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Port Canaveral, Florida

(From JCC3 wiki page) It is not possible to fly directly to Port Canaveral. If you are flying, some people are choosing to fly in early, stay at a hotel and then take a shuttle to the port, while others are going to arrive day of cruise to get a shuttle to Port Canaveral.

It can be expensive to transfer. It could easily cost you over $100 round trip if you go alone.

With that in mind, several spreadsheets have started to try and organize into money-saving groups.

Radisson/hotel shuttle Spreadsheet This is the one if you are flying in early and staying at the Radisson Arenson9 is organizing this grouping.

Direct MCO to Port Canaveral Spreadsheet This is the one if you are flying in/out on the same as the cruise sails/arrives (10th/17th)

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