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The Basics

JoCo Cruise first sailed in 2011.

First mention:

Artists that have sailed on JoCo Cruise: Artists

Places JoCo Cruise has visited: Ports

People who have sailed on JoCo Cruise are called Sea Monkeys(Δ).

First year that JoCo Cruise was a full-ship charter: 2017

What to Expect After Booking

Upon booking a cabin on JoCo Cruise, you will receive a JoCo Cruise booking number. It will look something like this: jc10_AbcdefgH. You will also have an account with the JoCo Cruise Booking System.

Each cabin booking has a Primary contact. Every Primary contact person has a JoCo Cruise account. It is HIGHLY recommended that all Secondary guests also create their own individual JoCo Cruise accounts and link their account to the Primary contact account once both are in place. This will ensure that you will receive notices directly from JoCo Cruise, including information unique to you.

Depending on when you booked, the following may happen much later, but in this general order (all times are approximate, based on past history):

5 to 8 months prior to sailing

Guest / lineup announcements will be made. There may be multiple announcements prior to sailing.

The Home Office (THO) will send various e-mails detailing logistics, requests and reminders that may require action:

  • Salutation Pronouns
  • Adding Berths
  • Club SRO
  • Medical/Dietary/Special Needs

Important THO emails will continue up until and after the sailing.

3 to 6 months prior to sailing

Theme Days will be announced.

Cruise line booking numbers will be provided. It will look something like this: ZZ3YXW
You will now be able to access your cruise line account (different from the JoCo Cruise account) on the cruise line's website.
This number may be used to:

  • make onboard arrangements or requests,
  • book excursions,
  • book onboard specialty dining reservations,
  • books salon and spa appointments,
  • online cruise line check-in,
  • and more.

Cabin number assignments will be provided. You may find the location of your cabin using the cruise line's ship deck plan.

In your JoCo Cruise account, you will be asked to confirm your:

  • Dinner / Main Concert Preference (Red Team / Gold Team) status,
  • cabin bed configuration and
  • returning Monkey(Δ) status.

The JoCo Cruise merchandise online store will open. (Through 2020, deliveries were onboard only. 2022 TBD)

Shore excursions will be announced and made available for advance online booking.

As time gets closer to the cruise sailing, you will have the option to submit forms:

  • Helper Monkey(Δ)s Submission Forms
  • Shadow Cruise Event Requests Forms
  • Shadow TV Submission Forms
  • Fixed Dinner Seating Requests

Onboard Internet availability will be announced.

The karaoke list may be announced. (Oh yes, there is karaoke!)

1 to 2 months prior to sailing

In the weeks prior to sailing, you will be encouraged to review all of the Official FAQs and check-in online with the cruise line.

The Official Game Library list will be released.

1 month prior to sailing

A few weeks prior to sailing, the JoCo Cruise (initial) SCHEDULE will be released. The schedule will be updated frequently, up to and during the cruise.

Get ready to sail on JoCo Cruise!

For more information regarding communications from The Home Office, see the Email Archive from previous years.

Subject to change…

Basics Chart

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DatesSun, 02 January - Sat, 08 JanuarySun, 19 February - Sun, 26 FebruarySun, 10 February - Sun, 17 FebruarySun, 23 February - Sat, 01 MarchSat, 31 January - Sun, 08 FebruarySun, 21 February - Sun, 28 FebruarySat, 04 March - Sat, 11 MarchSun, 18 February - Sun, 25 FebruarySat, 09 March - Sat, 16 MarchSat, 07 March - Sat, 14 MarchSat, 10 April - Wed, 14 April Sat, 05 March - Sat, 12 MarchSun, 05 March - Sun, 12 MarchSat, 9 March - Sat, 16 March
Nights6776877777 777
Cruise lineHolland AmericaHolland AmericaRoyal CaribbeanRoyal CaribbeanRoyal CaribbeanRoyal CaribbeanHolland AmericaHolland AmericaHolland AmericaHolland AmericaNA Holland AmericaHolland AmericaHolland America
Shipms Eurodamms WesterdamFreedom of the SeasIndependence of the SeasIndependence of the SeasFreedom of the Seasms Westerdamms Oosterdamms Oosterdamms Nieuw Amsterdam NAms Nieuw Amsterdamms Nieuw Amsterdamms Nieuw Amsterdam
PortsThe Internet
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