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Facebook Groups

Groups for Previous Cruises

Interest-Based Groups

Animal Crossing JoCoCruise Group:

Burning Kraken:

Child Free Forever:

JoCoCoders (computer discussion):

JoCo Cruise Costuming & Cosplaying Group:

Dancing JoCoNouns!:


Enby by Sea:

Faith, Love, and Seacreatures:

Fritos, Tab, and Mountain Dew (moar fitness):

Re: Your Pets (Cute pet posts):

JCC International Snack Exchange (General):

JCC Makers’ Exchange (General):

JoCo Cruise Fun:

JoCo Cruise Occultists:

JoCo Cruise Puzzlers:

Joco People:

JoCoCruise Divers, Snorkellers, Marine Biologists, etc

JoCo Cruise RingFit Adventurers:

JPTA: JoCoNaut Postcard Trading Alliance:

Kraken Post:

JoCoCruise Merfolk:

JoCo RPGs and more (IRL and virtual) - D&D, pathfinder, roleplay:

Modelland Book Club:

JoCoCruise Creative Endeavors:

JoCo Cruise Parents:

Order of the Kraken (Harry Potter: Wizards Unite):


PolyMonkey(Δ)s (Polyamorous & Ethically Non-monogamous Sea Monkey(Δ)s) Secret group. Contact J Karl, Liz L, or Joseph D.W. if you wish to be added.


Post Cruise 2020 & You (A place we can discuss Covid-19, the flu, cruise crud and general concerns about the world that changed while we were away.):

JoCoRailCruisers 2019 (East Coast Train to JCC 2019):

JoCoRailCruisers 2020 (East Coast Train to JCC 2020):

JoCo Rail Riders 2021 (East Coast Train to JCC 2021)

JoCo Cruise Rainbow Community (LGBTQI+):

JoCo Cruisers (cruises other than JoCo Cruise):

The JoCo Cruise Familton (Hamilton fans):

Joco Federalists (Federal Employees):

Sea Monkey(Δ)s - Get Fit or Die Trying!:

JoCo Cruise Jobseekers / Networking:

JoCo Cruise Library Peeps:

Sea Monkey(Δ) Hair Braiding (2020?):

JoCoNaut Podcasting Society:

Joco Cruise Sex Geeks & Kinky Crafters:

JoCo Cruisers WLS Slimdown (weight loss surgery support group):

JoConaut Songwriting Collective:

JoCoNaut Travel Society:

JoCo Cruise Spoonies (chronic illness and/ or disabilities):

Super JoCoFriends (fitness):

Tarot Monkey(Δ)s:

Write, JoCo Cruisers, Write:

Regional Groups

Event-specific Groups

GenCon Indy: JoCoNauts & Friends:

DragonCon JoCo Cruisers Group:

JoCo 2022 Cruise After The Cruise:

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