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Reference Materials


JoCo Cruise website:
(see FAQs and more)

Official JoCo Cruise Forums: Opened December 2019! (opened December 2016, cruise login required, link changed November 2018) <del>

Official JoCo Cruise Discord server: Opened December 2020

Official JoCo Cruise “New Monkey(Δ) Handbook” by THO:

Official JoCo Cruise Roommate Finder Mailing List:
or just email
Please use the forums (linked above) for roommate finding!


JoCo Cruise Code of Conduct:

Unofficial Sea Monkey(Δ) Manifest:
The Sea Monkey(Δ) Manifest is a small website that provides some basic information about Sea Monkey(Δ)s, primarily things like Name and Cabin Number. It is entirely voluntary and user driven. If you are so inclined, you may post your information there.

JoCo Cruise wiki page: (surpassed with this wiki)

Jonathan Coulton Forums:

Cruise Line

Historical Documents

Archive of E-mails sent from The Home Office (THO) for 2019 (Google doc):
(surpassed with this wiki)

JoCo Cruise Entertainer History (Google Sheet): (surpassed with this wiki)

Media and Videos from all previous cruises (Google Sheet):

Video Playlist of all previous Cruise Orientation Sessions, by Angela:

Sea Monkey(Δ) primer (last updated February 2017):


Facebook Groups

Sea Monkey(Δ) Professional Connections LinkedIn group:

Slack (chat) server:
Sign up at,
connect at

Sea Monkey(Δ) Gaming Discord Server:

Nerd Boat Game Developers Discord Server:

Moderated Discord Channel for teen/tween Sea Monkey(Δ) networking:

Sea Monkey(Δ) Kiva (microlending) group:

Sea Monkey(Δ) Produced Podcasts:

Ravelry Group:

FetLife Group (adults only):


2021 Virtual Cruise Helper Sign-Up Form (due TBD)
PDF of form (not for submission use).

2021 Virtual Fancy Pants Parade Video Submission Form (due March 31, 2021)
PDF of form (not for submission use).

2021 “Virtual Shadow Cruise Events - The Basics”
PDF of form (not for submission use).

2021 Shadow Cruise Event Submission Form (due March 10, 2021):
PDF of form (not for submission use).

2021 Management Q&A Question Submission Form
PDF of form (not for submission use).


JoCo Cruise 2020 Console and Arcade Gaming:

JoCo Cruise 2020 Workshop Attendance Signup Form (2020) (Due March 1):
Screencaps: Form Header List of Workshops

JoCo Cruise 2020 RPG/Story Game Exchange Host Sign Up (2020):
JoCo Cruise 2020 Board/Card Game Exchange Host Sign Up (2020):

Official Game Library List (2020):

Twit-arr How-to Guide (2020):

Sea Monkey(Δ) Hair Braiding (2020):

Official Game Library List (2020):

Official Karaoke List (2020)

Mariner Society Number Form:

Holland America Special Requirements Form:

Sea Monkey(Δ) Group going to see the movie Onward (March 6) (Sea Monkey(Δ) organized)

2020 Wine Mule coordination spreadsheet (Sea Monkey(Δ) organized):

2020 Musical Guest Playlist
“…JoCo himself has prepared a playlist of all our 2020 musical guests for you to enjoy this weekend…” Link to source

2020 Fixed Dinner Seating Request Form (due Dec. 16):
PDF of form (not for submission use).

2020 Red / Gold Team Leader Opt-Out Form (due Dec. 16):
PDF of form (not for submission use).

2020 Salutation Change Request Form (due Dec. 16):

2020 Shadow TV Channel Content Submission Form (due Dec. 16):

2020 Helper Monkey(Δ) Submission Form (due Dec. 16):
PDF of form (not for submission use)

2020 Shadow Cruise Event Submission Form (due Dec. 16):
PDF of form (not for submission use).

2020 “I Want to Join Club SRO” Application (Last call October 24, 2019):

2020 Merchandise Store (open until Dec 16):

JoCo 2020 Sea Monkey(Δ)s Disney World March 3rd-6th (Sea Monkey(Δ) organized):
(For Sea Monkey(Δ)s who are visiting Walt Disney World between March 3rd and 6th to coordinate.)

JoCo 2020 Kennedy Space Center Monkey(Δ)s (Sea Monkey(Δ) organized)


Official Karaoke List (2019)

JoCo Cruise Console and Arcade Gaming (2019): PDF

Sea Monkey(Δ) Mail (2019):

The JCC Snack Exchange (no longer specific to 2019 only).

Official Game Library List (2019):

“Looking for Players” Sheet:

Overview of this year's edition of Twit-arr. (PDF)

SeaMonkey(Δ) trip to the Wreck Bar in Fort Lauderdale before the 2019 cruise.

Opening night screening for Sea Monkey(Δ)s at Flippers Hollywood Cinema 10.



Corry’s Cruise Checklist and FYI:

Playlist from The Doubleclicks Prom

How much does it cost?

JoCo Cruise blog posts, by Sea Monkey(Δ)s

Unofficial Board Game Geek game list (2013-2017)



Photo album, Steve “Batman” Petrucelli

Gavin Verhey's The Time I Fell Down a Volcano

Paper Yelp (aka PELP) results spreadsheet for JCCs 3, 4, and 5.

Twitt-arr archive TBD

Unofficial JCCC5 Sea Monkey(Δ) Migration Chart

Site Inspection Questions Answered “Those of you who submitted questions for us to ask the ship’s staff while on the site inspection cruise, our answers can be found here”

RCI Special Needs Form If you have special needs (dietary, CPAP machine, allergies, etc.), please fill out the form here. NOTE: You must submit special needs requests to RCI directly.



Mailing List

Site Inspection Questions & Answers

JCCC3 Internet pricing

Unofficial Sea Monkey(Δ) Passports

Unofficial JCCC3 SeaMonkey(Δ) Migration Chart

Unofficial liquor list.

Port Canaveral Webcam

Coco Cay Maps: RCI Map .jpg, RCI Map, .pdf, Bing satellite image of Barefoot Beach, same image, annotated by the Home Office. Barefoot Beach has been declared the Sea Monkey(Δ) play area. Clamshells/blue shells and tiki huts are located on Barefoot Beach. The Cabana Club is located about a half-mile from Barefoot Beach.

More Sea Monkey(Δ) Spreadsheets: Snorkeling in St. Maarten; Airport to Radisson Shuttles; MCO to Port Canaveral on Cruise Day; Pre and Post Cruise Excursions

Post JCCC2 cruise / JCCC3 promo videos:

JCCC3 promo videos: Zamboni Punch

Unofficial promo video and t-shirt, by Alex Bradley of Cyclopean Pictures.

Twitt-arrr archive

Cat Sail video

Photo Gallery by Alice.

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