to performing to crafting to jamming to stargazing to yoga to...well, you get the idea. \\
 +Drop by our new Shadow Cruise page for more information,​ and if you're inspired to submit your own Shadow Cruise event(s), hop on over to our Shadow Cruise Event Submission Form. (You'​ll be prompted to log in to your User Account if you're not already logged in.) \\
 +{{ :​glossary:​2019-1024_joco_cruise_2020_shadow_cruise_event_requests.pdf |PDF}} of Submission Form (Not for submission use.)
 ==== 2019 ==== ==== 2019 ====
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